(Date Posted:22/06/2006 16:26:25)
Accident or Murder in Paris   ( C )

Diana was pronounced dead at 4:00 a.m. on the same day that the crash occurred. A very bizarre incident occurred
later that morning which clouds the issue of whether or not Diana was pregnant and also suggests an unlawful course
of action on the part of the Windsors and French authorities. It is a violation of French law to embalm a body prior to
an autopsy, or to embalm a body without the consent of the next of kin, yet a partial embalming of Diana's body above
the waist was performed prior to an autopsy and without the consent of the Spencer family. The order to perform the
embalming came from the office of Prince Charles at St. James's Palace. This order was a blatant violation of French
law since the prince was no longer Diana's husband.

Strangely, a hospital spokesperson claimed that a sample of Diana's blood was never taken, which is very odd since
they would have needed a sample in order to determine Diana's blood type prior to administering the blood
transfusions purportedly given her. The formaldehyde used in the unlawful partial embalming procedure prevented a
full autopsy from being conducted later, thus concealing any evidence that Diana was pregnant with Dodi's child? In
order to find a scapegoat for the crash, the French investigative team headed by Commander Jean-Claude Mules
claimed that the aggressive pursuit of the limousine by the paparazzi caused the crash. When it became public
knowledge that the paparazzi were several hundred yards behind the limo at the time of the crash, the investigators,
aided by the British and French news media, focused their attention on driver Henri - Paul, claiming that it was his
drunkenness and reckless driving which resulted in the crash. At the present time, the official position adopted by the
French authorities is that the crash resulted from both the aggressiveness of the paparazzi and the drunkenness of
Henri -Paul, despite all the eyewitness evidence to the contrary.

What really caused the crash and was it accidental or murder? With the exception of Eric Petel's very questionable
account of the crash, the consensus of eleven other eyewitness accounts suggests that after leaving the Place de la
Concorde, Henri -Paul accelerated, leaving the paparazzi behind, but was closely pursued by one or possibly two
motorcyclists. Approaching the Pont d'Alma tunnel, one of the motorcycles aggressively cut in front of the limo,
forcing Henri -Paul to swerve into the right lane in order to avoid a collision, only to be impeded by a white Fiat Uno
barely moving. In taking evasive action, the limo veered to the left, clipping the Fiat and damaging its left tail light.
Regaining control of the limo, Henri -Paul began turning to the right, with the motorcycle in the left hand lane and
slightly ahead of the limo. At that precise moment, a pillion passenger on the motorcycle apparently triggered a strobe
light which temporarily blinded and disoriented Henri - Paul, causing the fatal crash. The motorcycle slowed then
sped away accompanied by the damaged Fiat Uno and followed by a white Mercedes. The strobe light probably would
have been tuned to flash at a frequency of twelve Hertz (cycles per second). This is a frequency at which a powerful
strobe light will disorient a person and can induce an epileptic seizure (I used such a tuned strobe light on myself in
order to verify the disorienting effect). A typical strobe light of this type, smaller than a cigar, was used by Special
Forces personnel in Bosnia.

The limousine crashed into the 13th pillar of the tunnel. Thirteen is a very important number to Satanists, prompting
some investigative journalists to suggest that Henri -Paul was a victim of mind control and had been programmed to
specifically crash into the thirteenth pillar but this goal could have been accomplished by means of another highly
specialized, yet little known weapon, used in conjunction with the strobe light. This particular weapon, termed a
"Five-Seven," was developed by the French company FN Herstal for specific use by British Special Air Services
personnel. It is an ultra lightweight weapon which fires a frangible bullet at the front tire of a car, causing the tire to
burst in a catastrophic manner. This causes the vehicle to abruptly veer off course. Being frangible, the bullet
disintegrates into tiny fragments upon impact with the tire, leaving little evidence to the untrained eye situation. Two
men were observed on top of the tunnel entrance. They fired two shots at a front tire of the Mercedes as it was
entering the tunnel. If my supposition is correct, why didn't a forensic team discover frangible bullet fragments at the
crash site, since it's customary to close the road for more than just a few hours if a fatal crash involving a VIP is
involved? The answer is that just as the French authorities destroyed evidence of Diana's possible pregnancy by
unlawfully permitting a partial embalming of her body, so a forensic team was prevented from conducting a
meaningful examination of the crash site because the wreckage was removed, the area swept, cleaned with detergent
and the tunnel reopened to traffic in less than six hours after the crash! This egregious act clearly suggests collusion
between French authorities and the perpetrators of the crash.

In April, 1998, the Reuters news agency reported that a man named Oswald LeWinter had been arrested while
attempting to peddle documents to al Fayed security director John McNamara in the lobby of a Swiss hotel. LeWinter
received a two and a half year jail sentence for fraud after telling the Swiss police that the documents were forgeries.
The documents may have been genuine, for if LeWinter had admitted to the arresting officers that this was the case,
he would have faced possible extradition to America and charged with high treason. The documents, purportedly of
CIA origin, imply that the House of Windsor, together with British, American and Israeli intelligence agencies,
conspired to murder Diana. One document stated that the limo driven by Henri -Paul had been stolen by an Israeli
Mossad team and modified so that the steering could be remotely radio controlled.

Since the accounts of eleven eyewitnesses are indicative that the deaths of Diana, Dodi and Henri Paul were
homicides, is there any evidence of prior plans to assassinate a VIP in a tunnel by blinding his or her chauffeur with a
strobe light? Indeed there is!  

Dismissal from MI6---- in the autobiography of former MI6 operative Richard Tomlinson, he describes how he
was inexplicably fired despite his exemplary career with the British Secret Intelligence Service, and then
subsequently jailed for sending the synopsis of a book manuscript to an Australian publisher.

After successfully arranging for nuclear secrets to be smuggled out of Russia and successfully deactivating a criminal
group which attempted to smuggle chemical weapons to Iran, he was fired for his undercover work in Sarajevo, while
the city was under siege. The principal criticism leveled against him was that he failed to wear a tie during a meeting
with the Serbian war criminal Radovan Karadzic (his tie had accidentally been splashed with oil shortly prior to the
meeting). He was refused a hearing to protest his unfair dismissal and jailed.

After his release from prison, MI6 smeared him in the British press. When he attempted to emigrate, MI6 successfully
applied pressure upon other nations to expel him. It costs great deal of money and time to train an intelligence
operative, so why fire a spy who had a superlative track record? Even Mr. Tomlinson appears mystified. Richard
Tomlinson was dismissed and subsequently smeared and harassed by MI6 because he appears to be a very straight
arrow type of gentleman, who disapproved of an assassination plan which subsequently was used by MI6 to murder
Diana. By falsely accusing him in the press of attempting to divulge state secrets, Tomlinson lost credibility with the
public, thus rendering any attempt by him to link MI6 with Diana's death, an exercise in futility. While still an MI6
probationer, Tomlinson had read a file concerning an Anglo Iranian agent who had been instrumental in procuring a
Russian BMP-3 armored personnel carrier for the British. The file disclosed that details of meetings covertly held by
this particular agent at the Ritz hotel in Paris were monitored by one of the hotel's security managers.

This security manager was an MI6 paid informant. Tomlinson learned that the informant was Henri -Paul, which helps
to explain his numerous bank accounts and substantial wealth. After completing an assignment in Belgrade,
Tomlinson was invited by an MI6 targeting officer to participate in a plan to assassinate Serbian leader Slobodan
Milosevic. A few days later, the targeting officer handed Tomlinson a formal MI6 document detailing the plan to
assassinate Milosevic during his scheduled visit to Geneva. Chillingly, the plan proposed that a flashing strobe light be
used to disorient the chauffeur of Milosevic's limo as it passed through a tunnel. According to Tomlinson, the
document stated that a tunnel crash was the preferred assassination locale, since it would minimize the number of
witnesses and maximizes the possibility that the crash would prove fatal. Tomlinson expressed to his superior his
disgust that MI6 would conspire to assassinate a civilian head of state.

Tomlinson heard no more about the assassination plan, which was never implemented - at least in the case of
Milosevic.  MI6 fired Tomlinson a year prior to Diana's death and began its unrelenting harassment of him, possibly in
the hope that he would commit suicide. By the time of Tomlinson's dismissal, Diana was beyond the control of the
Windsors and had become a politically loose cannon, so the MI6 hierarchy must have realized that it was only a
matter of time before the spy agency would be called upon to arrange her assassination, assigning contract agents to
undertake the actual deed. Even though the tunnel crash scenario originally planned for the murder of Milosevic was
viewed favorably by the MI6 executives, otherwise the plan would never have been written up as a formal document,
the spy agency must have been aware that Tomlinson's hostility to the assassination scenario meant that he would
have to be removed from the intelligence loop before it could be implemented. An MI6 plan to assassinate Diana using
the tunnel scenario was the reason for Mr. Tomlinson's dismissal. There was a distinct risk that he might mention the
tunnel scenario in his autobiography, which would account for the strenuous efforts undertaken by MI6 to coerce
various publishing houses to refrain from publishing it. Tomlinson eventually succeeded in persuading a Russian
publishing house to publish it three years after Diana's death. Eight days after Diana's death, Tomlinson's apartment
was burgled; the only item stolen was his laptop computer containing his book manuscript which mentioned the
Milosevic crash scenario and Henri -Paul's connection with MI6. Two months later, he was jailed under Britain's
draconian Official Secrets Act, which conveniently prevented him from alerting investigative journalists about the
tunnel scenario and the MI6 connection with Henri -Paul.