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An Example of Diana's Humanity !

In the weeks after her official separation from Charles in December 1992, the estranged Princess of Wales
undertook her first solo trip to America, on this occasion primarily to meet up with friends for a brief break away from
the ongoing fallout and speculation which was occupying much of the media back home in Britain.

Before returning to London, Diana spent a night at the prestigious Carlyle Hotel in New York. Following is a private
story with which the Princess regaled her friends and one which was later regaled to respected (now former) royal
author Anthony Holden.

Still unused to the fact she was now without the support staff who'd been such a major part of her life, Diana was a
little wary when the phone in her hotel suite rang. The Princess finally stood up from watching cable TV and picked
up the receiver to hear the voice of the hotel receptionist asking:

"Hello. Is that Lady Di?"

"No", replied the Princess. She never did like being called 'Lady Di' and despite her overall relaxed manner, was
hugely respectful of her title.

Clearly realising her mistake, the chastened receptionist replied:"Sorry, Ma'am, is that the Princess of Wales?"

"Yes", came the reply.

According to Diana, the receptionist explained:"Well, there's a man on the 'phone, says he's your husband. Says his
name is Charles Windsor, and he's calling from a pay phone down the block."

Diana later told friends that, in her words: "First of all, my husband never rings me. Second, he wouldn't know what a
pay phone is and third, even if someone explained it to him, he wouldn't have any money in his pocket to put in the
slot ...so I took the call."

The story being that a tramp living on the streets near the hotel, a base for the world's rich and famous whenever
they visit the Big Apple, had come up with the idea of phoning " Diana, Princess of Wales ", having spotted her
departing her limousine outside. Amazingly, the tramp went on to enjoy a long phone conversation of approximately
40 minutes with Diana who, without any aides or family by her side, was on her lonesome in the vast suite. Diana
never did reveal who the tramp was, and the man himself never came forward to sell his remarkable tale of what is
said to be a completely true story and one which reminds us why Diana was so loved by so many worldwide whatever
their personal status!


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What The Butler Saw !

Rene Delorm the loyal butler of Dodi Fayed last night revealed his master's great love for Princess Diana. Rene
Delorm, who recently spent three days being questioned by Scotland Yard detectives at his home in California, said
Diana and Dodi planned to marry.

Hours before their fatal car crash in Paris, Dodi asked the butler to put the champagne on ice " I'm going to propose
to the Princess tonight". Delorm said: "He showed me this magnificent ring - all diamonds."What the butler saw sheds
new light on a deep relationship destroyed in the 1997 crash. He attacked the "web of lies" from Diana's butler Paul
Burrell. Rejecting Burrell's claims that Diana and Dodi were simply enjoying a brief fling, he said: "Paul Burrellis a liar!
He was not in the picture for Diana's future. Diana planned major changes in her life, and Burrell was not a part of

Speaking of Dodi's adoration for the Princess, Delorm, 63 years old,said: "He was sweeping Diana off her feet
across Europe. Theirs was a love for the ages. I personally witnessed the blossoming of a great romance, and I have
many secrets that I feel should finally be told."

Delorm has previously drawn a veil over what occurred behind closed doors when the couple were alone - with the
butler just yards away - in London, Paris, the South of France and on two cruises in the Mediterranean. Though
Diana and Dodi were always assigned different bedrooms on their trips, Delorm knows which beds were slept in and
which were still untouched at dawn.

It was Delorm who brought coffee to Diana's room one morning, only to find Dodi answering her door."Diana and
Dodi were completely, absolutely in love, and would undoubtedly have married," he said. "They would still be married
today if they had lived."

New Scotland Yard asked if I would testify at the inquest, and if called I promise to tell the whole truth - not a web of
lies like those coming from Diana's butler Paul Burrell. As it approaches the tenth anniversary of their deaths next
year, the time has come for complete honesty.

"I plan to publish a new book to coincide with the anniversary, telling the story that I couldn't tell before. It will leave
the world in no doubt that Diana and Dodi were in love and planned to marry" Diana and Dodi were completely,
absolutely in love, and would undoubtedly have married. They would still be married today if they had lived."

"New Scotland Yard asked if I would testify at the inquest, and if called I promise to tell the whole truth not a web of
lies like those coming from Diana's butler Paul Burrell.""As it approaches the tenth anniversary of their deaths next
year, the time has come for complete honesty."They were madly in love. You could see it in every caress, in every
touch. They way they held hands, and the way Diana would lean her head in as she spoke to Dodi. You could see it
in the way they would relax in the sun, laying out with her head in his lap, or swimming in the sea with her leg swung
playfully over his shoulder. They way they clung to each other in the water, and the way they only had eyes for each

The butler goes on to repeat numerous occasions on which he allegedly saw Diana and Dodi acting like lovestruck
teenagers, claiming of Dodi:"He would lean down over her and kiss the back of her neck, and she would reach up
with her hand and gently touch the side of his face. That spoke volumes more than any gift. You can't fake that!
Most of all, you could hear the love in their voices. They talked and talked and talked, for hour after hour."They were
splashing about in the water having fun, sitting together holding hands, or laying with his hand in her hair."

Once I came up on deck and there was my boss on his stomach, with the Princess sitting on his back, giving him a
massage.""I often came upon them holding hands, cuddling and murmuring softly to each other.""Yes, of course
there was kissing, but they never tired of talking. They were captivated by each other. Anybody who says that she
was just having a fling with him never saw them together. I was with them on two lengthy cruises in the
Mediterranean, and a boat is like a tiny island, where you are stuck with one another. You can quickly become bored
but they were never bored with one another. Most of the time they were on the sun deck, the main deck, or in the
dining room, and always talking. They were searching for happiness, and they genuinely found it in each other. She
let her guard down with him and found peace of mind about her future with him.I don't know about other men in
Diana's life but I know that in Dodi she finally met someone who totally listened to her, someone independent, who
made her feel alive again."

"Before they left for what turned out to be their final dinner, Dodi came to me and said: "Rene, get some champagne
on ice because I'm going to propose to the Princess tonight"."

"Dodi was a man of the world, not some lovesick teenager. He would never propose marriage to a woman unless she
had been giving him very strong signals that it was what she wanted. He knew he was not going to be rejected."

The butler goes on to repeat previously aired claims that Diana was preparing to move to America with Dodi,
claiming his boss told him of plans to live with Diana in homes across the world. On one occasion Dodi allegedly told

"Rene, be prepared to go to Gstaad. It will be you, the dogs, the Princess and I." ( Had such a comment been made
in her earshot, it's likely Diana would have laughed at the fact the dogs were given precedence before her! )

Says Delorm:

"I had been to his home in Switzerland before, and it was beautiful. He was sweeping Diana off her feet across
Europe, and by then they would have been engaged. Dodi even bought a home in Malibu, where he planned to live
in California with Diana."

Asked about claims from Diana's friends that she was not interested in committing herself to a future with Dodi ? A
general belief which is now being repeated by Burrell the butler simply says nothing more than:"It's been said he
wasn't the ideal man for her, but he was always a gentleman, considerate and caring!"

Personal traits Diana looked for in people and up until Dodi had rarely found!


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Diana The Humanitarian!

"I've had difficulties . . . but let's now use the knowledge I've gathered to help other people in distress.
"Diana, Princess of Wales( 1961 -1997 )

Make me a channel of your peace: where there is hatred let me bring your love,where there
is injury, your pardon, Lord,and where there's doubt, true faith in you:
O Master grant that I may never seek so much to be consoled as to console; to be
understood as to understand,to be loved, as to love with all my soul!
Make me a channel of your peace: where there's despair in life let me bring hope,where
there is darkness, only light and where there's sadness, ever joy:
Make me a channel of your peace: it is in pardoning that we are pardoned,in giving of
ourselves that we receive,and in dying that we're born to eternal life.
Make me a channel of your peace: where there is hatred let me bring your love,where there
is injury, your pardon, Lord,and where there's doubt, true faith in you.

(St. Francis of Assisi) Sung at Diana's Funeral; September 6th 1997.

( Albeit through Andrew who channels me; therefore might I not be a channel myself, I would personally imagine
something worthy of great consideration ... Diana ... 27th October 2009 )

At Diana's funeral on September 6th 1997 Earl Spencer in his eulogy to his sister made a point in saying that in her
good works she'd found that she could " release herself from deep feelings of unworthiness."

Diana as we all know was an humanitarian by instinct and not design and as her life went through dramatic changes
no less so than the failure of her marriage to the Prince of Wales; her causes became a lifeline for her as she herself
suffered from bouts of bulimia and depression so was no stranger to suffering herself which meant that she
personally could easily empathise with those also suffering and they recognising her sincerity reacted favourably to
her being there for them, recognising that she was determined to help them in any ways she could.

In 1987 Diana opened the first medical unit dedicated and devoted exclusively to A.I.D.S. patients famously shaking
hands with one of them publicly. Initially causing an outcry, this simple gesture frightening some people as ignorance
about the disease was such at that time that it was imagined that the condition was transmitted by physical touch
which had meant that its sufferers were often isolated even by their own family members and friends once the
secrecy of their illness was exposed by them.

Diana herself initially labelled by one right - wing group " Patron Saint of Sodomy " as also it being thought to be
something confined to and only affecting the homosexual community, this now of course being dis-proven on a world
scale. None the less at this time in the 80's even a member of the royals themselves was horrified that Diana had
ventured to mix with these people and so inviting a royal connection with those who were viewed by her with disgust!

Diana was determined not to be influenced by these ignorant reservations of someone born in another era, it having
been the late Queen Mother; someone who did not have a positive relationship with Diana, Princess of Wales! Diana
consequently was responsible for the illness and its sufferers to be something seen as more acceptable and the
disease itself a disturbing reality that needed promoting publicly to encourage understanding and caring for those
infected and affected by it on a personal level and progress to be made in the areas of prevention and cure for it on
a professional one.

Diana regularly visiting the "London Lighthouse" in the capital which caters for A.I.D.S. and H.I.V. sufferers. Today of
course something still prevalent but now its being better controlled by the many drugs available so that its sufferers
can live normal daily lives and the fatality rate from it decreased dramatically except in under - developed countries
where there remains a lack of the necessary facilities and medical supplies being un-affordable even if available! ( It
is worth noting that the disease can as easily be transmitted by corrupt blood transfusions as by a physical act of
intimacy. )

In her shaking the hand of this sufferer of the disease back in the 80's Diana educated the world about the value of
compassion, love and understanding by the power of touch and why Diana has said herself she did not often wear
gloves on her official engagements both when married and single and divorced. In 1991 a personal friend of Diana's,
Adrian Ward - Jackson who was a fine - art dealer and shared her love of ballet was nursed by her in the final five
months of his life and so Diana in this instance had a very close, personal involvement with the illness and said of
the experience herself " I reached a depth inside which I never imagined was possible " even taking her boys to visit
him though sparing them the truth of his condition telling them it was cancer but never the less educating them at a
very young age in acts of compassion and care which is why no doubt both of them today remembering the lessons
of this legacy left to them by their devoted mother are so compassionate and caring themselves in a healing and
helping capacity as seen by their individual involvements in various spheres.

Prince Harry in Africa and Prince William in South America and he also involved in London with Centrepoint which
helps and offers refuge to the homeless and abandoned and something Diana in life was herself involved with often
visiting the centre, talking to people there with a real interest in their plight and they accepting of her interest being
genuine and real and not something born out of a sense of idle curiosity and boredom.

Diana saying
" Nothing gives me greater pleasure than to try to help the most vulnerable people in society." Diana
was involved in with all manner of charity works ........( Sadly for her as well as those involved Diana relinquished her
active patronage of all but six very special to her in 1993 when she retired albeit for a short time from public life but
something she'd felt necessary to do following the royal separation and being a single mother with her primary
responsibility being to her children and personally having tired of a consistent press intrusion into her private life in
as she said in her retirement speech "In a manner that's been hard to bear! "   

Sufferers of leprosy, disfigured by the disease and so often physical contact with them being avoided by people,
Diana touching them and saying herself " I am trying to show in a simple action that they are not reviled, nor we
repulsed ! " Diana became patron of "Turning - Point" which is a society that concerns itself with helping drug and
alcohol abusers and people recovering from mental illness but Diana was always an active patron; so not content
being one merely on paper, Diana had direct personal involvement with them which from others involved with them
either in a professional or personal way gained her their confidence and respect as she'd tirelessly work and fight on
their behalf, to give them a voice publicly as Diana had a voice that she knew was heard and was determined to do
all she could to use it to make a difference!

It was Diana's genuineness in wanting to help and be there for people that got her noticed by a well known worker for
humanity Mother Teresa who invited Diana to Calcutta, India to visit her there and one of the last people Diana saw
alive on a visit to New York in 1997. Their friendship lasted until their deaths, curiously Mother Teresa dying herself
on 5th September 1997, the eve of Diana's funeral.

Also having worked for the " Royal Marsden Hospital Cancer Fund ", in the same year 1997, Diana had insisted that
part of the proceeds from funds raised received from the Christies auctioning in New York of 79 of her dresses of her
royal years; go to the hospital and the remainder to another of her favourite charities " A.I.D.S. Crisis Trust ." In
January 1997 Diana became actively involved in the campaign to internationally ban land mines visiting Angola and
Bosnia to see and review the damage caused by them for herself and to meet their victims so naturally learning
everything about them so becoming powerfully knowledgeable and called a " Loose Cannon " as a result of this but
saying of her direct involvement ..

" I am not a political figure, nor do I want to be one..but I come with my heart and I want to bring awareness to people
in distress, whether it 's in Angola or any other part of the world. The fact is I'm a humanitarian figure. I always have
been , I always will be ! "
                                                   Diana, Princess of Wales

Many of her meetings with the victims took place privately without cameras and Diana often emotionally moved to
tears became even more determined to do all she could to let the world know about them and having the media
attention as she knew to do so realised that in this aspect input from her would be extremely powerful which it has
been as the land mine ban was implemented in 1997 shortly after her death !  A fine legacy to the world from
someone who whilst in the world cared for and about the world! I am an humanitarian. I lead from the heart ! " . After
Diana's January trip to see victims maimed by land mines in Angola, one Conservative Party minister called her "a
loose cannon."

Diana  received a warmer welcome from the newly elected labour party and its leader Tony Blair and Diana was
briefed on land mine issues by cabinet ministers but there was still insistence that her trip to Angola was not one in
which she was representing the government so a non - political one taken by her promoting her personal
humanitarian interests in the issue.

Each month 800 people are killed and 1,200 others are maimed by stepping on mines. More than 70 countries, led
by Canada, support a permanent ban on the weapons, but the Clinton administration did not, nor did China, Russia
or India. Diana was trying to change that by her personal intervention in the issue and following her death; later the
same year of 1997 an international banning of land mines was implemented !