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" This is something that ought to be read by all which is why I am making sure it appears in this "Forum Area" as
people really ought to wake up to the reason why my personal site is one of such validity on the net, it's purpose
unlike others is not merely a picture palace or a tribute site. It is somewhere the truth about everything is to be found,
documented clearly and concisely, dated and timed proficiently as it is mine and people I worked with will tell you what
a stickler I was for detail so hopefully people with connections to me in life and whom I know look in on my site begin to
realise that it's me and do something constructive to assist me as I have asked and as I would indeed help them were
they the ones in need! How much more proof do you need ?

Rose says she speaks to me through Andrew as I have spoken through him to Penny Thornton, contact her and ask
her yourself and likewise to Andrew Morton, both of whom recognised me . Are these people who knew me personally
in life deluded ?

I have said during an After - Life interview with Rose Campbell Henri - Paul wasn't drunk and Paris was no accident
albeit a carefully planned event made to look like one! It has since of course recently been proven Henri - Paul wasn't
drunk which means ....... ?

I also warned of the London bombings here in a channelled message on my site days before they happened and I,
albeit through Andrew, tried to warn of them but the good deed ignored. Instead we were insulted by Andrew
Spedding, the "Daily Express" editor contacted, with the consequent result being 52 people lost their lives in the
capital city in these bombings,so I realise the media will be of little help to me until of course events happen (which
means a story) when they will naturally pursue Andrew for the exclusive! If it's not I speaking then  Andrew must be a
marvellous guesser! Neither Cowardice or Ignorance impress me, nor ever did they, my personal work involvements
illustrating this clearly to everyone! I personally find it quite incredible that none of you who knew me have the guts or
even inclination to do something constructive in regards to even trying to help me secure real justice as opposed to
judgement. It is very sad!"                                      

Synchronicities ...

Hello!  Rose here again. I had a telephone conversation with Andrew the other evening and then Diana came through
and we had a nice talk. It seems so ordinary for me now to chat with Diana on the 'phone. It wasn't always that way of
course... when I first connected with Andrew via 'phone and heard Diana's voice coming over the line it was, to be
sure, a bit surreal. It is not at all like talking to her in my own head via my own channeling skills. Now it seems like old

How easily we grow use to things once thought odd! Perhaps in the future when Diana's voice is heard over the T.V.
or radio you will see what I mean. Here is a thing I found astounding about talking to Diana the other day ...

When I called Andrew he had a really ugly cold. You know the kind... head all stuffed up, throat very scratchy,
sounding like you are talking from the bottom of a steel drum? I truly felt sorry for him.  Since it was a scheduled visit
for me to chat with Diana, Andrew decided to go ahead with it even though I urged him to rest. Thus, Diana and I
began to converse for more than an hour. At the end of our time together she "handed" Andrew back over to me and
it was then I noticed something very odd... yes, very odd!  Andrew came back on the line once again sounding horrible
and it hit me then that Diana had not! No... Diana's voice through Andrew was VERY clear, not at all stuffy and nasally!

Andrew even made mention that he enjoyed my time with Diana because while she spoke through him he enjoyed a
freedom from his symptoms of the cold. It truly illustrated how when Diana speaks through Andrew her energy seats
itself very fully into him. Andrew had a cold...Diana did not! How is that for interesting?

In this conversation with Diana she urged me to write about the synchronicities that exist between her work with me
and her work through Andrew. (Please note the distinction of that sentence...she works with me but through Andrew. It
is important to note that!)

Diana said it was now time to begin to unravel the tapestry for people. Thus, I will be making a few points in this letter
about how Andrew and I came to work together for the same"Boss" and how we knew we were meant to do just that.

Many of you on here know that Andrew made his connection with Diana on September 7th, 1997, days after her
death. My own connection came the night of her death. Thus, both of us came under her "employ" less than a week
apart. Whereas I spoke to Diana in m y head using my clairaudient channeling ability, Diana spoke verbally  through
Andrew suddenly to another person. Again, note that difference. It is significant for these reasons: Diana told me she
would use a male to head the work she has planned, which according to my transcripts and their dates was within days
of her having first spoken through Andrew. It would appear she had found her "voice" and not just a "secretary" like
myself. Also, my role with Diana is not that of Andrew's. I want that distinction clear in people's minds should they be
getting confused

While it is true Diana refers to the ones like myself who can hear her and reiterate her words "My Voices", there is only
one VOICE channel bringing her actual voice through his body. Andrew does not repeat her words as I do, that voice
coming out of her is coming directly from Diana. We both serve differing roles for Diana and that will become
increasingly clearer in the months to come. When I found Diana's site, this very site ( The original
www.dianaspeaks.com,) on the Internet back in 2005 I knew I had found the man whom I had been told about in 1997.

What is on there now (the original site which the best of that is featured on this site) echoes much of what Diana gave
me for a book format back in the latter part of 1997. I tend to think she wanted us both to have a book format so that it
could more easily be compared when it comes time for this to happen.  Right now I will break down a few things that
"dovetail" in both of our works given from Diana. (Not in order of time frame or importance, mind you).

A) Diana's version of her relationship with Dodi. Diana says quite clearly it was not just a summer fling.
B)  Diana makes references to having been someone who never felt like the woman the public knew. Like she had
been losing herself in the image she had to project.
C) Talk about why her destiny had been to marry the Prince and garner the world's attention.. she felt that the role
had been fated for her.
D) Her distaste of being seen as any form of saint. It is her wish to be remembered solely as a human who cared about
people and had no hesitancy to reach out to others.
E) Her sorrow for the Queen over the mess Charles and she had made during their marriage for the Monarchy.
F) The fact that at the end of her life was happy; both as a woman and a woman in love. Diana had come to fulfill a job
and left when she was the happiest she had ever been.
G) Her assertion that she was merely the vehicle used to bring duty to fulfillment and as an incubator for the next
generation of royalty.
H) The redeeming quality of her charity work for herself and how focusing on the plights of others helped her cope
with the plight of her own life.
I) Her intentional plan to take the boys and show them sides of life to ensure they would never forget the common
man, especially when one of them became King.
J) Her statements of gratitude for the public who adored her and imbued her with the will to carry on despite her
personal life and its miseries. Her love for them as they loved her.

This is not the entire list, but will suffice for now.

I believe Diana wanted me to correlate these matches to show that while she has used two different channels the
words / concepts given were from one source. Diana has also asked that I tell of some of the other synchronicities
concerning things that have happened to us rather than just the written words we share. I will do these at a later time
but in summation, I recognized Diana's voice first through the written word on her site. I later recognized her literal
voice through Andrew when I had the fortune to be connected to him by 'phone and heard her speak. I can truthfully
say.... Diana Speaks!

By Rose Campbell ... Diana Channel and Interviewer on the After - Life Interviews with Diana.


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Diana ... The Beauty and the Beast !

" Hello.  Andrew was shocked by the following factual story but my personal site is, as I have said, one where there is
honesty about things so therefore I have encouraged him to relate it here for everyone to read and to inwardly digest
as I really do not want to be seen as a saint - like figure, not at all!

I couldn't bear sycophants much preferring people to be themselves and real but staff particularly of course behaving
in this manner in order to prove acceptable for the position they were employed as and to this day nothing has
changed in this respect...why no doubt Her Majesty enjoys the company of her corgis, they don't care who she is, just
knowing her as the woman who loves them and feeds them !

Naturally as with any business position, the staff respect their employer, their boss, so consequently whilst a loyal
association is maintained rarely a close personal bond being formed between them as familiarity so easily can lead to
contempt and chances of this happening therefore made impossible !

I personally of course, as everyone knows, took staff into my confidence, Paul Burrell by example. I, naive and new at
the game and feeling isolated in a cold and unfeeling environment where I realised quite early on I didn't and wouldn't
ever belong and being human, frustrations of various kinds experienced by me lead to my taking out my anger and
resentment on staff members knowing that I had the upper hand being the one employing them but as this story
relates I could be extremely cold and heartless, a real tyrant in fact!

Everyone looking at my personal site has a right to know the real me and I feel it's important that you do and don't
please anyone make excuses for my behaviour as actually there are none ! "...

Here is the true story!...................The Persona " Diana, Princess of Wales " on public display !

Victoria Mendham was a junior secretary at Kensington Palace who bolstered Diana's self - confidence genuinely
admiring her employer even dressing like her and listening as a close confidante to Diana for hours never disagreeing
with anything Diana might say. The reward for this devoted attention was for Diana to take Victoria with her on holiday
to the U.S.A. and the Caribbean and footing the bill both times.

In Easter 1996 Diana invited Victoria on another Caribbean holiday but this time in the middle of the escape to the sun
telling Victoria that her share of the trip was going to cost her financially. Victoria told Diana that she didn't have this
kind of money available and had been personally invited as on the previous vacations but Diana told her that she
expected her to pay !

Victoria in tears called Kensington Palace explaining everything and having been informed about things, discreetly by
a senior courtier, Prince Charles paid the bill. On return to the U.K. Diana asked if the bill had been settled and was
told it had and assumed Victoria had found a means to pay it. Later furious to find out the truth which had been
deliberately kept hidden from her.

Nine months later and Diana invited Victoria on another holiday but this time Victoria told Diana that she could only
afford economy class air travel and was under the impression Diana had understood and accepted this but once
again this time on returning to the U.K. Diana then presented Victoria with a £700.00 bill for her share of their hotel
accomadation. Diana determined Victoria would pay froze her out personally, something Diana was expert at doing but
hounded her about the payment of it and even whilst doing her good works in Angola having taken Paul Burrell with
her and not Victoria, a deliberate, personal stab in the backstabbing, behind the scenes Diana called Kensington
Palace accounts department and Victoria herself about the unpaid bill.

Prince Charles again stepped into the rescue and on her return to the U. K. Diana infuriated to discover that Victoria
had once again been helped out financially...dismissed her !

Yet after the tragedy in Paris, Victoria called Kensington Palace offering her assistance in organising the funeral for
the employer she'd loved and had been ultimately rewarded for this devotion by having been systematically victimised
and abused by her. Diana herself having been the victim of others manipulations and control no doubt had
experienced compensation exercising her dominance and perhaps something Victoria had realised and so forgave
Diana for !

This story having the one redeeming feature and this being for Victoria to have acted in this way immediately after
Diana's death a year later, it proves the beauty of Diana's nature within clearly outshone the beastly side that at times
showed itself as being equally powerful within her character.

August 28th 1996 Diana broke free from the chains that bound her...a "Free -Spirit ! "An extraordinarily tough, volatile,
independent and confident, sassy woman began to emerge! To many, it seemed her Spencer traits were breaking
through as she stepped out of the shadows of her husband's oppressive family leaving the days of being an official
royal behind her in celebration of being able to be Diana, not the persona the media had created her to be seen as
being since the early 80's!


A Bit Of The Poetic Diana....

A  Sad  World

It's a sad world we live in today,one in which aggression and battle seems to lead the way.

A show of strength seen to be a step of progression,it's actually an example of human regression.

It's a sad world we live in today, and unless man fundamentally changes, it will remain so come, what may.

The animal kingdom has by nature both hunter and prey, but as humans having evolved why are we still behaving the
same way,

The strong dominating and persecution of the weak but more powerfully now in this age,will there ever come the time
to turn the page ?

It seems war is more important than peace, if only from such restraints of thought, we could secure our release.

Man of course is animal and this is proved more so today, when killing or maiming his brothers and sisters even
children seems to be his chosen way,

To make his point albeit of political or religious belief, with such foolishness and naive philosophy he makes his own

Naturally it's the innocent who always suffer, the most tragic point of all, one thing is certain, it will be man who
ultimately brings about his own downfall.