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The  Real  Diana!

Diana without the publicity mask was someone who never took herself seriously, had an infectious giggle and
made a clear division line between her work and her public duty which she was serious about and her private life
where as much as lack of privacy allowed her to do, she had fun! Off camera, no make-up, no glamour gowns,
jeans and sweat-shirts, trainers or barefoot but casual! Very much aware of her publicity and the people-power
she had through being someone who genuinely understood unhappiness and therefore could and did sincerely
relate to other people's being of great comfort to them with a natural compassion and care that was not
manufactured as package of her celebrity status. Diana's public speeches always reflected her humanity, not stiff
as official speeches often are, hers infused with humour and often directed at herself as illustrated by one she
gave to an audience at a charity event attended by her in 1983 when the media were concentrating their news on
her suffering from mental illness and bulimia telling them ..............................

" Ladies and gentlemen, I think you're very fortunate to have your patron here with you today. I am supposed to
have my head down the loo ( toilet ) for most of the day. I'm supposed to be dragged off in a minute by men in
white coats so if it's alright with you, I thought I might postpone my nervous breakdown until a more appropriate

"Diana" reacted to the man in the street as she did to the President of a nation, there was no distinction, even
perhaps a little more relaxed and herself with the former as opposed to the latter as she was not someone who
stood on ceremony or was impressed by a title, many of her husbands friend's she having not been able to relate
to, finding them too pompous and stuffy! "Diana", a "Lady" herself before becoming a "Princess" had impeccable
manners, something she insisted on instilling in her sons and would never forget to say "Thank you".

After her wedding, getting in contact personally with people who'd been involved in creating the day on a practical
level, her make-up adviser and hairstylist etc and not ever forgetting a thank you letter for a birthday card and gift
as opposed to having a secretary compose it and adding her signature as it is more customary for royalty to do!It
was important to her that her sons understood the real life and not just the protective shield that being royals
automatically surrounds them with so she involved them in her work and they accompanied her when she visited
hospitals and homeless peoples units knowing instinctively, "Diana" being incredibly instinctive, that this
knowledge would be of great help to them in their future which "Harry" has recently shown in carrying on with her
example by getting directly involved in charitable concerns himself and "William" finding on his tours of duty, a
sense of similar warmth and welcome extended to him from the public as his mother always experienced. Her
being so honest about personal issues with them was also important as knowing how damaging the media can be,
she having continuously suffered at their hands being one of the reasons she continuously spoke to family and
friends about leaving the U.K. as her brother made clear in his eulogy to her at her funeral, this part later cut from
the speech televised. "Diana" would tell her sons the truth about things that later they might read about greatly
distorted which is why books and articles about their mother now upset them, she no longer there to explain things
to them and to comfort them in her unique hands-on way.

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Two sides to every coin, in this Diana was no exception so there was a darker side to her personality which
expressed itself in numerous ways but none so powerful as her ability to manipulate people knowing by example
that no matter how beastly she might be to someone, she had people power so would always inevitably come out
on top and escape personal criticism and instead those who dared to criticise her finding themselves in danger of
damaging their own personal reputations having done so. Diana was pretty self  absorbed in her own celebrity
which is an easy enough trap to fall into finding yourself everyday for one reason or another the headliner so
cameras consistently following you everywhere, reporting on your every move and what they don't know, inventing
so too robbing you of enjoying a private life at times in a manner hard to bear.

It is documented how a bad press about her brought out the somewhat legendary Cancerian signs traits of
temper, petulance and moodiness in her character. Diana had her own reputation to maintain and if this meant
bending the truth or exaggerating it, something readily indulged in by her and particularly in latter years when her
reputation was something certain parties seemed intent on destroying provoking her to fight fire with fire which
Diana was more than adept at doing if it proved necessary, so a pretty mercurial personality belonged to the real
Diana and not the media based and created persona " Diana, Princess of Wales " publicly displayed and
consequently much more readily recognised by people.

( This second part of the precis illustrating candidly the more negative personal characteristics has been
channeled from me to create balance in the equation which is important to do naturally ... Thank you for listening
to me, Diana. )

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Dodi Fayed

Emad Mohamed,"Dodi" born April 15th 1955 in Alexandria, Egypt was the son of Mohamed al -Fayed and Samira
Kashoggi, the sister of Adnan the billionaire international arms dealer and member of the Saudi Royal Family.
Diana's marrying Dodi meaning she would be connected to them. Dodi choosing later to be known as Dodi Fayed,
dropping the Al in his name. Samira sued Mohamed for divorce and Mohamed seized custody of two year old Dodi
and stopped his mother from seeing him for a number of years. Though Dodi was always welcomed by his
mother's side of the family, he was his father's son and respected him to such an extent that following a major rift
between them, a condition of Mohamed who despised his ex wife and the Kashoggis being that their truce was
dependent on Dodi having nothing to do with his mother or her side of the family. Samira died of a heart attack in
1986 and Dodi in keeping with his father's wishes did not attend her funeral.

Business in the construction trade took Mohamed out of Egypt to Dubai often, so Dodi being left to be raised by
an uncle in Alexandria. His parents separation as with Diana left a lasting effect on Dodi, he being unable to form
lasting relationships through a lack of trust, an insecurity and fear of rejection. Something that he and Diana no
doubt discussed together at great length. Both he and the princess being divorced when they met. Dodi's
marriage being one lasting 8 months to stunning North American model Suzanne Gregard.

On reaching his teens, Dodi joined his father in London who having made his fortune lived there. Dodi had his
own apartment in London's exclusive Park Lane, overlooking Hyde Park and a chauffeur driven Rolls Royce. First
sent to "Institut Le Rosey" in Switzerland then to the "Royal Military Academy" at Sandhurst to instil discipline in
him, he left there in 1974 to be commissioned into the United Arab Emirates Air Force as a Lieutenant and was a
military adviser at the U.A.E.'s London embassy but a career that didn't last long. Dodi wanting something more
exciting and having inherited an artistic streak from his mother who was a novelist and magazine editor, was
drawn to the movie business. With funding from his father  came the launching of a film company "Allied
Stars"which produced six films including "Chariots of Fire" which had been one watched by Diana and the "Prince
of Wales" whilst on honeymoon on the "Royal Yacht Britannia" but Dodi had not been interested in the day to day
running of the company and little experienced in the world of work, it was Mohamed who made most of the
business decisions and inspite of producing the film "Hook", it ran at a loss and was sold!

The initial company's success had not freed Dodi from his dominating father who was unimpressed by Dodi's
carelessness with money and the companions he kept who Mohamed suspected were trying to fleece him of every
penny and in the 80's Dodi had acquired a cocaine habit which cost thousands to maintain, he having lessened
this by the time he and Diana were together. Mohamed was very financially generous with his son one moment
and the next following an argument would stop supporting him financially. Dodi an addict to a rich lifestyle, driving
Aston Martins, Lagondas and out on the town with a beauty on his arm, he was a playboy intent on having fun, he
placed little value on anything material having everything readily available to him that money could buy but at the
price of being dependent on his father his whole life! By the summer months of 1997 however both father and son
had eased the tensions between them and Dodi having calmed down in his lifestyle, at 41 years old getting a
sense of direction was being groomed to take over his father's flag ship, all bought and paid for, the world famous
department store in the capital city of London,"Harrods"and had seemingly found a serious relationship with an
American model, Kelly Fisher, even with thoughts to marry her.

An interest in film production remaining, he was seeking funds for further investments in new film projects and also
Mohamed had bought him his $7.3 million mansion in Malibu with it's five acres of land where he and Kelly
planned to live and raise a family.

"Destiny",then called out of the blue and he met Diana who was on vacation with her sons staying wih his father
and family. Instant, mutual attraction, a friendship grew into love and for each of them their last relationship, dying
together tragically in the French capital city of Paris, August 31st 1997 !

Dodi buried on his father's estates grounds in Oxted, Surrey,England as Diana is buried on the island at
the"Spencer Family"estate of Althorp, Northamptonshire, England.

"I adore him... I have never been so happy. I have real love."Dodi is the man who will take me out of one world into
another." Diana is quoted as having said of the last man in her life ....
"Diana, Princess of Wales August 9, 1997"

Mohamed al - Fayed  has kept Dodi's exclusive Park Lane apartment in London exactly as it was the last time
Dodi was there with his new girlfriend Diana. The original house - keeper still being employed to clean it everyday
and to put fresh flowers in the vases and fruit in the fruit - bowls and light the incense sticks to perfume it as Dodi
himself did. Everywhere there are signs of the couple who she remembers enjoying take -away meals together
while sprawled on the sofa watching videos laughing like teenagers in love!