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I know for some people who haven't seen the "Panorama Interview" the idea of reading it all isn't
appealing either so here I've decided to illustrate some of the things Diana said in the revealing
interview and her response to Charles speaking to Jonathan Dimbleby and publicly admitting his
adultry with the then Camilla Parker - Bowles . ( Now married to H.R.H. Prince Charles,  The
Prince of Wales, and being officially titled herself as H.R.H. The Duchess of Cornwall ! )
                                                                                                      Andrew Russell - Davis

Panorama Interview Highlights

Martin Bashir... Your Royal Highness, how prepared were you for the pressures that came with
marrying into the royal family?

Diana... I desperately loved my husband and I wanted to share everything together.

Martin Bashir... It's been suggested in some newspapers that you were left largely to cope with
your new status on your own.

Diana... You had to either sink or swim and you had to learn that very fast.

Martin Bashir... What was the family's reaction to your postnatal depression?

Diana... Well, it gave everybody a wonderful label - Diana's unstable and Diana's mentally
unbalanced and unfortunately that seems to have stuck on and off over the years.

Martin Bashir... According to press reports, it was suggested that it was around this time things
became so difficult that you actually tried to injure yourself.

Diana... You have so much pain inside yourself that you try and hurt yourself on the outside
because you want help ...

Martin Bashir... What effect did your discovery of your husband's relationship with Camilla
Parker - Bowles have on you?

Diana... Pretty devastating. Rampant bulimia, if you can have rampant bulimia and just a feeling of
being no good at anything and being useless and hopeless and failed in every direction.

Martin Bashir... Do you think Mrs. Parker - Bowles was a factor in the breakdown of your

Diana... Well there were three of us in this marriage so it was a bit crowded!

Martin Bashir..Do you really believe that a campaign was waged against you?

Diana... Yes I do absolutely yeah.!

Martin Bashir...Why?

Diana... I was the separated wife of the Prince of Wales. I was a problem full stop. Never happened
before, what do we do with her?

Martin Bashir... Can't we pack her off somewhere quietly rather than campaign against her ?

Diana...She won't go quietly, that's the problem. I'll fight to the end because I believe that I have a
role to fulfil and I've got two children to bring up!

Martin Bashir... Do you think you will ever be Queen?

Diana... No, I don't no.

Martin Bashir...Why do you think that?

Diana... I'd like to be a queen of people's hearts, in people's hearts but I don't see myself being
Queen of this country. I don't think many people will want me to be Queen actually, When I say
many people, I mean the establishment that I'm married into, because they have decided that I'm a

Below is the Panorama Videos with sections of a channeled message given through
Andrew by Diana interwoven between thevideos to show the continuity of what
she said in life and what she says in after-life.

(PART 1)

" In 1995 I signed my own death warrant and that was in my speaking publicly on a television
interview. The interview conducted by was "Panorama" and something I'd organised and arranged
albeit in secret as I knew that obstacles, very real ones would have been put in its way had I spoken
openly about even my intentions of it... As it turned out the repercussions of it were far greater
than even I had imagined, knowing naturally that it was going to ruffle certain feathers but not
knowing to what extent until after the event when they became all too apparent. Two employees
resigning and William greatly upset by it which of course had not been my intention in doing at all
as I am sure now that much older and wiser he is well aware of but at the time it did! Also of course
it forced Her Majesty to take the unprecedented move of requesting that the Prince of Wales and I
divorce having lived separate lives unofficially since 1985 when our marriage in all but name was
dead. It was increasingly noticed and reported how we spent months apart from each other with
further revelations that we'd arrive to attend functions from different parts of the country, show a
united front at them and leave separately, though often initially sharing a car to a designated area
where we'd separate out of the cameras glare. At times as by example my father's funeral, I
resented his being there, complete hypocrisy but at the time necessary for our double act that we'd
perfected so professionally! We'd often found ourselves abroad sharing the same hotel but in
separate suites on our royal tours and I'd attend one function or other and he another. I plainly
drew attention to this fact in visiting the "Taj Mahal" in India alone which had the intended effect,
the public exposure our marriage was a sham and something I desperately wanted out of but it was
our tour of Korea that provided this final curtain.

(PART 2)

Our masks falling, our outward display of unification failing, the show was over! This I have to say
was an arrangement that by this time suited us both; we actually couldn't bear to be in each other’s
company longer than necessary! Something I am so glad to say changed after our divorce when we
became much friendlier, something not viewed positively in the royal house but at the same time
powerless to change it as proven by the fact that he was so adamant in the organisation of my
funeral against their strong opposition to it. The boys had suffered during the marriage
emotionally and suffered from our separation and eventual divorce naturally though they're being
at boarding school was of tremendous personal benefit to them. As parents, we loved our children
though I have to say that I made sure I was more demonstrative of this and albeit at times unfairly
so which is why, I am so glad that today they have such a close and emotional bond with their
father. In the interview I was too honest about certain things and of course questioned my
husband at the time's ability to rule. Knowing the character as I said then and I will reiterate now, it
is a responsible role as proven by Her Majesty's lifelong dedication to it and it remains to be seen if
the Monarchy, certainly as she is accustomed to it anyway survives her? I personally feel there
will be great changes implemented to it, welcome and necessary changes so that it has a chance of
survival in an ever changing world.

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