(PART 3)

I never the less at the time, at the end of my tether and determined to have my say about things, my husband having
already done so before me, thought it only fair to tell my side of the story in person as opposed to in script as of
course the Morton book had been published though not known that I'd contributed personally to it. I admit I was a
woman scorned, a victim as I saw it anyway of a system that I at the time saw no escape from and one which was
destroying me piece by piece. Now you may say that I am all about me, me, me! Well, this site is mine so I naturally
speak about how I personally was affected and how I felt about the circumstances albeit not publicised at the time,
of my life and make no apologies for doing so, after all it being your choice to read about them or not!

(PART 4)

During my interview and during his, we both admitted adultery and actually deliberately doing so knowing that the
result would mean that as opposed to hiding the fact, we could be honest about our marriage and its having failed. It
was after the subsequent divorce and my loss of the official title that I set in motion the circumstances and events
which lead me to say I did myself no favours in certain powerful and influential areas in which I was seen as a
problem, as a menace and as a liability. I lost none of the popularity I'd courted with the people with the title,
without it, in fact it got me the sympathy vote which naturally assisted me in becoming all the more powerful. My ex
albeit with his mistress openly did not fair so well and still by many has lost his appeal and certainly respect but
under the circumstances, only a fool would expect things to be different but his new wife loves and supports him
with the same devotion as she's always felt and that must in some way be of immense comfort to him, his finding and
securing lasting emotional stability with her. Something Harry has recently drawn to people's attention, Papa is
happy as naturally my death did affect him as I have said we were friends at the time accepting our finding love
relationships elsewhere.

(PART 5)

Albeit not politically motivated, I became a spokeswoman for people affected by political issues and none so
powerful as the "Landmines Campaign" which I had a genuine and humanitarian interest in but which in my drawing
attention to it, I'd made enemies in the establishment who openly voiced this in their opinions of me, my being
referred to as a " Loose Cannon " being a prime example of this. I held power and as an unofficial royal could
involve myself in political issues and express my heartfelt opinions openly which I did naturally, opinions that
made people in certain areas feel extremely uncomfortable and as someone who always believed in and used the
strategy of confusing the enemy, there was no way of telling what I would do next. As I'd proved in the arranging of
the "Panorama" interview, I was shrewd and quite capable of deception and this made me dangerous. I was also
alive and by this I mean a live wire, at the peak of my health both physically and emotionally, I had abundant
energy and vitality and free of the past determined to leave it behind me and enjoy a new life even before meeting
Dodi who was as it turned out for me, the icing on the cake, it's heartbreaking for me and I resent people's
judgement of our being a relationship of the moment but respect that people are entitled to their own opinions and
prejudices and nothing I can say will change that as he and I were denied a future that would have determined the
truth about these insinuations made against us and that future!"

Thank you for reading the factual precis area. The work of Diana
continues from her platform as a person/spirit still very much
interested in humanitarian causes and aiding humanity. As the
proof of her continued existence in her afterlife is absorbed by
the critical mass of people further aid can be given via Diana.

"  Hello,
     My personal site www.dianaspeaks.info  is one of
kind on the net for anyone interested to visit. It comprises of
factual documentations about varying issues, channeled messages
imparted from me to both Andrew and Rose as well as promoting
videos which have for different reasons caught my attention as
indeed so too have the various images illustrated there.
I am tremendously grateful to everyone who has in
whatever way served  to personally support me and my work
continuing as it will, indeed as it must! My depth of personal
gratitude though particularly extends to Andrew and Rose
naturally. Their own personal sense of devotion, dedication and
loyalty to me has proven in being unquestionable and neither have
been given an easy time of things. This work has already demanded
from them both sacrifices being made, in Andrew's case even involving
the loss of people once close to him but something necessary to
happen to help determine the success of the work engaged upon initially
by he and Rose in 1997.
Already many people have assisted us in determining the fact that
it will become  realised globally  that " She didn't go quietly ", people involved
in the media ... Tv, Radio and film but it is realised by all involved that this
remains a sensitive issue and therefore one that necessitates in being treated
with delicacy, diplomacy and respect as it is not something to be deemed as
being offensive or in any manner insulting and particularly by those who knew
me personally in life and so especially of course my boys, William and Harry.
Thank you to Andrew for being the eyes for me to see and the mouth
for me to speak. Thank you to Rose for being the one to give attention to the
logical and practical aspect of this work and not solely the emotional one and
also for utilising her personal talents as my Websites Designer as well as providing
Andrew with a hug of encouragement and comfort or alternatively a short, sharp
kick when he's needed it!
Thank you to all who have done and who continue to do so and who will in
the future be seen to support us in this invaluable work which I feel so incredibly
humbled to have been chosen to ensure continues for the good of all mankind.
It is indeed an honour and so therefore demands my greatest focus of attention."

                                   With best wishes and love from,
                                                                     Diana xx