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Paris, August 31st 1997

Firstly it needs to be noted that Dodi though born a Muslim had attended a Catholic school in Egypt and
when he married his wife Suzanne Gregard in 1987 had not insisted she convert to the Muslim faith. A
Christian woman as both she and Diana were can marry a Muslim without taking his religion but must accept
that children by him will be brought up Muslim. It is also important to remember that Diana had been stripped
of her royal title H.R.H. and so was no longer officially a royal princess and marriage to him therefore not as
damaging to the monarchy as if she had still held the formal title but of course was still the mother of the
future monarch's children.

It is very strange that exactly what happened from 12.20 am until 12.24am when the car having left the hotel
entered the tunnel cannot be known as the 10 C.C.T.V. traffic cameras lining the route from the hotel and the
17 cameras inside the tunnel, one even facing the entrance to it all malfunctioned at the same time and the
tunnels lights failing suddenly plunging it into darkness moments before the crash, things that had not ever
happened before or have since and stranger still that they run on a separate power generator,an
independent electricity supply controlled by the police and at the same time all the police communication
frequencies in Paris cut out simultaneously and yet just 15 minutes before the crash a car was caught on the
speed cameras entering the tunnel and the driver subsequently fined!

Cameras and police communications resuming normally soon after the crash having taken place. The
"SAMU"...Service d'aide Medicale Urgente...ambulance was on the scene 15 minutes after the crash at soon
after 12.44am and as Diana was being transferred from the wreckage to a stretcher suffered a cardiac
arrest, heart massage given she was revived and eventually in the ambulance at 1.30am. It was decided that
though not the closest hospital, about 3 miles away on the opposite side of the "River Seine" Diana would be
taken to the "Pitie-Salpetriere" hospital as it was the best equipped to dealing with her trauma, strange again
as Diana's injuries were internal and not discovered until later at the hospital. The ambulance not reaching
the hospital itself until 2.06am, one hour and forty-six minutes after the crash. The short journey taking
usually 10 minutes had taken forty minutes at an average speed of 5 mph. Oddly just 30 seconds from the
hospitals street entrance and again Diana's heart having stopped beating, the ambulance was stopped for
10 minutes whilst she was attended en route having passed two other major hospitals.

On arrival at the hospital and in spite of the constant radio contact telling of the two cardiac arrests Diana
had suffered, there was no specialist heart surgeon on standby nor any suggestion of a heart-lung bypass
machine being made available for her arrival, this always something used to keep patients alive during major
heart or transplant operations. At 2.10am Diana suffered another cardiac arrest and in spite of all efforts to
save her, "Diana, Princess of Wales"pronounced dead at 4am!

This news becoming shocking headlines two hours later to a stunned, disbelieving public all over the world!
Mercedes Benz makers of the crashed limousine,an S280 model and a car that stolen in April 1997 had been
found sixteen days later outside the capital stripped for parts including wheels, tyres, the inner workings of
the doors and the electronic "brain" that controls all key functions, from the power steering and power
windows to the speedometer, the anti-lock breaking system and the six-cylinder 195 horsepower engine
itself, repairs having cost a substantial figure, offered to send in professionals to examine the car and
determine the cause of the crash. They were refused access outright! The car having first hit the third pillar
before moving on smashing head on into the thirteenth pillar of the tunnel, spun around 180 degrees
anti-clockwise rear ended the opposite wall before coming to rest horn blowing, it's front-end having taken
the full impact crushed like an accordion killing Dodi and driver Henri-Paul instantly and mortally injuring
Diana who within hours would be dead. Incredibly the entire trip from the hotel until the moment of impact
taking less than 3 minutes!

Trevor Reese-Jones, the bodyguard miraculously surviving thanks to the automatically inflating air-bags or
the fact he was wearing a seat-belt, the only person in the car to do so, but sustaining horrific injuries and
needing months of hospitalisation to recover. The offer made by the makers of the car being mysteriously
rejected without an explanation given for this being so.  The tunnel itself thoroughly cleansed with scouring
brushes, detergents, disinfectant and water therefore immediately destroying  what might have proved to
have been valuable forensic evidence and open to regular traffic within three hours of the crash that same

Reported skid-marks made by the limousine another unsolved mystery as the vehicle was fitted with A.B.S.
(Automatic Breaking System) making skidding impossible for that particular limousine unless of course the
road inside the tunnel had been professionally slicked with chemicals, which would explain the necessity for
this to be professionally cleansed so soon after the crash and the lights that Diana channels she says she
remembers seeing of a car breaking in front of them were actually the reverse lights of a vehicle
professionally being driven into the tunnel from the exit end of it, with a car and motorcycle behind him and
not able to reverse himself, Henri - Paul slamming on the limousine breaks to avoid collision with the vehicle
in front of him blocking the tunnels exit and skidding on the slick out of control into the concrete pillars!

A motorcyclist able to speed past the limousine shining the blinding light inside the car and at Henri - Paul
and small enough to not be blocked by a vehicle at the tunnels exit so as reported by an eye - witness seen
speeding out of it seconds after the crash and disappearing into the night. All cameras as reported to have
failed at the exact time of the incident, this could have deliberately affected traffic lights giving sufficient time
for this operation to be organised as following the crash no other vehicles would be able to enter the tunnel
in the same lane whilst the professional clearing up operation was set in motion, normal traffic resuming in
the opposite lane to avoid the arousal of suspicion of other drivers believing there to have been an electrical
fault with the traffic lights in the capital city.

In the U.K. the "Prince of Wales" in total shock and insisting against very powerful and malicious opposition to
it from his father that he use an aircraft, a B.A.e146 of the "Queens Flight" to fly  to the French capital of
Paris with Diana's two sisters Jane and Sarah to collect the body. They were met at the Villacoublay military
airfield by French President Chirac himself and escorted by gendarmes to the Pitie Salpetriere Hospital
where surgeons had hours earlier fought vainly to resuscitate Diana. They returned to R.A.F.Northolt airfield
nineteen hours after the fatal crash across the Channel where Prime Minister Tony Blair met them and the
coffin draped by the Royal Standard was driven by hearse to a private mortuary where it was transferred to a
lead - lined coffin and then taken to the Chapel Royal at St. James Palace where it remained until the funeral
six days later. The Prince of Wales flying back to Balmoral to be with and comfort his sons.

The young princes devastated in losing their adoring mother, none the less with their father and the rest of
the royals that same morning and only hours after having been given the devastating news, attending
Crathie Church for the Sunday morning service as they do when staying at Balmoral and  an hours long
service where there was no mention of "Diana" at all, the "Queen" even having had the hospital in Paris
contacted to see if when she'd died, "Diana" had been wearing any royal jewellery and if so, which she hadn't
been, for it to have been returned to the U.K. immediately!

The Queen objected to Diana being given a full state funeral as this was only given to Kings and Queens so
it was neither a state or royal one but one that was unique to "Diana" herself and for the most part organised
by Charles, William and Harry with assistance from her two sisters and brother. If they had been expecting
emotional comfort from the Queen, they were in for disappointment and the "Duke of Edinburgh" non-plussed
by the late princess in life,equally distant and aloof! The royals return to London earlier than was originally
programmed as being for the 5th of September 1997, the day before the funeral, was on the advice of the
"Prime Minister" who recognised and was concerned by the anger brewing in the people of the capital,
disgusted their Monarch was not there to share in their grief for the princess, she seemingly being untouched
by the tragedy and choosing to stay in Scotland. He suggesting that she ought to publicly address the people
in a speech with a personal touch and with added pressure to do so from the "Prince of Wales" who
threatened that if she didn't concede to it, he'd make a public apology for the Crowns ignorance to it's
peoples suffering!

The "Queen" had not been aware just how loved Diana had been by the people, out of touch having
seriously misjudged the situation in her kingdom did as told which had the desired effect and eased the rising
tensions of the people in the capital city, the majority satisfied that their monarch did care after all!

On August 31st 1997 postmortems were conducted on Diana and Dodi at Fulham mortuary, South London
and though not made public, the autopsy report on Diana and presented at an inquest held into her death in
the capital confirmed that as she tells herself in a message in the channelled area of her site, she was not
pregnant when she died! This claim also had been refuted by the friend with whom she spent a holiday just
ten days before being reunited with Dodi for their last summer alive. Rosa Monckton stating on a Tv.
interview that during this holiday, a cruise of the Greek Islands, Diana had her monthly period making
pregnancy an impossibility!

According to Muslim tradition which makes it necessary for burial to take place within 24 hours of death,
Dodi's body had been flown from France to the U.K. immediately in his father's private helicopter. The coffin
taken to "Regents Park Mosque" where a simple service was given and then taken to Brockwood cemetery,
Surrey for a private family burial on September 1st 1997. On Mohammed al -Fayeds request it later being
transferred to a specially commemorative area in the grounds of his estate at Oxted in Surrey.

Henri -Paul the chauffeur of the limousine and "Deputy Head of Security" at the"Ritz Hotel" in Paris was
buried quietly with family and friends on September 20th 1997 at his home town of Lorient in Brittany,
Western France. A little Ironic that the last time Diana was seen alive she was leaving the back entrance of
the "Ritz Hotel" in Paris avoiding the media cameras on August 31st 1997 and the first time the public saw
H.R.H. Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles officially together, they were leaving the front entrance of
the "Ritz Hotel" in London facing the media cameras on January 29th 1999!