" Hello Everyone,

             In my latest After - Life interview with Rose , which you can listen to on the previous page, I make a point in
saying that as myself I am free to speak as I find. Part of the problem actually was, of course, in being titled I wasn't
meant to do so and being a " Free Spirit " was the cause of many of my problems within the confines of both titles that I
bore in life.

          Well known that I never failed to do my homework on things spoken about by me and here is proof of this fact
reiterating the matter spoken about by me concerning the royals keeping secrets, including most notably of course their
infidelities. I, by example, had been expected to put up with my then husband seeing his mistress, now his wife of
course, compensating this by finding personal contentment in retaining my royal title!

        I inspired Andrew to assist me in this homework but it points out the fact that here on my site all that is spoken
about by me has both credence and substance with evidential proof to support all that I do say and this is of course vital
and perhaps why the site has survived as were I to be quoting rubbish, it might well not have done so but truth
ultimately is never something that can be denied, can it?

        H.R.H. Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh agreed in 1993 to be profiled by journalist Fiammetta Rocco in the
"Independent on Sunday" newspaper. Questions agreed on in advance, as mine were for the Panorama Interview, but
are not during these After - Life Interviews; so anyway during his interview, there to be no mentioning about his family,
his parents, his wife or his children.

       The journalist strayed slightly from the script knowing this character was surrounded by myths mentioning to him
"One myth Sir is that you have had many mistresses. "  He looked exasperated and responded to this "Have you ever
stopped to think that for the last forty years, I have never moved anywhere without a policeman accompanying me? So
how the hell could I get away with anything like that? "  That subject matter was closed! Also mentioned the fact the
Duke of York, H.R.H. Prince Andrew might not in fact be his son; rumoured to being Her Majesty's favourite child.
Andrew looking so like Lord Porchester, her racing manager! An observation duly ignored by her interviewee; so
another subject matter closed without discussion!

   This former response amused the former head of the Royal Protection Service who said "The truth is our function is
to protect the person, not his morals ... If he's inside a woman's flat, we stand outside. We don't care what he's doing
inside so long as he emerges unharmed ... so he can get away with whatever he wants ... We're not there to protect him as
the Queen's husband but to guard him as H.R.H.Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh ... there's a considerable
difference ! "

            It is documented how I spent weekends in Devon with James at his mother Mrs. Hewitt's home there and likewise
he stayed at Highgrove when Charles wasn't around but as the wife of H.R.H. The Prince of Wales  at all times I had the
Royal Protection Service guarding me!

           So is Harry truly William's blood brother? Yes he is, he has the Spencer family colouring and looks remarkably
like my eldest  sister Sarah and he is the result of a last ditch attempt of Charles and I at preserving our marriage,
something couples in situations like ours do, thinking having a child will solve the problems being experienced by them
but as in ours and in most cases this not being a viable solution at all! Sometimes even resulting in the child themselves
being resented as being blamed for the conflicting circumstances within and surrounding the relationship itself, though
thankfully this not proving to being the case with father and son. Charles and both boys enjoy a close rapport,
something I am most grateful for naturally and often wonder were I still alive if the relationship shared by the three of
them would be quite as an emotionally close one as I was a hands on Mother and overtly demonstrative of this fact both
privately as well as of course publicly. So my untimely death proved itself being a powerful catalyst for the growth of
the closeness which is so apparent between them all now as opposed to Charles's with his own parents which has always
been and remains by comparison somewhat distant and why he was so devoted to his grandmother who was in many
ways a surrogate Mother to him when as a child his parents were often in keeping with being royal and so duty bound,
not being around  which is why I insisted on Wills coming with us to Australia on our first Official Royal Tour there in
1983. "

                                                      Diana .

Royal Family Tree

Paternal Side:

Note: Prince William’s paternal grandparents, The Queen & The Duke of Edinburgh have the same family tree.


I. Prince Frederick (became King Frederick VIII)-married Princess Lovisa of Sweden (the only child of King Charles
XIV of Sweden)
A. King Christian X-married Princess Alexandrine of Mecklenburg-Strelitz
B. King Haakon VII of Norway-married Princess Maud of Britain
C. Princess Louise-married Prince Friedrich of Schaumburg-Lippe
D. Prince Harald-married Princess Helena of Glucksburg
E. Princess Ingeborg-married Prince Carl of Sweden
F. Princess Tyra
G. Prince Gustav
H. Princess Dagmar

II. Princess Alexandra (became Queen Alexandra) married King Edward VII, son & successor of Queen Victoria of
A. Prince Albert Victor, the Duke of Clarence-predeacesed his father.
B. King George V-marry the fiancée (Princess Mary of Teck) of his older brother
C. Princess Victoria-died a spinster
D. Princess Louise-married the Duke of Fife, Alexander Duff
E. Princess Maud-became Queen Maud of Norway after her marriage to her second
cousin Prince Carl of Denmark later became King Haakon VII of Norway

III. Prince Wilhelm (became King George I of Greece) married Grand Duchess Olga (grand daughter of Emperor
Nicholas I of Russia)
A. King Constantine I-married Princess Sophia of Germany, granddaughter of Queen
B. Prince George
C. Princess Alexandra
D. Prince Nicholas-father of Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent
E. Princess Maria
F. Princess Olga
G. Prince Andrew-married Princess Alice of Battenberg (they were the parents of
Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh)
H. Prince Christopher

IV. Princess Dagmar (became Empress Marie),married Emperor Alexander III of Russia
A. Emperor Nicholas II- married Princess Alix of Hesse Cassel
B. Grand Duke George
C. Grand Duchess Xenia
D. Grand Duke Michael
E. Grand Duchess Olga

V.Princess Tyra (became Duchess of Cumberland) married Prince Ernest August of Hanover. They were the great-
grandparents of Prince Ernst, the husband of Princess Caroline of Monaco.

VI. Prince Valdemar

Known generation of King Christian IX:

I. A. King Christian X & Queen Alexandrine (Royal House of Glucksburg-Oldenburg)
1. King Frederick IX married Princess Ingrid of Sweden (daughter of King Gustav VI of
Sweden & Princess Margaret of Connaught-granddaughter of Queen Victoria through her
3rd son Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught)
a. Queen Margret II of Denmark (the reigning Monarch of Denmark)
b. Princess Benedikti
c. Queen Anne Marie of Greece married ex-King Constantine of Greece
(himself the great-grandson of King George I of Greece. Among their
children is Princess Theodora, my personal choice for a prospective bride
for Prince William)

2. Prince Knaud married his cousin Princess Caroline Mathilde
a. Princess Elisabeth (born 1935)-still single
b. Prince Ingolf-stripped the Prince title and lost his place in the line of succession to the Danish throne after marrying a
commoner. He was created “Count of Rosenborg”
c. Prince Christian- stripped the Prince title and lost his place in the line of succession to the Danish throne after
marrying a commoner. He was created “Count of Rosenborg”

I. B. King Haakon VII of Norway & Queen Maud (Royal House of Oldenburg)
1. King Olav V married Princess Martha of Sweden(daughter of Princess Ingeborg of Denmark & Prince Carl of Sweden)
a. Princess Ragnhild
b. Princess Astrid
c. King Harald V (the reigning monarch of Norway)

I. E. Princess Ingeborg & Prince Carl of Sweden
1. Princess Margaretha, married her 2nd cousin Prince Axel of Denmark
2. Princess Martha, married her 2nd cousin King Olav V of Norway
3. Princess Astrid, married King Leopold III of Belgium (Royal House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha)
a. Princess Josephine-Charlotte married the Grand Duke of
Luxembourg, Prince Jean. Prince Henri, the current ruler of Luxembourg is their
grandson (Royal House of Bourbon-Parma). Their daughter Princess Charlotte married the ruler of Principality of
Leichtenstein, Prince Adolf. The reigning ruler of Leichtenstein, Prince Hans is their grandson (Royal House of
b. King Boudin I married Princess Fabiola (no issue)
c. King Albert II (the current monarch of Belgium) married Princess Paola of Lombardy

II. B. King George V & Queen Mary (Royal House of Windsor)
1. Prince David ascended (but not crowned)as Edward VIII after his voluntary abdication he was created Duke of
Windsor and lived in exile for the remainder of his life. He married Wallis Simpson- she was not accorded with HRH but
was known simply as Her Grace, Duchess of Windsor. They did not have any children.
2. Prince Albert later George VI married Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, daughter of the 14th Earl of Strathmore.
a. Queen Elizabeth II-married Prince Philip of Greece & Denmark & was
created the Duke of Edinburgh.
b. Princess Margaret-married the commoner Tony Armstrong-Jones & was
created by the Queen as the first Earl of Snowdon.
3. Princess Mary (the Princess Royal) married Lord Henry Lascelles, the 6th Earl of Harewood.
a. George
b. Gerald
4. Prince Henry, The Duke of Gloucester married Lady Alice Montagu-Douglas-Scott, daughter of the 6th Duke of
Beaucleagh (later in her life, she asked Queen Elizabeth II to create her a Princess in her own right, so as not to confuse
with her daughter-in-law Birgette Van Duera with Duchess of Gloucester title).
a. Prince William died in 1971 before he could inherit his father title as Duke of
b. Prince Richard married Birgette Van Duera
5. Prince George, The Duke of Kent married Princess Marina of Greece & Denmark (grand daughter of King George I of
Greece & the last true blooded Princess to be married in the British Royal Family)
a. Prince Edward married Katharine Wolsey
b. Princess Alexandra married The Honorable Angus Ogivly
c. Prince Michael married Baroness Marie Christine Von Rebneitz
6. Prince John-died at the age of 14-he was an epileptic.

III.A. King Constantine I married Princess Sophia of Germany (daughter of Emperor Frederick III & Princess Vicky-
the eldest child of Queen Victoria of Britain. Sophia’s brother was William II of Germany, the supreme commander of
the German armed forces and the leader of the Central Power during World War I, during the duration of the war,
Britain and Germany became arched enemies, ending William’s warm relationship with his cousin George V. The British
King then stopped addressing him “Dear Cousin Willy”.
1. King George II married Princess Elisabeth of Romania
2. King Alexander I married the Greek commoner Aspasia Manos which enraged the royalists-after Alexander’s death
Aspasia denied a royal status. Their only child Princess Alexandra (the closest cousin of Prince Philip, Duke of
Edinburgh) married the King of Yoguslavia, Peter II.
3. Princess Helena married the King of Romania, Carol II, grandson of Queen Victoria
4. King Paul I married Princess Frederica of Hanover (daughter of Princess Viktoria Louise-great grand daughter of
Queen Victoria)
a. Princess Sophia later Queen Sofia of Spain, she is the wife of King Juan Carlos, the current monarch of Spain. Juan
Carlos is also the grandson of Queen Eugenie-grand daughter of Queen Victoria)
b. King Constantine II-deposed in 1973 after Greece declared republic. He married Princess Anne Marie, his second
cousin/daughter of King Frederick IX of Denmark
c. Princess Irene-did not marry and currently living in Spain with her Queen sister..trivia: Princess Irene was the
potential royal bride of her distant cousin King Harald V of Norway, but the Norwegian King changed his mind and
choose instead the commoner university graduate Sonja, disappointing all his royal relatives.

III. D. Prince Nicholas married Grand Duchess Elena of Russia-his 2nd cousin
1. Princess Olga-married Prince Pavle of Yoguslavia
2. Princess Elisabeth- married Count Carl Theodor
3. Princess Marina- married Prince George of Britain, the Duke of Kent(son of George V)

III. G. Prince Andrew married Princess Alice of Battenberg (great grand daughter of Queen Victoria, later on her father,
Prince Louis of Battenberg was forced to relinquish his princely title during World War I, he obliged and anglicized his
name to Mountbatten. Princess Alice was the older sister also of Lady Louise, later on Queen of Sweden and Lord Louis
Mountbatten-the favorite uncle of Prince Charles).
1. Princess Cecille-married the Prince of Baden (German princely state)
2. Princess Theodora-married the Prince of Lohenloe (German princely state)
3. Princess Margarita-married the Prince of Langeburg (German princely state)
4. Princess Sophia-married the Prince of Hanover, George August. (German princely state)
5. Prince Philip, the Duke of -married Queen Elizabeth II of Britain

IV.A.Emperor Nicholas of Russia married Empress Alexandra (daughter of Princess Alice of England-the second
daughter of Queen Victoria-Alexandra was the youngest sister of Princess Victoria, the maternal grandmother of Prince
Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh)-Imperial House of Romanov
1. Grand Duchess Olga
2. Grand Duchess Tatiana
3. Grand Duchess Maria
4. Grand Duchess Anastacia
5. Tsarevitch Alexei
Nicholas, his wife and their 5 children were imprisoned and massacred by the Russian revolutionists the Bolshevics at
Ekaterinburg, Russia. George V of England who was first cousin of the Russian royal family on both sides called it a
“foul murder, I was devoted to Cousin Nicky (his name for the emperor) who was kind and a thorough gentleman”.

QUEEN VICTORIA married her first cousin Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (Their uncle, Prince Leopold became
King Leopold I of Belgium)
I. Princess Vicky (the Princess Royal) married Emperor Frederick III of Germany
A. Emperor William II
B. Princess Charlotte
C. Prince Heinrich
D. Prince Sigimund
E. Princess Viktoria
F. Prince Waldemar
G. Princess Sophia
H. Princess Margarete

II. King Edward VII married Princess Alexandra of Denmark
Children-please refer to Christian IX’s family tree

III. Princess Alice (became the Grand Duchess of Hesse-Cassel) married Louis IV, Grand Duke of Hesse-Cassel.
A. Princess Victoria
B. Princess Elisabeth
C. Princess Irene
D. Prince Ernest Louis
E. Prince Friedrich
F. Princess Alix (became Empress Alexandra of Russia)
G. Princess Marie

IV. Prince Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh (he inherited his uncle Ernest’s title as Duke of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha when the
latter died without a direct successor)-married Grand Duchess Maria, daughter of Emperor Alexander II of Russia.
A. Prince Alfred
B. Princess Marie (married the King of Romania, Ferdinand I)
C. Princess Victoria Melita
D. Princess Alexandra
E. Princess Beatrice (married the Duke of Galliera)

V. Princess Helena-married Prince Christian of Schleswig-Holstein
A. Prince Christian Victor
B. Prince Albert
C. Princess Helena Victoria
D. Princess Marie Louise

VI. Princess Louise-married John, the Duke of Argyll (she was the only daughter of the Queen who did not marry a
Royal Prince). No Children

VII. Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught-married Princess Margarete of Prussia
A. Princess Margaret-married the future King of Sweden, Prince Gustav, but she died before her husband become King.
He then married his wife’s niece Lady Louise Mountbatten (it was Louise who became Queen of Sweden).
B. Prince Arthur
C. Princess Patricia

VIII. Prince Leopold, Duke of Albany-married Princess Helena of Waldeck & Pyrmont.
A. Princess Alice-married Prince Alexander of Teck later Earl of Athlone
B. Prince Charles Edward (succeeded his uncle Prince Alfred as Duke of Saxe-Coburg Gotha when Alfred’s only son pre-
deceased him)

IX. Princess Beatrice-married Prince Henry of Battenberg (brother of Prince Louis-the grandfather of Prince Philip,
Duke of Edinburgh)
A. Prince Alexander
B. Princess Victoria Eugenie (grandmother of King Juan Carlos of Spain)
C. Prince Leopold
D. Prince Maurice

Known generation of Queen Victoria:
I. A. Emperor William II-married Princess Augusta Viktoria of Schleswig-Holstein
1. Prince William
2. Prince Eitel Friedrich
3. Prince Adalbert
4. Prince August Welhelm
5. Prince Oskar
6. Prince Joaquin
7. Princess Viktoria Louise (grandmother of Queen Sofia of Spain)

I. G. Princess Sophia-married King Constantine I of Greece
Children: Please refer to the offspring of Christian IX

II. For Edward VII’s children-please refer to Christian IX’s family tree

III. A. Princess Victoria-married Prince Louis of Battenberg (during World War I, he was the first Sea Lord of Britain
and Admiral of the British Fleet, but he was forced to resign from the Royal Navy and relinguished his Princely title
because of British’s anti-German sentiment. His British cousin King George V created him Marquess of Milford-Haven,
he then took the name Mountbatten)
1. Princess Alice (married Prince Andrew of Greece) for their children, please refer to Christian IX's.
2. Lord George Mountbatten-2nd Marquess of Milford Haven
3. Lady Louise Mountbatten (second wife of King Gustav of Sweden)
4. Lord Louis Mountbatten-Earl of Burma and Baron Romsey

III. F. Princess Alix (became Empress Alexandra of Russia)married Czar Nicholas II-the last of the Romanovs. Please
refer to the offspring of Christian IX

IV. B. Princess Marie-married King Ferdinand I of Romania.
1. King Carol II-married Princess Helena of Greece (daughter of King George I of Greece)
2. Princess Elisabeth-married King George II of Greece (no children)
3. Princess Maria
4. Prince Nicholas
5. Princess Ileana
6. Princess Mircea

VII. A. Princess Margarete-married Crown Prince Gustav of Sweden (later King Gustav VI of Sweden, unfortunately,
she died before he became King, he later on married his wife's niece, Lady Louise Mountbatten, the maternal aunt of
Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, it was she who became Queen of Sweden). ROYAL HOUSE OF BERNADOTTE
1. Prince Gustav, Duke of Vasterbotten
2. Prince Sigvard, Duke of Upperland
3. Princess Ingrid-married King Frederick IX of Denmark
4. Prince Bertil, Duke of Halland
5. Carl Johan Bernadotte, Count of Wisborg-stripped the HRH Prince title because he married a commoner.

VIII. B. Prince Charles Edward, Duke of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha & Duke of Albany- married Princess Victoria Adelaide of
1. Prince Johann Leopold
2. Princess Sybilla-married her second cousin Prince Gustav, Duke of Vasterbotten, son of Princess Margarete of
Connaught & King Gustav VI of Sweden. They were the parents of King Carl XVI Gustav, the reigning monarch of
Sweden (Royal House of Bernadotte)
3. Prince Hubertus
4. Princess Caroline-Mathilde
5. Prince Friedrich Josias

IX. B. Princess Victoria Eugenie married King Alfonso XIII of Spain (Royal House of Bourbon-Hapsburg)
1. Infante Alfonso, Count of Covadonga-renounced his right of succession to the Spanish throne
2. Infante Jaime, Duke of Segovia- renounced his right of succession to the Spanish throne
3. Infanta Beatrics
4. Infante Fernando -renounced his right of succession to the Spanish throne
5. Infanta Maria
6. Infante Juan, Count of Barcelona-married Princess Maria Mercedes of Bourbon-Two Sicilies-Infante Juan would
have been the King of Spain after his brothers renounced their rights to the throne, but he too stepped down in favor of
his only son Juan Carlos who is now the reigning monarch of Spain.
7. Infante Gonzalo
SPENCER’S LINEAGE (Prince William's maternal side)

KING CHARLES II (son and successor of the murdered King Charles I and Princess Henrietta Maria-daughter of King
Henry IV of France and Queen Maria De Medici). King Charles married Princess Catherine of Braganza but the Queen,
unfortunately, was barren. He had 11 illegitimate children from various mistresses. Earl Spencer was a direct
descendant from the King's 2 sons from 2 mistresses Barbara Palmer and Louise De Kerouaille.

I. BARBARA VILLIERS PALMERS, first Duchess of Cleveland (daughter of William Villiers, 2nd viscount grandison)-
she was created Duchess of Cleveland in her own right by King Charles II. At the time of their relationship, she was
married to Roger Palmers, Earl of Castlemaine.

She bore the King 5 Children, among them was:
A. Henry Fitzroy, first Duke of Grafton married Lady Isabella Bennett, 2nd Countess of Arlington
They had one child:
1. Charles Fitzroy-married Lady Henrietta Somerset (Daughter of the Duke of Worcester). They had 7 children, among
them was:Lady Isabella who married Francis Seymour-Conway, first Marquess of Hertford-they were the ancestors of
Diana’s father, Earl Spencer.

II. LOUISE DE KEROUAILLE, Duchess of Portsmouth-she was the daughter of a French nobleman and served as Lady-
in-waiting of Queen Catherine (wife of King Charles)
She had one child with King Charles II:
A. Charles Lennox-first Duke of Richmond-The Hon.Anne Brudenell, daughter of Baron Brudell
Their children:
1. Charles Lennox-2nd Duke of Richmond-married Lady Sarah Cadogan (daughter of Earl of Cadogan)
2. Lady Louisa – married the Earl of Berkeley
3. Lady Anne-married the Earl of Albermarle
2nd Duke of Richmond's son:
Charles Lennox-3rd Duke of Richmond-he had no children and was succeeded by his nephew Charles Lennox.
Charles Lennox-4th Duke of Richmond-married Lady Charlotte Gordon, daughter of the 4th Duke of Gordon. They had
14 children among them was:
Charles Gordon Lennox, 5th Duke of Richmond-married Lady Caroline Paget, daughter of the Marquess of Anglesey.
They were the parents of Lady Cecilia, great grandmother of Diana.

John Spencer (grandson of the Duke of Marlborough, John Churchill & youngest son of the 3rd Earl of Sunderland)-
married Margaret Poyntz
A. Georgiana Spencer-married William Cavendish, 5th Duke of Devonshire
B. George John Spencer-married Lady Lavinia Bingham daughter of the Earl of Lucan
1. Lord John Charles Spencer (no issue) & was succeeded by his brother Frederick. Spencer St. in Melbourne, Australia
was named after him.
2. Lady Sarah Spencer-married the 3rd Baron Lyettelton
3. Lady Georgiana-married Lord George Quin
4. Lord Frederick-married his cousin Georgiana Poyntz
Their children:
a. Lady Georgiana Frances-unmarried
b. Lord John Spencer-married Charlotte Seymour, daughter of Lord Hugh Seymour (no children and the Earl title went
to his half brother, Charles Robert)
c. Lady Sarah Isabella-unmarried
*Lord Frederick's second wife was Adelaide Seymour, great grand daughter of Francis Seymour- Conway, first
Marquess of Hertford (great-grandson of King Charles II through his mistress Barbara Palmers)
Their children:
a. Lady Victoria Alexandrina-married William Mansfield, first Viscount Sandhurst
b. Lord Charles Robert-married The Hon.Margaret Baring, daughter of the first Baron of
They had 4 children, among them was:
The Lord Albert Edward who married Lady Cynthia Hamilton, daughter of James Hamilton, the 3rd Duke of
Abercorn&Lady Rosalind Cecilia Bingham daughter of Charles Bingham, 4th Earl of Lucan & Lady Cecilia Gordon-
Lennox (daughter of Charles Gordon-Lennox the 5th Duke of Richmond & great great grandson of Charles II).
c. Henrietta-married Frederick Ponsonby the 3rd Earl of Bessborough

Lord Albert Edward Spencer, the 7th Earl Spencer of Althorp & Lady Cynthia Hamilton had 2 children:
1. Lady Anne-married Christopher Wake-Walker-a Captain in the Royal Navy
2. Lord Edward Spencer-married The Hon. Frances Burke Roche, daughter of the wealthy nobleman named Edmund
Maurice, the 4th Baron Fermoy, son of an American Heiress Francis Work.
Their Children:
a. Lady Sarah Lavinia-married Neil Mcquorcodale, former army in the coldstream guards
b. Lady Cynthia Jane-married Baron Robert Fellowes, private secretary of Queen Elizabeth II
c. Lord John (died shortly after 10 hours of his birth)
d. Lady Diana Frances-married Prince Charles, The Prince of Wales. Divorced in 1996.
Their Children:
1. Prince William-2nd in line to the British throne
2. Prince Harry-3rd in line to the British throne
e. Charles Edward Maurice Spencer, 9th Earl Spencer,married model Catherine Victoria Lockwood 1989, divorced
1997. Married Caroline Freud (née Hutton) IN 2001, filed for divorce 2006.
Lord Porchester with H.M. Elizabeth II