What would a tribute site be without a few tributes to the woman whose site it is? Andrew and I wanted to add a few we
found from amongst some of Diana's more notable friends, a few from those that she nurtured and one from both of
us.      ~~ Rose~~

She was truly the greatest ambassador for compassion and humanity !I truly believe that some
souls are too special, too beautiful to be kept from heaven however painful it is for the rest of us
to let them go .... God bless you Diana, you will surely rest in peace.
  George Michael / Singer and
personal friend.

This is the most tragic and senseless death.  The world has lost one of it's most
compassionate humanitarians and I have lost a special friend.
  Elton John / Singer and
personal friend. Elton John sung "Candle in the Wind ' 97 in her memory at the funeral service held in Westminster

She did everything from the heart. Her heart ruled her head which is why I think
she was so often misunderstood.
  Rosa Monckton / Personal friend

She was an amazing and remarkable woman, a loyal friend and a genuine crusader who did a
great deal for others. Her two sons lost a wonderful mother.
    Jemima Khan / Personal friend

She was an ambassador for victims of land mines, war orphans, the sick and needy throughout the world.
She was undoubtedly one of the best ambassadors of Great Britain.
   Nelson Mandela / President of South
Africa / Personal friend

I knew her as a very sensitive, at times very amusing lady who separately wanted to make a
difference to the world.    Henry Kissinger / Former Secretary of State to the United States
of America / Personal friend

How many times shall we remember her, in how many different ways, with the sick, the dying, with children, with the
needy? When with just a look or a gesture that spoke so much more than words she would reveal to all of us the
depth of her compassion and her humanity... She was the people's princess, and that is how she will stay, how she
will remain, in our hearts and in our memories forever. -
Tony Blair, Prime Minister of Great Britain

With the tragic death of Princess Diana, a beacon of light has been
extinguished. Her good works brought hope to so many of those in need
throughout the world. -
Dame Margaret Thatcher, former Prime Minister of Great Britain

She shared the life struggles of ordinary people. She cared about them. She was not too self-absorbed to lend her hand
and her heart to people in pain or in peril, especially people with AIDS and the innocent victims of land mines. - Bill
Clinton, former President of the United States

She was a very great friend in love with the poor. She was very anxious to do
something for them.
- Mother Teresa of Calcutta

The princess made a major contribution to alleviating suffering, especially among the poor, the weak, and the sick
throughout the world. The tragedy has robbed the world of a consistent and committed voice for the improvement of
the lives of suffering children. -
Kofi Annan, Secretary-General of the United Nations

She was a young woman of our times -- warm, full of life and
generosity. Her tragic death will be deeply felt because she was a
familiar figure to everyone. -
Jacques Chirac, President of France

With her personal charisma, her courage, and above all her impressive engagement in an
array of humanitarian causes, she won over the people in our country. - Roman Herzog,
Chancellor of Germany

The princess had won the hearts of the Irish people through her commitment and
work on behalf of so many charities and international causes throughout the world.
Bertie Ahern, Prime Minister of Ireland

The princess was a woman of grace, beauty, and charm. She represented Britain with
nobility and warmth, and she captured the imagination of millions throughout the world with
her dedication to her children and to innumerable worthy causes. -
Benjamin Netanyahu, former
Prime Minister of Israel

Princess Diana was well-known and loved by the people of Russia. Everybody knew about her huge contribution to
charity, both in Britain and outside. Many exceptional projects that touched the lives of ordinary people have been
put into practice in Russia with her direct participation. - Boris Yeltsin, President of U.S.S.R.

Diana, Princess of Wales touched all our lives in Scotland, as elsewhere in the country. She
had so much energy and idealism. She cared for and worked tirelessly for causes where the
need was great, bringing hope and encouragement to many in distress... She was a
remarkable presence, and for many an inspiration.
- Donald Dewar, Secretary of State for Scotland

(Date Posted:22/01/2006 14:26:35)

When I came round we talked about life and death. I had come very close to it when my heart stopped after the
accident. This was three months later and Diana was visiting me again. It was like a dream, I often wonder why she
chose to visit me? Infact my family once asked her " Why us?" ... She just gave a quizzical look and her unique smile,
no words were necessary, you see.

Diana once told me that she was not scared of dying - just as long as she died happy! It is so ironic that at that moment
she seemed to have at last achieved personal happiness - after bringing so much joy to other people, this terrible thing
had to happen. I can't believe I won't see her again. I just wish I could wake her up and say "Thank you" for all she has
done for me, she was like a big sister for me.

Diana first saw me in the intensive care ward at "Queen's Medical Centre" in Nottingham where she was visiting Prince
Charles when he was a patient after a polo accident. It was on August 30th 1990 almost seven years to the day before
she died in that terrible car crash. She had seen my mum crying in the corridor and asked her what the matter was.
When she found out, she said she just had to come and see me.

Princess Diana sat on my bedside while I was in a coma squeezing my hand and stroking my forehead. After I was out
of the coma, I didn't believe what had happened. It was only when she telephoned and said she was coming to see me
again - and that I had to keep it a secret - that the truth sunk in! Diana wasn't afraid to spend time with those who didn't
have much time left themselves ..............Diana also was not afraid to talk about pain, suffering and death.

I remember when she came back to visit the medical centre I went down to watch her. When I saw her I had to cry out
"Diana, it's me!", she came over to me and I took her hand and kissed it. I think what she liked about me and my family
is that we are just ordinary people and we don't try to be what we are not!

I will never forget the time she came to our house. The woman who was to have been then the future "Queen" sat
talking to us over a cup of coffee with my children Emily and Ben perched on her knees, she kissed each of them on
the cheek. Diana was natural and friendly with us, there was no formality or distance. It felt like you had always
known her ....... we asked how we she should address her and she said "Just Diana!". On her arrival apologising to us
for being late ......."Sorry I'm late but I got awfully lost!"

Quite simply there was no one like her. We feel as if we have lost a close family friend, someone we all loved. I know
that she helped me through the most difficult time of my life. She kept in touch regularly, she sent me a hand- written
card earlier this year ( 1997 ). It said " I hope you are getting on alright, I think of you often:"

I went to London earlier this week to pay my last respects. It was then that I realised I would never see her again and I
started to cry. I was so upset I couldn't leave the ten red roses I had taken, Emily laid them outside "Kensington
Palace" for me but I went back and put another twenty there myself later. When Diana came to visit us at home we
chatted for a couple of hours and we made a home video.

Today, September 6th 1997 ( Day of Diana's funeral ), for the first time since her death, I watched it. She looked so
beautiful, she had flawless skin and the most wonderful eyes you have ever seen. Diana was so natural, I sat there
unable to take it in. We have lost someone very precious to us, she never stopped caring. Diana was a truly wonderful
person and I will treasure the memory of her friendship forever.

Dean .

(Date Posted:22/01/2006 15:42:52)

I can still remember every minute of that first time we met Princess Diana. We sat there nervous as hell twiddling our
thumbs in a private room at a hospice. We'd spent ages practicing our bows and our curtsies and our Ma'ams. We
watched as she got out of her green jaguar car and shook hands with the people below in the pouring rain. The next
thing was the sound of her bounding up the stairs and bursting in on us, she was on her own and dripping wet! ..... "I'm
like a drowned rat!" she said and started shaking the rain from her saturated hair ... " It's a good job I'm going to a
blind home next!"

Louise just threw back her head and roared with laughter, suddenly all the tension we had been feeling just
disappeared. Louise was suffering from muscle cancer and together the family had decided to try to raise money for a
new Day Hospice In our home town of Blackpool. When my wife Judy heard that Diana was coming to the town she
wrote and asked if she'd meet Louise and she'd agreed. Diana was brilliant, she just looked at Louise and said "I so
admire you, how angry are you?" It was exactly the right question, that's when I realised how much she really
understood the disease and how sufferers feel. ( Louise when she died was just twenty - one years old and a talented
language student! )

We chatted for nearly an hour then Judy took pictures of Louise and the princess together. " The only thing I'd ask is
that you don't get them developed at Boots chemist" was all Diana had said about this.

Before she left we knew we would be opening the Day Hospice in the following summer and I said wouldn't it be lovely
if she could perform the official opening. Diana said that she couldn't promise but to call her and I knew then that she
would come. It was the following spring of 1991 when we heard theat Diana was definitely coming.

Louise didn't know it but she had just days to live, she was in indescribable pain, she was blind, she'd lost her beautiful
hair and couldn't walk and could barely speak. Even so the morning that Diana arrived for the official opening, Louise
developed a new light in her eyes. I watched whilst the princess made her way along the line of usual dignitaries, it
would be wrong to say she rushed because she's too polite but she hurried to get to Louise and so while the princess
toured the hospice, I wheeled Louise to the plaque that Diana would unveil.

When Diana came back they talked privately. It was the last time I saw Louise laugh. Diana walked right up to her and
giving her the most enormous hug said "Hello old friend!" They sat together holding hands, talking and bursting into
girlish giggles.  Exactly a week later on August 4th 1992, Louise died!

I still believe she hung on for that final meeting, made herself stay alive, their friendship meant that much! Amid all
the grief a letter and telegram arrived from Princess Diana and when she returned to Britain from abroad she 'phoned
us up. Weeks later I had a call from a reporter telling me that Diana had flown down from Balmoral to see us and was
waiting at the hospice, I thought it was some kind of sick joke but within minutes the Hospice Director was calling us
wondering where we were? The Princess is waiting to see you and the boys, she'd interrupted her holiday in Scotland
and jetted to Backpool on a whim.

I could hardly believe it was the same Diana. She was tense and fraught, you could see the white knuckles of her hands
and she kept making fists and looked tired and drawn.I asked her how she was because she looked so unhappy, she
admitted that she was and was "getting out!". I was horrified that she was talking like this to me and an ordinary family
like ours, exposing all these secrets so openly but I think that's what she needed.

Diana was always saying what a great team Judy and I made and how she envied us our close - knit family. I gave her a
poem I'd written after Louise's death and she sat and read it quietly, then she suddenly let go about everything. It
wasn't a tirade but she was very upset. I suddenly thought here I am bereaved and bereft and feeling lousy and yet I
feel sorry for her because she is so upset.

After that the princess made half a dozen 'phone calls to us saying that she thought we were wonderful, we weren't but
I think she admired Louise and envied us our happy 26 year marriage. I think too that she saw something of herself in
Louise. She was warm and had an outrageous laugh and a great sense of fun They were similar and they were both

Our last conversation was just four weeks ago, ( August 1997 ) a few days before the fifth anniversary of Louise's
death. It was 8.30pm on a thursday and Judy had thought it would haver been a girlfriend for one of our two sons Sam
and Barney.

I picked up the 'phone and Diana said like she always did " Philip, Hi! Is it convenient to talk? As if it wouldn't be ......
but she always had such good manners. Judy and she chatted about motherly things as usual because we both had two
sons, it gave us a link.
Judy was having a moan about Sam who'd bleached his hair and had his belly - button pierced! Diana laughed, "God, if
William did that my mother - in - law would hit the roof!"

Neither Judy or I want to repeat any details of what was said but for the first time in years I recognised a change in
her. The last time we had any word from her was in August - two days after that final ' phone call .......... a huge
arrangement of flowers arrived to mark the fifth anniversary of Louise's death "With love to you all. My thoughts are
with you. Love Diana"

Now I look at the photographs of them together and can hardly believe that they're both gone.



September 11th 2009

Obviously Diana has had a major influence in and impact on my life and continues to do so but that's not always been
so. In fact in 1981 I got married myself in the April of that year so was busy preparing for this to be taking too much
notice of the royal engagement and I was never a royalist so never followed stories about them. Now of course having
collected a substantial amount of Diana memorabilia initially I had one book " Princess " by Robert Lacey. Following
my marriage I went and lived in my wife's country of Venezuela, South America and on July 29th 1981 saw the "Royal
Wedding" by satellite and remember wishing, unusual for me, to be in the U.K. to join in the festivities of the moment
but that was about it and naturally admiring the beautiful bride who really did look enchanting, the "Fairytale
Princess" in flesh! Incredible now to realise that it was all show!

Diana and I came into contact in 1991, I back in the U.K. my marriage long since over,when I nearly got knocked
down by her driving her car but we didn't speak but had close eye contact and what amazing eyes the lady had! I at the
time consistently as I had been since 1985 getting messages of the marriage being in problems, wished I'd spoken to
her about them but it obviously wasn't meant to be, not the time or the place.  I myself doubting them, as like other
members of the public, not believing there to be problems and so mystified by the channelled messages being
received. It wasn't until 1997 whilst again living abroad that Diana and I connected again but this being the amazing
connection that's maintained ever since.

Until 2005 Diana channelling through me privately to advise friends about their worries as my other Guide
"Cheng"has done for many years, not knowing at the time that Diana had a greater purpose to channel.

In 2005 and whilst living in Sweden, Scandanavia, I suddenly was given by Diana her story which is to be read on this
site and thought initially what can I do with it, do I get it published? Who will believe the writings of someone who has
had no personal connection with her at all in life so I was stuck and then I was inspired to contact "Penny Thornton"
who at one time was Diana's personal astrologer and being a voice -medium I channelled Diana to her directly.

Subsequently we met and Penny talked to me about using the internet as I really hadn't felt comfortable about
publishing the book at all, so many had exploited Diana this way, I didn't wish to do so.

That's basically when the "Inspiration" from Penny, who was so inspirational to Diana in life, came to make it a book
to be read on the net. Now it is to be read on this Diana's Personal Website; so unique from  all other Diana sites found
on the net !  It isn't mine as everything here including the written precis have come inspired.

I have been directed to the subjects covered in this area and the channelled messages are from Diana herself which is
why now the lady channels through me publicly hence on U.S. and Australian radio to date. Things like this, including
the media interest, don't just happen to me a nobody. There's reason for everything, no such thing as coincidence in

I have since met a number of people who have had connections with Diana and who thankfully are respectful of the
fact I am not under any delusions of grandeur or pretending to a non - existent ability to connect with her  though still
there are of course the doubters,  those who knew her who fit in this category being notably journalists Vivienne Parry
and Richard Kay but that makes for balance and changes nothing as disappointing as it has been for me and Diana to

Channelling Diana is an experience for me that I can't put into words but I feel really humbled by it as the lady is very
special but I like the fact that as Spiritually evolved as she is, she remains so human and natural so even now not
standing on ceremony, that just wasn't Diana! Diana was uniquely intuitive in life and especially where other people's
emotions were concerned, she knew who genuinely needed her and was there for them and she was very smart if not
academically intelligent and was a brilliant actress! Well she had the public fooled that the marriage was fine for long
enough but Diana was a sophisticated professional in her role as "H.R.H. Princess Diana".

Though not liking to be called it , Diana was a manipulator and a schemer and channeling her I can say so but she had
to be as the odds against her were high and she had to survive and people around her played dirty so the lady had to do
the same to survive but what I love most about her is that she remained true to herself, stood up for what she believed
in and wasn't frightened to open her mouth and speak out!

On radio has channeled Paris was no accident,  the "Official Verdict of unlawful killing" quite appropriate in one sense,
to kill anyone for whatever reason is against the law ! Diana was her own person, a law unto herself but she did have a
foul temper, she was sometimes malicious and spiteful to staff members, she did not take criticism lightly or people's
advice easily but Diana was human and so not perfect and certainly not the Angel or Saint people paint her to be, not
in life anyway!

Diana was a brilliant mother, a devoted and loyal one and generally adored by children and let's be honest here, kids
are the first to recognise an impostor, a pretender, as they have an innocence we as adults lose along the way, children
are honest in expressing how they really feel about things and people often to the embarrassment of their parents but
children loved Diana and warmed to her as she did to them and of course she had a very caring and naturally
compassionate nature or she'd not have been drawn to support the causes she did and had such personal and direct
involvement with them.

Diana I think anyway was a one - off, there will not be another Diana as someone like her comes along once in a
lifetime which is why their unforgettable legend lives after them!

God bless Diana always.

Andrew Russell - Davis "



Diana swept into my life the very same night that she left this world. Even with being an experienced channel I had
some trouble wrapping my head around the fact that she was speaking to me. The fault was purely mine and not at all
Diana's. She made it clear enough who she was. However, it was a lack of self worth and belief in my own skills that led
me to question. Also, there was the underestimating of the will of Diana when I questioned if it was possible for
someone so recently deceased to be addressing anyone...myself included! I must also add that little did I know of the
Master plan framework that night as I have come to know through these passing years. Today I can stand proud and
say, "Yes, I have spoken to , do speak and will speak to Diana and we are friends".

Diana's will is formidable.  Diana's innate intelligence is deep. Diana's heart...well the world got glimpses of the
compassion that surged with every heart beat when she saw someone who needed a voice, a hug or a hand to hold.
Diana is and will be with us in spirit until her work of compassion and corrections of a few things are accomplished.   
Her mission was chosen in some small part by herself but the greater span of it was chosen by He who structures all
things. Her commitment to proving life after death and opening a new dawning of understanding for humanity is
legendary and will not be set aside. The attempts of men to stem this dawning will but be as foibles against the
foundations laid by a far mightier "hand".

Some might cast barbs, some might scoff, some might plead ignorance and others will attempt to ignore it as mere
fantasy. This will not alter the plan in the long haul. It has been decreed and Diana has been chosen. Her part of the
plan was in a small part chosen by her but the greater choice was not originated within her nor will it be fulfilled solely
from her own genesis of knowledge. Diana was chosen precisely because of who she had been and for who she still is.

Diana was, still is and will be a  force for change. Diana was made iconic in her life to serve a purpose.  It was not a
purpose that she knew of when alive. It is not a purpose that is entirely known now.  Spirit works most often on a
need-to-know basis and even Diana is waiting for segments of the plan to unfold. However, we have been given enough
to know that what you are witnessing in these pages, through Andrew and Diana, will not be turned aside. It will, in
time, serve humanity very well indeed.

Thank you to Diana for stepping into your mission. Thank you for being willing and for delaying your own agendas in
the spirit world to spend time with us mere humans for the evolutionary thrust that your proof of life after death will
bring. Thank you Diana, from myself, for causing me to become tempered as steel, freeing me from my dungeon of
self-doubt and for choosing me to be a part of this work. To quote the theme from the Golden Girls..."THANKS FOR

Deeply grateful,