" To believe I am speaking through Andrew means also believing in
something even more profound ... life after death and that is something I
know difficult for many to believe but this does not mean that it's not real
and my purpose is by example to prove this indeed being so which will
take time naturally but something I am determined to do my bit for,
whatever it takes, to indeed prove for reasons that are already becoming
increasingly apparent and giving me therefore enough reason to continue
to play my part in this very valuable cause that will determine so much
that at the moment remains an unsolved mystery! It all began on an
island in the sun in 1997! "
Many people might remember Diana's original site - www.dianaspeaks.com - created in 2005 and well before her
second site
"Diana Speaks Out".  (accessible via the link:  http://www.sessionswithspirit.info/Duality.html  The second
site is where her actual voice, as coming through her
voice channel Andrew via pod casts, can be heard.)
This third site,
Diana Speaks, now replaces the original one which is no more. Here on this new site we have gleaned
the best of Diana's missives and the factual precis from the original site and they are placed here for your perusal.
We do have all of Diana's original words safe and secure, so no worry there. However, due to the volume of her work,
documented here are only the best of her channeled messages and the most poignant factual precis'.  As Diana has
always said, "Read between the lines" on much of what can be found here. Diana is truly a very clever lady!

To make this site organized there will be a section for her book
"She Won't Go Quietly"  [The Uncensored Diana] as
channeled to her voice channel Andrew Russell-Davis.
[Professionally known as "Christian" after Nov. 2010.
Explanation link here:]  Diana will be reading it herself this time around, however! As well there will be sections for her
directly written channeled messages, more current verbal pod casts, a section for factual precis', and a section for

The enormity of who Diana truly is in her afterlife state, what Diana is trying to do and the volume of her work thus far
is staggering.  We hope that the journey of discovery of all of it touches you as it has done so to those of us who work
with her.   

You may use the links above or the handy Site Index below to start your journey.    ~ Rose~
The Unforgettable Diana, mother and Princess of Wales, died on Sunday
morning, August 31st 1997. That day her sons and the world lost an
unique being that glowed with charisma, radiance, and beauty. Diana
had determined it to be her mission to help those who needed a voice to
speak for them. Her legacy to us all bespoke majesty; and will continue
to do so for generations to come.


This site dedicated to Diana's lasting legacies,
                                         Princes William and Harry.


                                                      That's Magic!!
by Andrew Russell-Davis

(Date Posted:05/07/2005 13:38:00)

All anyone can do now is guess but I think that if Diana was alive now she would still be making the headlines but
living abroad, recognising that being in the "U.K". would make things awkward for everyone and happy, I am sure, with
"Dodi" and friends with Charles, accepting "Camilla", though I doubt truly associating with her. Her work continuing
and expanding in many areas and of course very involved with her beloved boys and their lives, no doubt meeting
their girlfriends and all invited to holiday with her in the sun somewhere. Perhaps even being blessed with the
daughter that she had always hoped for, however......

What is sure though is that her memory will live forever and not just because her eldest son is a future monarch but
because she really was rather special and had a quality which cannot be expressed in words. It is a kind of "Magic"
and rare but creates what the lady is, an icon like "Marilyn" and "Elvis" but more real than someone viewed on a stage
or on the screen. Diana lived among us in a very natural way and beneath all her glamour and status was someone
we could relate to which was the secret to her worldwide popularity. Diana let us know she was human making
mistakes, losing her temper, acting foolishly in relationships and with friendships, as we all do --none of us perfect.
Her genuine compassion and love for people something she showed openly and came naturally to her which is why
people warmed to it, she was not a faker which would have been felt immediately by the people she'd met if so. This
isn't to say that she was popular with everyone but those admiring and liking her certainly outnumbered those who

I personally living in Gran Canaria the day she died witnessed the strange scene of sun-seekers walking to the beach
tears streaming down faces or red eyed where they'd cried in their hotel room before putting on a brave face to try to
enjoy their holiday and my friends, mostly Canarians, fighting back the tears and as one said to me' "Diana was not
just a British Princess, she was the world's Princess". .A documentary of her life on every tv channel and the
newscasters dressed in black in respect to her, it was incredibly powerful and moving and unusual for me, I felt proud
to be British! Diana could charm the birds from the trees and even when personally at a low ebb managed to look
dazzling, smiling and waving and generally being with her public recognising that she was loved and popular and
using this to help her maintain personal inner strength to carry on which she did, also knowing that if the mask slipped
as sometimes it did that she'd not be criticised by them but supported.  Something that couldn't be said of the media
and as Diana herself said, "...the higher they place you, the bigger the drop!" as she experienced personally a lot
including seeing her romance with "Dodi" ridiculed daily in the tabloids.A different story just weeks later upon her
death, headlines of her tragic love affair front page news but the press are well known to be fickle! It's what sells that
counts and human emotion rarely something taken into consideration, that's the name of the game which was
something Diana knew all about ever since first coming on the scene in 1981. Having learnt from experience to be
quite a game-player herself when seeing the media could be useful to her! Well documented how Diana could be
manipulative and scheming when it suited her, human failings all of us have been guilty of being at sometime in our
lives and as Diana has said she was neither angel nor saint!  

It has to be said that her dying young and so tragically and particularly when showing to have found personal
happiness and love in her life with "Dodi" for all the world to see makes her all the more memorable. Coupled with the
fact that she did dress with style and was a stunner and so was cosmetically appealing to the masses and constantly
photographed, her face invariably on a magazine cover if not front page of a paper unlike any royal before her and to
date since,all of it dictating that Diana  will never be forgotten. She needing no monument, be it a fountain or statue in
order to preserve her memory, remaining the subject of countless books and articles, in death as in life the lady is
assured a place of importance in future history books. Even the reigning Monarch might well be best remembered as
"Queen" during the "Diana Years"!  In order to become a legend more often than not to die young and tragically is
part of the deal and love her or loathe her that was her destiny and  "Diana, Princess of Wales" lives on in people's
hearts just as she had in her life expressed her wish to do! That's  Magic!!

(Date Posted:07/07/2007 17:07:50)

"I have said in order to be recognised I must return as "Diana, Princess of Wales" but don't underestimate me as I am
a woman with a mission and one I am intent on completing and have received a blessed dispensation in order to be
able to do so. I had to die because who else in the public eye touched people in quite the way I proved to do or
involved themselves to quite the same extent in humanitarian issues?  I say public eye because I do not want people
to think I personally consider myself in any way more instrumental than someone who for me was an Angel ... " Mother
Teresa"...of course I don't, but the fact remains she worked largely incognito and privately as opposed to my making
sure I commanded the world's attention with my work as I fully intend doing again and being dead already no harm
can come to me in doing so and Andrew is very highly protected as I am sure people must realise and anyone intent
on harming him will suffer themselves !

He didn't ask for the job after all but is someone willing to take it on and I can assure you not many would and I am
tremendously grateful for his doing so and proving already by the work he has diligently put into my personal site on
the net that he takes it all extremely seriously and is dedicated and devoted to it as I was and will remain as will be
seen !  (Note: She refers here to the original site which Andrew dedicated more than three solid years of his life to get
up and running but which was ruined by the host server.)

I had a sacrifice to make in order to return; I first had to be gone so lose in an earthly way anyway my most precious
possessions, my children and they likewise lost their " Mummy" so if any of you think or imagine that I am not fully
intent to complete the destiny successfully that called me to pay this price and necessitated my boys to lose their
Mother; then I strongly suggest you seriously think again! "
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"Life is mostly froth and bubble,
Two things stand alone,
Kindness in another's trouble,
Courage in your own."

Diana, Princess of Wales, 1997

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