Scotland Yard's Final Public Report on the SAS "Scoping" Investigation

•The Concluding Summary
Updated: 7:47pm UK, Monday 16 December 2013

Scopinq [sic] Exercise re: Diana, Princess of Wales and Mr Dodi Al Fayed

Format note: As a result of the significant public and press interest in this investigation, this concluding report is written
in such a format as to allow it to be released into the public domain when appropriate.
As such, it provides clear conclusions drawn from the scoping exercise, and talks in some detail about the nature and
extent of that scoping. In order to respect privacy, and in part for legal reasons, it does not name any individuals that
were spoken to as a part of the scoping.After posting the press release yesterday regarding Monday's Scotland Yard
SAS report,  feedback that it was virtually impossible for a member of the public to find a copy of it. This is despite the
fact that it is supposed to have been publicly released.

As a result of information received on 16 August 2013, the Metropolitan Police Service Specialist Crime and
Operations Command commenced a scoping exercise to assess the credibility and relevance of allegations that
members, or former members, of the Special Air Service (SAS) were involved in the circumstances leading to the
deaths of Diana, Princess of Wales, Mr. Dodi Al Fayed, and Mr. Henri Paul on 31st August 1997 in Paris, France.

The circumstances of those deaths were thoroughly investigated by the Metropolitan Police Service at the time and
were examined in detail during 2007 and 2008 in inquests into the deaths of Diana, Princess of Wales and Mr. Dodi Al
Fayed led by Lord Justice Scott Baker at The Royal Courts of Justice.

·     On 7th April 2008 the jury delivered verdicts of 'unlawful killing, grossly negligent driving of the following vehicles
and of the Mercedes"

Over the past three months, a team comprising of seven MPS Officers has undertaken the work to scope the
information that has been provided, and to test its veracity. That team has included a Detective Chief Superintendent,
a Detective Chief Inspector and a Detective Sergeant who have a detailed knowledge of the previous investigation and
the subsequent judicial process.

Additionally, a further four officers with no prior involvement (Detective Superintendent. two Detective Inspectors and a
Detective Constable) have been part of the team pursuing viable lines of enquiry with an
open and objective approach.

Due to the unique nature of the circumstances and depite [sic] the limited nature of the originating information, the
work has been undertaken to a very detailed level of scrutiny and probing, and has been overseen by Deputy
Assistant Commissioner Martin Hewitt. He has had no prior involvement In the case.

As part of the scoping exercise the team has liaised closely with West Mercia Police Dyfed Powys Police. West
Midlands Police, the Royal Military Police, the Ministry of Defence and Special Forces Directorate.
All of these bodies have given full co-operation and assistance.

In addition the team has liaised with the legal representatives of witnesses and family members Officers on the team
have also reviewed additional investigations and information that have been deemed relevant to the scoping exercise,
despite not having been part of the originating information.

·   This has included one specific piece of information suggesting that a similar comment had been made by a person
unrelated to the initial information. This has been fully examined, and the same conclusions have been reached about
this information, as have been drawn about the originating information.

As part of this scoping exercise the team has been given unprecedented access to Special Forces Directorate records
and have taken eight statements.

Within the accounts provided, contradictions exist as to whether individuals did or did not, make claims or assertions
that people associated with The Special Air Service had some involvement in the deaths of
Diana, Princess of Wales, Mr Dodi  Fayed, and Mr. Henri Paul.

It is not possible to prove conclusively what was, or was not said. It is, however, very clear that in the extraordinary
publicity and conjecture that followed the deaths and the inquests, there will have been those
who, for whatever motivation, will have sought to demonstrate particular inside knowledge, or to claim some form of
kudos or recognition.

The Detective Superintendent on the team has personally examined The Special Forces Directorate records, and has
been given unprecedented access to all documents that it was necessary to examine as part of the scoping.

This has confirmed that for the material time period, there was no relevant operation, assignment, intelligence
gathering or deployment that had any links to Paris, and no evidence to support a claim that there was any
involvement of The Special Air Service Regiment in any plot to cause the deaths.

·   Much has been made in the media of the so-called 'black box' at Hereford, through which, it is alleged, unofficial
tasking can be made for serving or former members of the regiment. No evidence whatsoever has been found to
support the existence of such a box, notwithstanding the fact that this story now appears to have passed into 'folk-lore'.

Formal statements have been provided by both the Director Special Forces, and the Commanding Officer of 22
Special Air Service Regiment who categorically deny the existence of such a box. The conclusion of the scoping
exercise is that no such box or tasking arrangements exist.

As is inevitable during such a scoping exercise, other information and allegations emerge as a result of the attendant
publicity, which are not directly related to the matter at hand. Where appropriate, these have been referred to the
Police Force for the relevant UK jurisdiction.

Information that has been received from members of the public that did appear to be relevant to the circumstances of
the deaths has been systematically reviewed. None has been found to be genuinely 'new' relevant evidence.

Throughout this scoping exercise, every reasonable line of enquiry has been objectively pursued in order to fully
evaluate any evidence that might be available to support this extremely serious allegation.

·    The strong conclusion of the scoping exercise is that whilst there is a possibility that the alleged comments
(referring to SAS involvement in the deaths) may have been made, there is absolutely no credible evidence to support
a theory that such claims had any basis in fact.

No credible evidence has been found to support any assertion or claim that members or former members of The
Special Air Service Regiment were in any way involved in the three deaths.

There is no doubt that with the level of public interest in this case, there will continue to be a considerable level of
theorizing and speculation.

Based on a thorough scoping exercise by experienced and senior detectives, the conclusion is that there is no
evidence that would cause The Metropolitan Police Service to refer matters back to the Coroner, and that there is no
evidential basis to justify a re-opening of the investigation into the deaths.

Prominent conspiracy author John Morgan has stated that the latest Scotland Yard report into the SAS role in the
death of Princess Diana is seriously deficient and completely inadequate.

17 December 2013 - Brisbane, Australia

John Morgan, who is viewed by many as the world’s leading expert on the death of Princess Diana, stated this morning
that the latest police report issued yesterday is much more significant for what it does not say, than what it does say.

Speaking from his home in Brisbane, Morgan said that the report was severely deficient: “There is no quote of the
allegation made by Soldier N – a person reading this report is given no specific information on the allegation. Yet this is
what the scoping exercise was all about. There is also nothing at all about who was interviewed during the four months
of scoping and again nothing at all about what the witnesses said.

“So the police have publicly released a report about a four month investigation employing 7 officers full time – all
publicly funded. Yet they have not included in it: a) the original allegation that led to the investigation being launched;
b) the identities or even the roles of any witnesses interviewed; or c) any information about what the witnesses told the

Morgan went on to say: “Effectively the document produced by Scotland Yard is useless and I feel that the police are
treating the public like fools. Do they really think that people will accept this three page document as the final word on
the SAS claims?

“There is a massive public interest factor here. It is in the public interest for the MPS to come clean with a thorough
report on the witness and documentary evidence they have. But this is not what is happening at all. Instead they have
produced what I call a ‘nothing’ document – it tells the public nothing. A person who reads their report is no wiser at the
end than they were before they picked it up.

“This raises the question: Why have the police done this? Do they have something to hide? If they don’t, then why can’
t they be honest with the British people?”

18 December 2013 Daily Express


Scotland Yard's dismissal of allegations that the S.A.S. assassinated Princess Diana and her lover Dodi Fayed was
branded a 'Whitewash' yesterday. Dodi's father Mohammed al - Fayed said the refusal to launch a full scale inquiry
into the sensational claims was part of the 16 year cover - up.

The former Harrods owner is "disappointed but not discouraged" by the latest twist in the extraordinary saga according
to his solicitor Simon McKay. He has vowed to fight on to establish the truth about the Paris car crash that also killed
the lovers driver Henri Paul.

An S.A.S. sniper boasted the chauffeur was blinded by an intense beam of light moments before Diana 36, Dodi 42
and Henri Paul 41 were killed when their Mercedes crashed at an underpass in August 1997. He claimed members of
his regiment were responsible.

It sparked a 'scoping exercise' being undertaken by Scotland Yard examining every reasonable line of inquiry
objectively in order to evaluate any potential evidence to substantiate these claims. The conclusion being that no
credible evidence was found to support a theory as fact.

Mr. McKay said the case should have been handed to an independent force as the Yard's inquiry in 2007 codenamed
'Operation Paget' concluded the crash was an accident. He saying that the Metropolitan Police should never have
been given charge of the case because they had every incentive to return the result they have!


    The story is not over this much is clear because of course my boys will be aware of todays headline as will Charles be
so like Mohamed though informed of the result of the inquiry, remaining with questions as were this result to have been
unquestionable; a day later this claim would not be one being made and a headliner; that's logical!

       Like Mohammed though I said I was disappointed but I am not discouraged either as I have always said that the truth
will be exposed and when it is any confidence in the body that supposedly exists to protect citizens will be questionable
naturally but corruptions and deceits are being exposed continually as it is time for this to be happening!

         Andrew asked me today if I had any memories of Paris that I might share and whilst I have said that I will not be the
one to expose exactly what happened there initially anyway but alternatively confirm and affirm things as a dead ex
princess would hardly be seen as a credible witness; I do have this to say.

         Have people considered the fact clear photos were taken of my leaving the Ritz and getting into the car, in the car
my back to the camera as I did when I did not want to give a photographer the satisfaction of a facial shot as they sold
even better than the one I did give would naturally but who took these photos outside the staff entrance of the Ritz as
they clearly were not for an arranged photo call. Also as I clear photos so not like those taken by C.C.T.V. cameras in the
lift and back hallway of the hotel itself.

           It also seen Henri Paul waving to someone so signalling to them that we were leaving, I do not believe to invite
paparazzi who we had organised the decoy at the front of the hotel to deliberately avoid enticing, he was receiving the
message that the decoy in operation had worked and was acknowledging this so we left but someone was there to take the
clear photographs and they must have been in the shadows or else we would have retreated back inside the hotel.

           Then it is known we were trailed by high powered motorcycles and not the scooters used by the paparazzi. I also
told Andrew to remember I having said there were motorcycles positioned blocking the entrance to the slip road we
would have taken by the tunnel to double back on ourselves to Dodi's apartment but unable to entered the tunnel after
first clipping the car so the motorcycle that then sped past us shining the bright light most likely to be one already in
position to do so, we having just passed by it hence my not wearing a seat belt to be seen staring out of the back window
of the car at the approaching motorcycle knowing it had to have been one of the two blocking the slip road to have
appeared so suddenly and our car needing to hit the car in front of us so that we were slowed down so the motorcycle
could speed past us! So food for thought!"

                   With love from,
                                     Diana xx

Queen Elizabeth Tells Prince William Princess Diana Killed By International Arms Merchants – Hired
Croatian Hitman

Sept. 24th 2013 The Globe

Conspiracy theories have always abounded surrounding the death of Princess Diana 16 years ago. Apparently no one
has wanted to investigate things and get to the bottom of Diana’s tragic crash in that Paris tunnel quite like Queen
Elizabeth. She has spent years watching as fingers have pointed directly at the royal family and so before she dies
Queen Elizabeth wants the truth to be known so that her family is free from any speculation in this case.

According to the Sept. 2nd print edition of GLOBE Magazine two weeks after the birth of Prince George the queen
decided to call Prince William and share everything that she has learned over the years. She believes that Diana’s
grown son now needs to know the truth so that he can do whatever is necessary to make peace with things. Elizabeth
believes that Diana was most certainly murdered at the hands of cold-blooded international arms merchants that
wanted to crush her crusade against land mines and all information supporting that theory is in the hands of Scotland
Yard and the FBI.

The Queen told William that her investigation indicates that the car accident was staged by at least three men. The
brakes and steering to her car were proven to have been sabotaged and she believes that a bright light was shined
directly on Henri Paul in the tunnel making it impossible to keep control of the vehicle. The Queen’s investigative team
believes that a notorious Croatian hit man was behind the accident and that he and his cohorts went deep
underground after the hit was carried out. They were protected by weapons dealers until the accident was ruled an

Elizabeth has also given Prince William a copy of the dossier which contains all of the information that her investigators
compiled so that he can go over it with a fine toothed comb.

Additional Point for Consideration:

Prince Philip asked his private secretary Sir Robert Fellowes to instruct MI6 to murder Princess Diana. The SAS took
care of the flashlight and the ambulance that arrived at the scene finished her off with catecholamine injection which is
fatal for patients with thoracic trauma or burst pulmonary. A well planned murder.
- Dr. John Ochsner, US Cardio-Vasucular Surgeon.

"You could never diagnose that kind of injury in the field, never...Spending all that time on-site treatment ( 90 minutes )
was absolutely the wrong approach for this patient".
- Dr. David Wasserman. US Emergency Room Doctor.

Drs Martino and Derossi effectively assassinated Princess Diana in the back of the ambulance, on the orders of their
MI6 handlers.

Professor Bruno Riou, the senior doctor on duty of La Pitie Hospital, had suspicions of the actions of the ambulance
doctors. 8 minutes before her arrival, he learned it was Princess Diana ?! Riou took X-rays of Diana´s chest and pelvic
area. These revealed the impact of the thoracic trauma and he called for the Cardio-thoracic specialist since there was
non present!

Given that the assassination was carried out on a multi-governmental level, this means that justice can only be found
through a thorough and independent investigation by an international tribunal - such as the International Court of
Justice with the power to summon witnesses from the UK, France and The United States. It is impossible to achieve
justice under Uk, US or French jurisdiction. The so called "Inquest" is a huge cover up,

If we examine the contradicting statements and inconsistencies within the investigation, both in France and England,
we know, Diana was assassinated but the cover up is so massive thats its impossible to provide the evidence and bring
it to Court. The Inquest was littered with inaccuracies and poorly drawn conclusions. It was a huge injustice to the
memory of Princess Diana. Diana´s assassination is one of the greatest cover ups of our time.

Rosa Monckton was MI6. She is married to Sunday Telegraph editor and MI6 agent, Dominic Lawson and her Brother
Anthony Monckton, had been an MI6 agent since 1987. Rosa Monckton manufactured a friendship with Princess Diana
- in actuality she was setting Diana up for murder. US NSA and MI6 was monitoring Diana. Rosa Monckton committed
perjury without any apparent accountability. Diana was under surveillance and Rosa Monckton was part of that

To bring about a successful operation, MI6 required in Paris about five experienced proficient riders on powerful
motorbikes, a driver and car that would wait near the tunnel ahead of the incident, an emergency response doctor, two
ambulance-based doctors ( including one dispatcher ) for a back up plan in case Diana survived, a pathologist, a
toxicologist and an embalmer. This is exactly how this was staged. Combined MI6 and DGSE operation. Diana was
under NSA and MI6 surveilance from 1993.

No, person, group or organisation is going to put their hand up for the assassination of the "People´s Princess".This is
not like a terrorist bombing plot where some organisation is keen to claim responsibility. No one wants to be held
responsible for the death of one of the most popular and loved persons of the 20th century - Diana, Princess of Wales

Yet someone murdered Diana. Someone was involved in orchestrating it. Someone did order this. The Monarchy,
Government / Establishment and MI6.

Why was evidence given by Professor Peter Vanezis, Regis Professor of Forensic Medicine at Glasgow University,
completely overlooked by the Royal Coroner?

Due to the excessive levels of carbon monoxide found in Henri Paul’s blood, Professor Vanezis, together with five other
equally eminent forensic experts, concluded that: “The blood tested was not that of Henri Paul”.

The 20.7% carbon monoxide level, they concurred, simply could not be explained.

A BAC of 1.74% combined with a carbon monoxide level of 20.7%, would have rendered Henry Paul unconscious.

One of MI6´s strategies is to delay treatment. Mi6 had complete control of the medical treatment of Princess Diana right
from 12:25 a.m. when Dr. Mailliez arrived in the Alma Tunnel, until 2:08 - when Dr. Martino delivered her to Hospital.

Dr. Martino and Derossi deliberately lingered as long as they could in the Alma tunnel while they simultaneously
pumped catecholamines into Diana knowning it was harmful to her thoracic trauma which they withheld knowledge of to
the SAMU base.

Making an operation deniable is always a consideration to MI6, this indicates that deniability is part of the planning
process, this appears to point to choice of method used in carrying out an operation choosing a method that is
deniable. In the case of Diana, the decision to eliminate her in a car crash is extremely deniable . an orchestrated car
crash is difficult to carry out - but it is very deniable. Deniability is a part of MI6´s technique as is lack of accountability.
You cant prosecute MI6.

MI6 obfuscate, lie, hold back information, refuse to release it until they are absolutely forced to years and decades
down the road. They are their own worst enemies in providing information to the public. They create the groundwork
for conspiracy theories because they refuse to extradite the information necessary for the public to reach an informed
verdict. Their self-admitted concept of deniability, denying they are responsible for events they are responsible for,
indicates that MI6 are lying.

Dr. Martino did something completely incomprehensible when attending Princess Diana.

I am a physician and this is not correct procedure. Dr. Martino had administered Fentanyl, which is over 80 times more
powerful than morphine.

Now when Dr. Martino was questioned at the inquest about this he said that Diana´s blood pressure was 70 - he then
said that between 60 and 80 unites of arterial blood pressure is stable for a crash victim

Then despite Diana´s blood pressure which is stable, he uses the "LOW BLOOD PRESSURE", as a pretext to start
pumping catecholamines into Diana´s system - the effect of catecholamines is that it increases the blood pressure but
it also increases the pressure of any potential internal injury. It should only be administered if absolutely necessary. It
was not necessary because Diana´s blood pressure was not low.

Dr. Martino, failed to inform the base of his initial assessment that Diana had facial injury and could be expected to
have "internal injuries, abdominal or thoracic". Instead he lied to Lejay at the SAMU base. He mentioned an injured arm
but omitted potentially life-threatning internal injuries. Dr. Derossi told Lejay two critical lies. He said Diana had
"obvious cranial trauma" and then he stated twice "nothing for the thorax". This is not on the record of Martino´s

At this point Dr. Martino knows of Princess Diana´s thoracic trauma, so the application of catecholamines could be
detrimental to Diana´s condition. And Dr. Martino - being a doctor - would have definitely been aware of this. At the
Inquest Tom Treasure criticised Dr. Martinos actions. Diana had a critical torn vein and the thoracic trauma that such a
internal injury was probable. By pouring in Catecholamines Martino was ensuring that any internal injury would be
made worse.

The requirement for hospitalization immediately was admitted by Dr. Martino in his early assessment to the French
investigators. Martino told the inquest that a blood pressure of 70 and a pulse of 100 was stable. Yet, he failed to move
the ambulance out of the tunnel for 90 minutes. ?? The ambulance travelled at an average speed of 17 kph ( 11 mph )
then stopped within 500 meters of the hospital. Dr. Derossi and Dr. Martino lied to the Inquest as for the stoppage of
the ambulance.

This was a sophisticated, premeditated murder not a combined aggravated, pre-ordered harassment by the paparazzi
and others, it was not manslaughter but a premeditated murder conspiracy by a sophisticated vehicular homicide
attack ordered by the House of Windsor ( Prince Phillip ).

Paparazzi had nothing to do with it. There were the legitimate paparazzi and the MI6-employed motorcyclists
masquerading as the paparazzi. The MI6 fake paparazzi , chased Diana in the Alma tunnel. All the legitimate paparazzi,
can all be accounted for at the time of the impact. Where are the Photographs ? No photographs has ever been

What Dr. Derossi and Dr. Martino did to Princess Diana in the ambulance should make anyone with a conscience
extremely angry. In the case of the death of Princess Diana, the London MPS and Inquest worked to protect the
perpetrators - not the victims. Its a coverup of a Royal Murder.

The particularly important, serious withholding of the vital evidence in the MISHCOM NOTE, given by Princess Diana to
Lord Mishcom, her lawyer, informing him of the plot she had been warned of, where she would be killed or maimed in a
car crash masked as an accident, cannot be ignored by anyone, least of all the French Lord Condon, Lord Stevens
and Sir David Vaness decided otherwise. High-level corruption in London’s Metropolitan Police Service.

January 20th 2014  DAILY EXPRESS


The ex-wife of a special forces soldier claims the S.A.S. tried to buy her silence over allegations that members of the
elite squad killed Princess Diana. The woman who cannot be named for legal reasons said S.A.S. soldiers handed her
$600 stuffed in a brown envelope at the same time made threats to her warning her to keep silent!

There was a sinister bid to stop her talking about her ex - husband; a former S.A.S. operative known only as Soldier N
and his claim that the squad had killed Diana. Breaking her silence yesterday she also alleged that detectives
investigating her husband's story had intercepted one of her private emails to her lawyer about her ex - husband's
erratic behaviour.

Soldier N's claim of S.A.S. involvement in the assassination came to light last year 2013 during evidence outlined in the
court martial of fellow S.A.S. operative
Sergeant Danny Nightingale found guilty of possessing a handgun and ammunition.

The woman claims her life has been a 'Nightmare' ever since the Diana allegation was made public. Speaking from a
secret location she said ' The threatening and sinister way that the S.A.S. dealt with me made what my ex - husband
had said about the regiment's role in Diana's death all the more believable.

Receiving the payment the S.A.S. wanted me to keep quiet about Diana and the S.A.S. operations but I couldn't stay
silent about something so serious. The payment was deeply suspicious and made me feel very uncomfortable.

The S.A.S involvement was first revealed in a letter written by Soldier N's ex mother - in - law to the regiment's
commanding officer in 2011. Nothing was done about it until the court martial of Sergeant Nightingale two years later.

Scotland Yard refused to launch a full - scale inquiry but described a subsequent probe as only a 'Scoping Exercise'.
During this detectives interviewed the ex - wife and former in - laws of Soldier N. who all remembered making the
sensational claims. However they also interviewed Soldier N. himself and he denied having made the allegation.

In August 2013 Soldier N's ex - wife attended a police station in West Wales to be interviewed by two senior detectives.
During the meeting she was handed a copy of the email she had sent to her lawyer and she says she was shocked
that they had the copy of the email that she had only sent to her divorce lawyer.

Last night Scotland Yard confirmed an investigation had been launched over the alleged email leak. However there are
no plans to reinvestigate Soldier N's original claim. Last month the Metropolitan Police announced it had dismissed the
sensational allegation saying there have been ' No credible or relevant evidence' that the elite soldiers were involved.

Last night a spokesman for the Ministry of Defence again dismissed the claims!