Princess Diana Death: Was Murdered Paparazzi An MI6 Assassin And Driver Their Informant?

The MI6 branch of The British Secret Intelligence Services were not only implicated in the plot to kill Diana, Princess
of Wales by one of their own they were also fingered as having recruited driver Henri Paul as an informant! MI6 is
also reputed to have an ultra secret branch within its ranks called the UKN which recruits journalists and paparazzi to
monitor the activities of celebrities and other well-known individuals they consider persons of interest.
The night that Dodi Fayed, Diana, Princess of Wales and Henri Paul were killed in the Point d'Alma tunnel in Paris
there were several high level MI6 Officer stationed at the British Embassy who were listed as diplomats. However the
British Embassy categorically denied the presence of said MI6 officers in Paris on the weekend of August 31, 1997!

The fact of the matter is that both MI6 and the British Embassy in Paris were very very busy little bees that night!

Paparazzi MI6 Operative Was An Assassin!

Jean-Paul Andanson, the paparazzi who owned the white Fiat Uno that hit Princess Diana's Mercedes and whose
body was found burned in a charred wreckage of an abandoned car with a bullet hole neatly drilled to the head was a
member of UKN.
The UKN is a covert section of MI6 that is comprised of a group of journalists and
paparazzi who enable MI6 to surreptitiously keep tabs on the activities of VIPs.

Judging from Jean-Paul Andanson's activities on the night of August 31, 1997, his particular job description went way
beyond surveillance of targeted individuals and incorporated a more hands on a approach! Strong evidence in fact
suggests that Andanson was an assassin in the employ of at least one intelligence organization!

Four French politicians were discovered dead shortly after being visited and photographed by Jean-Paul Andanson.
One of the more prominent deaths in which Andanson was implicated was the alleged suicide of former French Prime
Minister Pierre Beregovoy by bullet to the head. Of course take a guess who had recently paid a visit to the former
prime minister before he committed suicide...that's right, none other than yours truly Jean-Paul Andanson!

At the time of paparazzi Andanson's death the closed investigation of the alleged suicide of Pierre Beregovoy had
been reopened due to the violent deaths of three other French politicians that had some connection to the scandal
consuming then French President Francoise Mitterrand. Whether Andanson was definitively linked to those deaths
and that scandal is undetermined, but what is known is that he was affiliated to various intelligence organizations and
his white Fiat Uno was in the tunnel at the time of the crash that killed Dodi Fayed,  Diana, Princess of Wales and
Henri Paul!

Henri Paul Was MI6's Star Informant

Strong evidence suggests that Henri Paul was a double, if not triple agent (or at any rate informant)! According to
Richard Tomlinson, the former MI6 agent who was hounded and harassed by that very same intelligence organization
for implicating them in the murder of Diana, Princess of Wales, Henri Paul was undoubtedly an informant for MI6.
Tomlinson discovered this super-sensitive information while working in 1992 in the Eastern European Controllerate of

What caught Tomlinson's attention about this particular informant was the fact that he was of French nationality; it is
rare that British Secret Intelligence Services (MI6) are able to recruit the services of a French national (definitely no
love lost between France and Britain). Henri Paul's apparent affiliations with intelligence agencies were not restricted
to MI6. He was reputed to be an informant for Mossad as well as the DGSE; where his true loyalties lay, one can only

With Henri Paul As An Asset MI6 Knew Every Little Detail About Princess' Diana's Movements That

As head of security at Mohamed Al Fayed's Ritz Hotel in Paris Henry Paul was privy to the innermost details of
security enveloping Diana, Princess of Wales and Dodi Fayed that night. As an MI6 informant he was able to convey
Diana, Princess of Wales and Dodi Fayed's plans to his handler. He was also strategically positioned to install bugs
and other listening devices in their suite.

Henri Paul as an MI6 informant would explain how the plotters knew beforehand that Diana, Princess of Wales and
Dodi Fayed would take the tunnel route (with a little help of course). Eyewitness, producer Jacques Morel stated that
he saw several figures loitering in the tunnel in single file pressed against the wall moments before the crash. Morel
and his wife entered the tunnel from the opposite direction and in the opposite lane to the one that the Mercedes
carrying the couple was traveling.

Those men he saw were probably the assassination clean-up crew and support team (why else were they lurking at
the dead of night (past midnight) in a most unusual location...a fume filled tunnel of all places!

In fact as an MI6 informant Henri Paul could well have been the individual responsible in convincing  Diana, Princess
of Wales and Dodi Fayed that it was best if they left the hotel. Why else would they have risked running the gauntlet
through a posse of hungry and snarling paparazzi all over again? Perhaps Henri Paul was contacted by his MI6
handlers earlier that evening and promised a sizeable sum of money if he could convince Diana, Princess of Wales
and Dodi Fayed to leave the Ritz Hotel using a decoy motorcade set up so that the previously stolen Mercedes S280
could be introduced into the picture with its clandestine modifications. The large amount of cash found in his pocket at
the time of his death could have been a down payment for his activities.

As head of security at the Paris Ritz Hotel, Henri Paul was uniquely positioned to convince the couple that it was best
to leave the Ritz because security had been compromised. Since they had no idea Henri Paul was working with the
enemy. They would have had no reason to doubt him!

Whatever their reason for leaving the Ritz Hotel that night (it could have simply been that they wanted to celebrate out
on the town), the fact remains, thanks to Henri Paul's clandestine activities, every move that the couple made was
known to MI6!

Henri Paul's Motives

Henri Paul never had a clue that he was about to die that night. Why else would he accept money if he was aware that
he was never going to spend it? He was probably driven by good-ole-fashion greed (which may explain the multiple
affiliations with the different intelligence agencies…bigger payday) and probably did not know that his activities were
endangering  Diana, Princess of Wales and Dodi Fayed.

MI6 probably convinced Henri Paul that their activities were to ensure the safety of particularly Diana, Princess of
Wales but likewise his employer Mohamed al - Fayed's eldest son and heir and that by doing as they requested not
only was he making their task a lot easier he was also helping to protect Diana, Princess of Wales! Henri Paul would
have had little cause to disbelieve them. They were, after all, the British Secret Intelligence Service (SIS); surely they
couldn't be planning to harm the mother of the future king of England? Little did he know!

Henri Paul probably first realized that he'd been misled by MI6, and that in fact his passengers were indeed in danger,
as the Mercedes approached the tunnel. Before the entrance to the tunnel there is an exit which aso happened to be
conveniently blocked by a vehicle thus negating the option of avoiding the tunnel. It was at this point that a vehicle in
front of the Mercedes started weaving and braking dangerously forcing Henri Paul to downshift and overtake it
thereby putting the Mercedes in the left lane, exactly where the plotters wanted it!

As the Mercedes pulled away from the Ritz Hotel on th night of the crash, CCTV security footage quite clearly showed
that Trevor Rees Jones was not wearing his seatbelt . So when exactly did he put it on and why did he put it on?

As to why Diana, Princess of Wales and Dodi Fayed did not wear their seat belts…well the reason may coincide with
why that particular vehicle was stolen (Mercedes S280) . ( Diana has channeled why she didn't; she nervous and
wanting to be in the protective arms of her man! ) but the vehicle had been stolen and tampered with a few weeks
before the crash, and some of the things the plotters modified were the passenger seat belts. Henri Paul himself  was
out of luck .... for reasons unknown the airbag on his side of the car did not inflate on impact!

In fact the only interior safety features that functioned in the Mercedes S280 that night were located in the front
passenger side of the car. Trevor Rees Jones despite being seated in the position most associated with crash
fatalities was the only person to survive the crash because he had his seatbelt on and the passenger side airbag
inflated when the Mercedes slammed into the pillar!

Princess Diana Death: It Was A Blatant Lie When They Said That Her Injuries Were Fatal!

The widely circulated official story convinced the public that Princess Diana died as a result of massive multiple
internal injuries resulting in fatal blood loss. This was a blatant lie!
The injury that killed Princess Diana although critical was not fatal and in fact former President Ronald Reagan
survived a similar injury when he was shot by John Hinckley in 1981! Surely if a 70 year old man could have survived
such an injury why not a 36 year old woman in good health?

The French doctors who were part of the team that tried to resuscitate Princess Diana at the hospital following the
crash cited a tear in the left pulmonary vein as the source of internal bleeding that ultimately led to her death...there
was no mention of other specific lesions!

Their conclusion was in stark contrast to the remarks made by the French Minister of Health and other officials (and
widely embraced by the public, the media, and disseminated by the official report) that Princess Diana died as a result
of massive multiple internal injuries that left her no chance to survive!

If Princess Diana Had Been Taken To A Hospital Within An Hour After Crash She'd Probably Be Alive Today!

The simple truth is, it is very highly likely that if Princess Diana had been rushed to a hospital immediately instead of
being snail-paced for two hours in an ambulance she will still be alive today! Several eminent doctors from around the
globe (including French physicians) agreed that a timely evacuation to the hospital would have probably saved the

This tends to corroborate my theory postulating the real reason why the ambulance journey took so long; the plotters
were waiting for Princess Diana to bleed out before presenting her to other personnel not privy or involved in the plot
(waiting hospital staff).

Nobody really knows what went on in that ambulance and who was in it besides Princess Diana. Another questionable
aspect concerning the 2-hour journey fiasco that has come to light is whatever happened to the police presence that
was initially escorting the ambulance?

Princess Diana's Condition When The First Emergency Vehicles Arrived

The first witnesses to the crash site discovered Princess Diana seated on the floor of the car with her legs on the
backseat and her head sandwiched between the backs of the two front seats. Her eyes were open and she was
speaking indistinctly (bodyguard Trevor Rhys Jones supposedly heard her call out Dodi Fayed's name) which
established Diana as being conscious at this point.

The first emergency vehicle arrived seven minutes after the crash (Sapeurs-Pompiers, a military emergency service)
and the SAMU ambulance that took her to the hospital arrived eight minutes later. The physician from the SAMU
ambulance said that Princess Diana was agitated and crying and repeatedly moving her left arm and right leg (once
again establishing that Princess Diana was indeed still conscious at this point).

Apparently Princess Diana then went into cardiac arrest while being extracted form the wreckage so she was
intubated, put on a respirator and given external chest massage to reestablish a heart rhythm.

Review Of The Injury That Killed Princess Diana

The crash caused Princess Diana's pulmonary vein to tear; this type of injury is commonly categorized as a
deceleration injury because as the name implies it occurs when a person in motion is subjected to the massive
traumatic force caused by sudden excessive deceleration. The Mercedes Benz S280 ramming into the pillar at 60
miles an hour definitely fits into this category.

The pulmonary vein transports oxygen-rich blood from the lungs to the heart where it is then pumped to the rest of
the body. The pulmonary vein is a large vessel that transports a significant amount of blood. A rip or injury to this
vessel will result in internal bleeding in the chest that can quite easily become rapidly fatal; however if the tear is
minimal then there's a good chance that bleeding would be minimal and that expeditious repair of the tear would save
the patient.

The fact that Princess Diana arrived at the hospital almost 2 hours later alive is evidence that the tear to
her pulmonary vessel must have been a small tear that exuded blood at a slow rate.
(Now you can see why
it was so important for the ambulance to take its time getting to the hospital. If the tear had been bigger chances are
they'd have gotten Diana to the hospital that much sooner. The outcome would have been the same though, because
the assassins would have still ensured that by the time she was handed over to the Trauma Staff at the hospital she'd
have been beyond resuscitation...which also explains the final 10 minute stop just outside the hospital gates).

As pre-eminent cardiologist Dr. John Ochsner (Chairman Emeritus of surgery at the Alton Ochsner clinic in New
Orleans) put it: "depending on the size of the rent, or tear, if it wasn’t too big, they could put the patient on a heart
lung machine and just go in and do the repair electively. It’s pretty obvious with that lesion, if you can get them in
hospital and on a heart lung machine early enough you can save them. But time is of essence."

He is just one of a very long list of several physicians who believe that expeditious transport of Princess Diana to a
hospital operating room could well have saved her!

It is tempting to conclude that the French emergency evacuation procedures are ironically to blame for Princess
Diana's untimely death thereby relegating the entire incident as a mishandled tragic accident. But when one also
considers the superb "bungling" of the investigation, disappearance of witnesses, the climbing body count, plethora of
lies circulated and other suspicious events, that 2 hour hospital ride is really just a tad too convenient to have been
anything but part of the assassination plot!


Did The Princess Diana Crash Fall Within The Realm Of Reasonable Doubt?

There are still a lot of questions and coincidences surrounding the events on the night that Princess Diana died,
many of which fall under the murky gray category of reasonable doubt.
Historically Britain and France have over the ages squared off as enemies who from time to time, when the occasion
so demanded, joined together in an uneasy alliance to pursue a common goal. Strong circumstantial evidence tends
to suggest that such an occasion did indeed arise on August 31, 1997 when Princess Diana was killed.

Paris: Romantic City To Lovers; Convenient Killing Spot To Others

One of the more controversial aspects concerning the night Princess Diana died was the fact that it took just shy of
two hours to drive her to a hospital that was merely 3.25 miles away? This issue is one amongst many smoking guns
that conspiracy theorists are quick to whip out from their arsenal as evidence that what happened in the Pont de
l'Alma road tunnel in Paris that night was anything but an accident!

So assuming that the crash was indeed no ordinary accident but rather a high profile assassination made to look like
one, it wouldn't be unreasonable to assume whoever carried it out did thorough research beforehand. Such research
would likely entail finding a location with restricted access points and also one that was fairly obscured from public
view; a long enough tunnel would cover these two very necessary characteristics beautifully. Staging a late night
crash also guaranteed that there were less unwanted eyeballs around to eyeball that which they were not supposed
to see.

With just two entry/exit points, a tunnel affords easy control to incoming and outgoing traffic if ever the need were to
arise. An accident in a tunnel also offers other advantages from an assassin's perspective. If the assassination is to
be in the form of a road traffic accident (RTA) the chances of success are hugely magnified if a high velocity collision
is staged in a confined area like a tunnel. A high speed accident in a place like the Paris Pont de l'Alma road tunnel
would almost certainly result in the vehicle being buffeted from concrete wall to concrete wall over and over again like
a pinball in an arcade game. Such a multiple-impact scenario greatly increases the chances of killing the target yet
still allows room for the event to be termed a tragic accident!

An accident staged in Paris had other attractions too.

Other than the obvious that Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed were already there and had made little secret of the fact
that they intended to spend an enchanted evening in La Capitale Romance Du Monde (Paris), the other very
attractive feature about France (from the plotters' perspective) was the rather unusual French ambulance evacuation

In the wake of much finger pointing, recriminations, and accusations over the now infamous 2-hour ambulance ride,
the French authorities (backed up by their British counterparts) went to great lengths to assure everyone that there
was nothing suspicious about it at all. That in fact that was just the way it was done in France! Okay, granted that the
ambulance policy in France may actually require that accident victims be stabilized at the scene, you can bet that the
people behind the plot were well aware of that fact too. It is quite probable that whilst brainstorming various scenarios
on how, where and when to execute the assassination, someone in the conspiracy stumbled across that unusual
French policy and immediately saw its value as a tool for deflecting suspicion from a situation that would otherwise
scream nothing but!

Blaming The Usual Suspects

In the this vein one can see why such an "accident" could not have been pulled off in England; The ambulance
evacuation policy in the United Kingdom (Britain) like most other countries is radically different from that in France;
namely that it requires a seriously injured victim to be rushed to hospital as expeditiously as possible where far better
care may be administered. Besides, staging the crash in France gave the plot originators another very convenient
patsy; albeit a complicit one!

Giving a distraught and hysterical British public someone to blame (who better than those dastardly French) not only
took care of a very necessary emotional outlet, it also minimized the possibility of an immediate under-the-microscope
investigation that would certainly have ensued had Princess Diana been killed in England. Having the French handle
the investigation on French soil conveniently allowed any accusations of ineptness and bungling to rest squarely on
the shoulders of the French.

Such a course of action could only work however as long as the necessary French security agencies were privy to the
plot. It is unimaginable to believe that the French authorities would ever agree to shoulder the blame for an event of
such magnitude unless various security agencies of theirs were complicit to the plot to some degree or other. If there
had been no French involvement you can bet that the French secret service (DGSE) would have been the first to
point fingers at the British secret service (MI6). In fact without the French connection it is highly improbably the entire
event could have been pulled off at all.

As it was, the manner in which the plot was contrived ensured that the British public at least had the usual (dastardly)
suspects to voice their anger against but most importantly it afforded the plotters multiple opportunities to confine
their achievement firmly in the realm of reasonable doubt!


Princess Diana: Caught In A Web Of Spies!

In the last few months of her life Princess Diana was under surveillance by no less than 5 "friendly" Intelligence
Agencies which included MI6, NSA, CIA, Mossad and the DGSE! The NSA (National Security Agency) of America
alone has in its possession over 1050 secret electronic transcripts covering eavesdropped intercepts of Princess
Diana's phone calls and conversations retained from other electronic bugging devices!
At the time of her death Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed were being monitored by no less than five intelligence
agencies which included the following: MI6, NSA, CIA, Mossad and the DGSE! Why such intense interest by so many
intelligence groups?

It is alleged that Mossad, the much vaunted Israeli intelligence agency was responsible for snatching the Mercedes
Benz S280 that was involved in the crash, for the sole purpose of rigging it up for the crash. There're also whispers
that Henri Paul was an asset of theirs, allegations that Mossad have never bothered to refute. (Note though that
silence in this business does not necessarily symbolize guilt because quite often it's a case of damned if you
do…damned if you don't! So in this particular case if Mossad had denied Henri Paul as being an informant of theirs
there was sure to be a chorus of voices claiming such a denial was tacit admission to the fact!)

Whether it was MI6 or Mossad who snatched the Mercedes a few weeks before the crash is a moot point at this
juncture, however strong circumstantial evidence suggests that the car was tampered with so that it could be remote
controlled when the time was necessary and that a small explosive device was installed which would be triggered at
the right time (the detonation of that device might be the explosion that several witnesses claim to have heard
immediately after observing a blinding flash (strobe light?) just before the Mercedes slammed into the 13th pillar.

Why Would Israel Be Interested In Diana?
Israel had every reason to be concerned about Princess Diana for the very simple reason she was set to marry Dodi
Fayed who so happened to be an Egyptian and a Muslim no less! Furthermore Diana was increasingly becoming a
voice to be reckoned with in international politics and had in fact been nominated for a Nobel Prize for her campaign
to abolish land mines.

The Israelis naturally harbored fears that Princess Diana would meddle in Middle Eastern politics in much the same
way that she did with the land mines campaign (which by the way angered certain factions in "democratic" western
nations that on the one hand condemn the violence of wars in third world regions like Africa whilst on the other hand,
do their best to stoke such conflicts so they can sell their arms! (America is the biggest arms producer in the world!
Those arms are produced for profit not altruistic reasons, so they need wars to fuel the sale of those arms! There's
an interesting film about that subject starring Nicholas Cage entitled "Lord of War.")

It is very likely that Princess Diana egged on by Dodi Fayed could have brought a shift in perspective and focus on
the plight of the Palestinians, spotlighting a harsh, cruel existence ironically reminiscent of the Nazi camps; a reality
that is little reported by the much of the mainstream western media and something that Israel very much did not want
the world to know! (which may explain why they so often "accidentally" shoot reporters and fire on U.N. troops).

The General Directorate of External Security is France's foreign intelligence service and superceded the SDECE. It is
nigh impossible that the logistics of this plot could have been achieved without French intelligence cooperation from
the highest levels.

Such cooperation may explain why a few minutes prior to the Diana crash all police channels in Paris went inexplicably
silent. This would also explain why the Paris Chief of Police was perplexed at why the ambulance transporting
Princess Diana from the crash was taking so long to get to the hospital but more so at the reason why nobody could
inform him of the ambulance's progress and whereabouts! (Looks like the normal French police were largely left out
of the loop and only informed on a need-to-know basis.)

But perhaps the strongest factor suggesting French Intelligence involvement was their silence in the face of the
avalanche of accusations emanating from Britain in the aftermath of Princess Diana's death. France and Britain have
been centuries old rivals (France supplied Argentina with the deadly and very effective exorcet missile against Britain
in The Falklands War) and it is more than likely that French authorities (DGSE in this case) would have gone well out
of their way to discredit MI6 had they not been part of the plot...or at the very least they would have made a super-
concerted effort to bring those responsible to justice if for nothing else than to absolve the French authorities for any
perceived mismanagement of the investigation!

The NSA (National Security Agency) of America has in its possession over 1050 secret electronic transcripts covering
eavesdropped intercepts of Princess Diana's phone calls and conversations retained from other electronic bugging

It is not unusual for friendly secret service agencies to share intelligence on subjects of interest and in fact routinely
MI6 makes requests of its bigger and more powerful cousins to keep an eye on British Royalty traveling abroad
ostensibly for the royal parties own safety. However the extent of international intelligence surveillance of Princess
Diana in the final months of her life far exceeded the norm. Certainly the amount of data that the NSA and CIA had on
her was way beyond routine.

It is speculated that one of the motives behind Princess Diana's assassination was her campaign to ban land mines
which have had a truly devastating toll on children in Africa (maimed limbs). Though most of the responsible conflicts
are long over thousands of unexploded mines still kill, injure and maim people everyday in those regions!

When Princess Diana approached and got a firm assurance from President Clinton to enact a bill that would abolish
the United States involvement in the trade of land mines, that move was likely the final nail in the coffin that sealed her
death. She now had very powerful enemies across both sides of the Atlantic! By getting Bill Clinton to publicly state
that he was going to take action against America's involvement in the trade of land mines she had angered the very
powerful American arms cartel that includes very prominent right wing political families in America.

In fact immediately following her death, President Clinton did an about turn on his promise to see a bill through that
would abolish the trade of land mines. But the damage was already done and President Clinton was not going to be
allowed to get off so easily either.

As the rest of world watched on in sheer incredulity at the absurdness of the spectacle, the events to impeach the
most popular and successful American president of the last 40 years dramatically unfolded! What should have been
nothing more than a domestic issue was quickly turned into a national issue of gigantic proportions.

What most of the American public didn't know was the impeachment move was being spearheaded by a right wing
faction to remove a meddlesome democratic President from interfering with their new world order agenda! (That right
wing faction included some of the same people who helped propagate the lie about WMDs (weapons of mass
destruction) in Iraq to justify the war)

So you can bet that if those individuals went after President Clinton in the manner they did, they certainly had no
qualms aiding and abetting in the assassination of Princess Diana.

Diana's anti-land mine campaign for which she had been nominated a Nobel Peace Prize was in direct conflict with the
huge trans-global arms business (America as the biggest arms producer in the world is its center) and its
consequential manufacture of wars in regions where they can test and sell their arms at great human loss but
enormous profit! Such regions include Africa, The Middle East and South America!

Princess Diana's murder and its subsequent cover up could and would never have happened had it not been
orchestrated by the British Secret Intelligence Services, in this case MI6! That said, the faction in MI6 responsible for
her death would never have taken action had they not been authorized from some one very high up in the monarchy...
and no that does not mean the Queen!