Motive For Murder

It's not difficult to find a motive for assassinating Diana. The shy mouse that the House of Windsor intended to be
used as a brood mare and nothing more, had evolved into a potential dragon slayer. She was intent upon preventing
Charles from ever becoming king. Moreover, her mastery over the news media enabled her to publicly upstage the
Windsors whenever she elected to do so. Diana's engagement to Dodi was unacceptable to the Windors since it
meant that the future step father of Prince William and Harry would be a person of color and a practicing Muslim to
boot. One can imagine Prince Charles' fury upon learning that his former wife was being romanced by Dodi Al Fayed
of all people, for ten years earlier, a polo team captained by Charles had been beaten by a team led by Dodi!

Another powerful motive for murdering Diana was that she had become a loose cannon, politically speaking. Her
aggressive campaigning toward the instituting of a ban on the use of land mines and a reduction in armaments sales
was anathema to the major armaments consortiums such as the Carlyle Group, whose stockholders includes the
Bush and bin Laden families, Condoleezza Rice and, by proxy purchase, the House of Windsor. Until the advent of
WWII, land mines had been used to impede the progress of enemy troops, but the introduction of tanks equipped
with rotary flails which detonated land mines, provided a safe passage through mine fields, thus diminishing their
effectiveness. Their principal widespread use at the present time is to kill or maim children to prevent them from
becoming future soldiers who might kill their aggressors. Cluster bombs serve a similar purpose, which is why they
frequently contain bomblets disguised as toys.

At the time of the couple's death, production was scheduled to commence on a movie based upon a screenplay
written by Gordon Thomas concerning the abolition of land mines. The executive producer was to have been Diana,
with Dodi as producer. The movie was scheduled to star Gene Hackman and Brad Pitt.

It is self evident from eyewitness statements that the official version of the crash promoted by the French
investigative authorities is clearly false. Adding fuel to the fire, a full post mortem on Diana was never conducted in
France. In compliance with British law, a second autopsy was conducted in London by the official coroner to the
Royal Family. Strangely, a copy of the autopsy report was given to the two pathologists who had performed the
partial embalming of Diana in Paris (Professors Lecompte and Lienhart). They were told that it was for their personal
use and were ordered not to permit it to be included in the official investigative report of Judge Hervé Stephen. It
implies that a massive cover up was perpetrated in order to conceal the fact that Diana was assassinated. If this was
indeed the case, can we not think the unthinkable and inquire whether the official claim that Diana died from a
ruptured pulmonary vein is totally false and that Diana only sustained minor injuries in the crash, but was murdered
either in transit to the hospital, or subsequently in the hospital?

Speculation Within Royal Circles?

"A member of the Royal Family has been privately expressing concern that Diana, Princess of Wales was part of a
murder plot by the Royal Family.  The Royal Family member claims Prince Philip and one of his workers plotted
Diana’s murder for months, in fear that Diana had secret information on the Royal Family that would bring them
down.  “Diana had secret information on a illegal arms operation involving key members of the Royal Family that
would have caused the biggest scandal Britain has ever seen,” the Royal source said.  “Diana had stuff on The
Duke of Edinburgh, H.M. Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles that would have resulted in the Royal Family being
abolished forever.  Several of the Royals could have gone to prison if the information she had was made public.”


Diana and the Occult.

In 1967, the largest assembly of senior free masons ever held, gathered in London not only to commemorate the
250th anniversary of the founding of the United Grand Lodge of England, but also to inaugurate the Queen's first
cousin, the Duke of Kent, as its new Grand Master. The United Grand Lodge, through its offspring the Quator
Coronati Masonic lodge, is the command center for orchestrating the activities of the various Christian, Jewish and
Muslim religious fundamentalist groups for the purpose of fomenting WW III. The daily activities of the lodge are
under the direction of the Marquis of Northampton, who spearheads the drive to rebuild the Third Temple on
Jerusalem's Temple Mount in conjunction with Lord Jacob Rothschild.

The United Grand Lodge is interconnected with the very politically powerful Illuminati sub-group known as the Club of
the Isles, which is headed by Queen Elizabeth II, the Chief Operations Officer being her second cousin Prince Philip.
This covert body of cold-blooded reprobates, is composed of the various European Royal Houses, the Rothschild's,
City of London financiers and senior policy makers. Because its members are major stockholders in transnational
corporations including Royal Dutch Shell, Anglo American Gold, Lonrho, Rio Tinto Zinc and Lloyds of London, the
Club of the Isles exerts dominance over the global availability of raw materials.

A profit accrued from its participation in such transnational corporations enables the Club of the Isles to pursue its
primary agenda: an eighty percent reduction in the human global population within the present century.

This genocidal agenda is being perpetrated by exerting the club's influence over major environmental organizations.
Under the guise of protecting endangered wildlife species, the Club of the Isles has been instrumental in the
establishment of wildlife preserves in Africa. These animal preserves primarily are used for the training of African
mercenaries and agent provocateurs, who subsequently foment civil wars in nations such as Rwanda and the
Sudan. Is it just a coincidence that some of the park rangers employed in these preserves are "former" members of
Britain's Special Air Services, and that the founder of the World Wildlife Federation, Sir Julian Huxley, also was the
president of the Eugenics Society? Are all the men shot by these park rangers actually poachers, or are some of
them local political activists opposed to the corrupt policies of their national leaders? Is the Club of the Isles simply a
revamped and more insidious Eugenics Society, not only intent upon the genocide of a major segment of humankind
by means of war and famine, but also upon the elimination of what it deems errant members of the British nobility?

Prince Philip, who later became president of the World Wildlife Federation, was quoted in an August, 1988 interview
with Deutsche Presse Agentur as stating: "In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus,
in order to contribute something to solve overpopulation." That this malevolent quote wasn't merely a slip of the
tongue is evidenced by the fact that the prince made a similar statement in 1986 in the foreword to the book "If I
Were an Animal." If the Club of the Isles allegedly is capable of orchestrating genocide in furtherance of global
population reduction (an agenda seriously hampered by Diana's activist role in banning land mines) doesn't it lend
credence to the claim made in the aforementioned Oswald LeWinter documents that it was Prince Philip who
requested resolution to the Diana problem?

This very elite geopolitical group also is the controlling arm of a covert occult network consisting of the most senior
members of the various British intelligence agencies, who are strongly influenced by the politically powerful
aristocratic family of Jesuits, the Cecil family. It is within this convoluted network of satanically oriented occult groups
that someone will discover the remaining clues to the tragic deaths of Diana and Dodi.