Date Posted: March 4, 2011

In breaking with tradition Catherine Middleton is the first "non-blueblood" to marry a British Monarch since the 1600's -
William being directly in line to be King after his father H.R.H. Prince Charles of Wales. Traditionally Royal Brides
needing to being virgins, Diana famously saying " I kept myself tidy " Catherine and William have lived together
several years. William and Catherine following their springtime wedding will live together in an eco-friendly, ultra
modern home in North Wales and not in an official Royal residence choosing to live without servants, both wanting to
create an intimate atmosphere together without need of butlers and maids. The exception being selected bodyguards
for their own personal safety and protection. Similarly the couple have requested as wedding gifts donations being
given to favourite charities they support.

William wishes to retain his title of Prince and wants Catherine to become "Princess Catherine" presenting a dilemma
for the current Monarch. To receive a title of a princess traditionally one must be born with it. If  the Queen does not
give Prince William a new title, Catherine will become "Princess William" automatically, not "Princess Catherine". Many
regarded Diana, Prince William's mother, as "Diana, Princess of Wales" and not as "Princess Diana". Protocol has
been altered allowing a divorced direct heir to the throne to marry a divorcee. H.R.H.Prince Charles and his new wife H.
R.H. Duchess of Cornwall, as the Monarch as he stands to become upon his coronation, then becomes Head of the
Church of England which officially does not recognise divorce!



Naturally, there's a lot of intense speculation on 'The Dress', and who will design it. Early in the decision process
Catherine ruled out her favorite designer Issa who designed the blue dress worn by her for the Official Engagement
announcement and subsequent interview. A reliable source saying that it's unlikely that Bruce Oldfield has been
chosen, even though he's the bookies' favorite. Much of the focus on him is due to his connection with Diana,
Princess of Wales. The designer created evening gowns for the "People's Princess" early in her marriage. However,
as Catherine already wears what was originally the engagement ring of Diana, Princess of Wales, the lady has other
ideas regarding her wedding dress.

There's an indication that Catherine has gone for a young, 'little-known', British designer. When the name is officially
announced, it will come as a surprise to many and will catapult the designer to instant global fame. For clues to their
identity, someone who has created outfits for Catherine, her sister Pippa, and her mother Carole might hold the clue!

To ensure the tightest security, preventing there being leaks over the actual design, Catherine's dress is already
being made inside Buckingham Palace. The world will get their first full view of the spectacular dress when the bride
arrives at the West Door of Westminster Abbey for the Royal Wedding of April 29th 2011. Catherine has been busy
with 'Princess - in - Learning' lessons which has included her learning Welsh. This will further endear her to the Welsh
population as she will one day become the Princess of Wales.

During her first official tour of Wales shortly after her wedding, William's mother the late Diana, Princess of Wales, was
given the key to the country's capital city of Cardiff and charmed her audience by managing a few Welsh sentences in
her speech of gratitude. The wedding dress designed by the Emmanuel's for Diana was hand-sewn and finished on
the tiny island of Guernsey, where designer Elizabeth Emmanuel's family had a holiday home and was then flown by
helicopter to Buckingham Palace for the Royal Wedding of July 29th,1981.

Date posted:  March 4, 2011

The official Royal Wedding website celebrating the marriage of Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton is
launched today by St. James’s Palace.

The website, is the official information service for anyone interested in the
forthcoming Royal Wedding. Regular announcements of wedding details in the run up to the wedding day will appear
on the site.

The website will be regularly updated with exclusive content, including photo galleries, features, videos and links to
important information for visitors on the day.

As well as regular updates on the wedding details ahead of the event, on the day itself the site will be the first place to
view information such as the details of Miss Middleton’s wedding dress.


10 March 2011

Prince William to visit Australia and New Zealand   

Prince William will tour the southern hemisphere countries of Australia and New Zealand next week, six weeks before
his marriage to Catherine Middleton and will represent the Queen for the second time. He has been invited to visit the
areas of both countries recently affected by natural disasters, flooding in Australia and the earthquake in New Zealand
by their respective Prime Ministers. The Royal family shocked and saddened by the natural disasters happening
wanted to illustrate their solidarity with the people of both countries so William will be travelling to the Australasian
continent, to Queensland and Victoria in Australia and to Christchurch in New Zealand. His fiancee Catherine
Middleton will not be travelling with him busily preparing herself for the Royal Wedding of April 29th.

" Hello Everyone,

          Having read yesterday that William is being considered to being appointed Governor General of Australia, so
representing Her Majesty and the Commonwealth there, a position most usually held by an Australian national, I find
this latest news somewhat further enlightening.  
         William having already visited Sydney and Melbourne in Australia last year and his first official trip being in 2005
when he visited Wellington and Auckland in New Zealand representing Her Majesty has proved himself being
enormously popular in both countries so would certainly be a likely candidate for the position which will in all
probability be something further discussed and possibly even determined during this coming trip. Catherine will
accompany him on subsequent trips following their marriage and I am sure prove being equally popular with the people
of both nations.
            William first visiting both countries with his Mummy and Papa on our First Official Royal Tour in 1983 when he
was 9 months old. During an official photo call in New Zealand on the lawns of Government House, Auckland delighting
his parents and photographers by standing on his own two feet for the first time sensibly grasping Mummy and Papa's
hands for balance ! "

                                                         With love from,
                                                                                 Diana xx


Harry will stand alongside his elder brother as his best man. William's choice will further cement the already
unbreakable bond the brothers share which deepened upon the death of their mother in 1997.

A Royal source said: “It will be an incredibly emotional day for Harry as well as William. “They will both be thinking
about how proud Diana, Princess of Wales would be if she had lived to see this wedding. People sometimes forget what
those boys have been through. William couldn’t have chosen anyone else.”

Tradition dictates the bridegroom picks another friend too to form his “Supporters” - the royal name for a best man.
Prince Charles chose his brothers Prince Andrew and Prince Edward when he married Lady Diana Spencer in 1981. The
source explained: “William is very much his own man. He is undecided  if he will go for another Supporter or who that
twill be.” If choosing someone, it will likely be William’s oldest friend Thomas van Straubenzee.

Catherine and William will marry on the feast day of the Saint that shares her name - St Catherine of Siena, Italy. Also
the same day that in 1945 Adolf Hitler married Eva Braun and in 1986 that Wallis Simpson was buried alongside her
husband Edward VII at Frogmore in Windsor, England. King Edward VII the elder brother of the current Monarchs
father abdicated the throne for the American divorcee or as he said in his abdication speech to the nation for the woman
he loved. The couple then lived in exile in Paris, France and ironically in the Villa Windsor in the French capitial city
and later a property of Mohamed al - Fayed and one visited by his son Dodi and Diana, Princess of Wales on August
30th 1997 the day before their deaths in Paris.


As Sir Elton John who performed the musical eulogy " Candle in the Wind '97 at Diana, Princess of Wales funeral
service held at Westminster Abbey 14 years ago on September 6th 1997 has been personally invited to return there with
his partner David Furnish to attend the Royal Wedding, so too has Diana's younger brother Charles, Earl Spencer who
having been invited to do so is planning to make a speech at Prince William’s wedding to Catherine Middleton on April
29th 2011. It is not known if Earl Spencer will talk about his late sister Diana during the ceremony itself or at one of the
two following receptions, Lady Kitty Spencer, his eldest daughter from his first marriage to former model Victoria
Lockwood has told friends. Lady Kitty, 19 yrs old might also be one of Catherine’s bridesmaids as William attempts to
heal the rift between the Spencer family and the royals, Lady Kitty has claimed.

The idea of this happening being one bound to be meeting with a mixed reception with certain royal members as Earl
Spencer's speech at the funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales was viewed as being scathing towards their treatment of his
sister, speaking of how Diana who had been stripped of her royal status, ‘needed no royal title to continue to generate
her particular brand of magic’ and saying her sons ought as she herself would have wished to not be immersed by duty
and tradition’.William, 28, will check the wording to ensure there is no repeat of the speech, a source said.

Lady Kitty, a student, told a friend in her home town of Cape Town South Africa that William wants her father to
‘represent his sister, and to talk about her at the wedding’. Earl Spencer and William have a good, solid relationship and
it’s very important for William that his mother is at his wedding, so to speak. He made this point very clear himself in
the official engagement interview and illustrated it in giving his mother’s former engagement ring to his future bride.’

A St James’s Palace aide said: ‘The Spencer family will inevitably have a prominent role at the wedding as guests – they
are blood family after all. At the moment anything else is speculation, as Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton
have yet to make these sorts of decisions.’ Earl Spencer, through his solicitor, declined to comment but described the
royal engagement  being‘wonderful news’.


It has been reported that Catherine Middleton has been receiving advice from her Mother - in - law assisted by a titled
Medium who wishes to remain anonymous but who is a member of one of England's most distinguished families and
regularly connects with those in the after - life on behalf of leading members of both the political and social
establishments including Sarah Ferguson, ex Duchess of York. Apparently it being Sarah who suggested the connection
as she likewise suggested to Diana in life to connect with her initial astrologer Penny Thornton.

      Catherine apparently was initially sceptical but feeling pressured unsurprisingly by everything happening around
her at the moment sought this connection.  Diana would verify entering the royals as an outsider being somewhat a
baptism of fire. Though with William's hands-on-help and support somewhat an easier transition for her than Diana's
was and Diana being much younger and more naive than Catherine when her initiation began.

        Mediums are all bound by a code of client confidentiality but family friends reporting that Catherine's scepticism
was soon dispelled when the unmistakable voice of Diana was channeled through the Medium and Diana speaking about
William's life to his future bride and detailing things only she'd have known as his Mother. A session lasting 45 minutes
and one in which Diana expressed delight that Catherine was soon to be her first future daughter - in - law but also
naming certain people within the inner circle of advisers to Prince Charles for Catherine to be wary of and speaking
from personal experience.

        An official spokesman for the Royals has denied all knowledge of the meeting but Prince William said to being " Not
best pleased " by his future wife's show of independence !


                                                        God bless you all,


(Another interesting side note from Andrew/Christian about Spiritual communication with Diana, via
Simone Simmons, which confirms things received by Andrew from Diana. )

Simone Simmons, a Psychic Healer who was regularly consulted by Diana, Princess of Wales,
in an interview given March 26th 2006 has channeled Diana from Spirit and amazingly has
confirmed many things I have been told by the Lady such as  Diana giving her blessing to
Catherine and William marrying and the incident in Paris in August 1997 which resulted in
Diana's death NOT being an accident! Apparently also saying the Queen will outlive Prince
Charles which is yet to be seen and not something I have been spoken to about by the lady,
my being told only that the truth about everything will be exposed after the death of the
current Monarch and latterly saying perhaps even after Prince Philip her husband is deceased.

THE woman Diana turned to for spiritual guidance and who she claims spoke to her on an almost daily basis says. " If I
did not have psychic powers Diana would never have sought me out and consulted me when she was alive." Diana has
now told her that she is so glad that William has found Catherine and says, "It's love" adding that Catherine is not spoilt -
she really likes that about her, and that she will be a rock in William's life.  In channeling Diana, Simone saying that
Zimbabwe-born Chelsy Davy involved in an on - off relationship with Diana's youngest son Prince Harry, which seems
to have positively rekindled for them both having recently reunited having split up in September 2010, arouses
disapproval in royal circles because of her party lifestyle and Chelsy's millionaire father's past links to African dictator
Robert Mugabe.

According to Simone, Diana is also sceptical about the affair. Simone says: "Diana thinks Harry is not in love and that
relationship will run its course. That is not to say it is not meaningful."   Diana saying on her site here that she is thrilled
to see her youngest son happy and that Chelsy in her opinion perfectly compliments him being equally as adventurous
and rebellious in character. I'd imagine Chelsy being a party animal being of enormous attraction to him, Harry being
well known to enjoy nights out letting his hair down on the club scene!  

Diana saying that she was not pregnant at the time of her death as exactly told by her to me, knowing about protective
measures as did Dodi and considering the effect something like this happening would have had upon her boys, their
personal opinion of Mummy!  Diana in becoming an unmarried Mother giving powerful ammunition into the hands of
her adversaries and being far too subtle a game player to do so as well as having a public reputation to maintain and this
something which might well have seriously jeapordised it and the people's support of her.  Diana counted on this
support as Prince Charles relied upon the establishments in their cat n' mouse games which is something Diana speaks
openly about during various After - Life interviews with Rose Campbell to be listened to on this her personal site. All of
them packing a powerful punch in one way or another!

As for the Diana memorial fountain in Hyde Park?  According to Simone Diana apparently having this to say, "Forget it.
Not in my name! They should get rid of it and turn it into flower beds and a toddlers' play area. Then they should fund a
hospital or hospice bearing my name." which totally confirms things channeled to me by the Lady.

Not surprisingly, Simone also says Diana still misses her boys. "Despite the fact she is happy she does miss not being on
Earth, simply because she wants to be here for the boys!"   

Diana channeling to me that I have needed to return to London as the Lady needing to be here energetically for the
Royal Wedding of her eldest son Prince William to Catherine Middleton on April 29th 2011.