" There's always the exception to the rule and so whilst often my least favourite people were the ladies and gentlemen
of the press I always retained a soft spot and special respect for Arthur who was always so lovely to me and with whom
I shared many a giggle! I think it's marvellous that he is so personally smitten by William's fiancée and in this
commentary he tells why  "
                                                                                                 Diana xx

                                                                   Arthur Edwards

17th    November 2010      
A year ago William told me "I hope you never retire Arthur! "  My quick reply was: "I'm not going to retire until after I do your
wedding pictures, Sir!" William said: "Well, I'm afraid you're in for a bit of a wait."  Yesterday we learned the wait is finally over
and I couldn't be happier. I was also so proud to be asked personally by the couple to photograph the engagement ring.  The
Prince knows how much I adored Princess Diana. She would have been so proud and thrilled.

William and Kate are such a wonderful couple.  They share a closeness and togetherness that comes only from a deep love and
were incredibly happy yesterday - in front of the cameras and away from them. I've never seen the Prince so proud. Kate is a
stunning, stunning girl.  It's going to be Diana fever all over again. Kate has Diana's beauty, grace and common touch.

The general public will love her the same way they did Diana. We will be enthralled by her fashion sense, her hairstyles, her
shoes. She also has a charm, a way of putting people at their ease, just like Diana did. You warm to her straight away. She's so
much fun.

Prince William adored his mother and it's no surprise that his bride is much like Diana. He recently said that his mother had kept
him and Prince Harry grounded and that is a quality he would want from his future bride. In Kate he has it. When I first started
photographing her I realised there was something special between them. They were so well suited, so connected. They seemed
like soul mates.

She is exactly what he needs and I think this is a royal marriage that will last. I feel that is why Prince William has taken his time
to propose. He wanted to be sure Kate knew what she would be getting into. They have been able to conduct their romance
relatively privately - something Charles and Diana couldn't do.

Diana was thrust into the royals and the limelight. William and Kate know each other throughly. They know each other's
strengths and weaknesses. They have grown closer and closer.

William gave Kate the chance to walk away. They split up for a short time, the Prince wanting Kate to be absolutely sure that a
life of royal duty was what she wanted. I was impressed then by the fact that she discreetly refused to comment on their
relationship. Now we have the wedding to look forward and I can't wait to be there to do the honours.

Will I retire afterwards? We'll have to wait and see. I took some of the first baby pictures of William and would love to take the
first of his and Kate's child.

                                                                                        (Arthur has photographed both these beautiful women.)