" Hello Everyone,

As many people reading this site will know Christian has been living in Germany, only recently having left and hoping to
return to the place he calls home but he did his homework whilst living there and was astounded by his own ignorance
but an ignorance shared by a great many people who seem to imagine all Germans were Nazis. They weren't, not at all!  
Nationalsozialismus, National Socialism or Nazism, was a Political party so much like in the U.K. Labour, Conservative
or Liberal being the main parties voted for so similarly it was a political party voted in by the German people. This
party pledged to rescue Germany from the effects of the Great Depression. Nazism promoted an economic Third
Position, a managed economy that was neither capitalist nor communist.  The Nazis once having been voted in made
their proposals clear and accused communism and capitalism of being associated with Jewish influences and interests.
They declared support for a nationalist form of socialism that was to provide for the Aryan race and the German
nation: economic security, social welfare programs for workers, a just wage, honour for workers' importance to the
nation, and protection from capitalist exploitation.

From 1920 to 1923 Adolf Hitler, an Austrian by birth not German at all, formulated his ideology then published it in
1925–26, as Mein Kampf, a two-volume biography and political letter-of-intent, so something which pretty much set
out Adolf Hitler's plans. Had people read it thoroughly then the whole course of history might well have changed, his
party not gaining the winning vote as those voting for the party would have been made keenly aware in doing so at what
cost this aim would be achieved. Remember also not all the German people voted for the party and lived in fear
themselves that this might be discovered. Spies were everywhere and many Germans suffered themselves under Nazis

Christian in Germany lived about 5 Minutes walk from the largest Asylum and security hospital in Germany and there
in the beautiful grounds which comprises its own shopping arcade, hairdressers, restaurant, indoor swimming pool and
sports hall and arts and crafts centre all for patients and visitors usage and run and organised by patients in preparation
for their rejoining society again is a church with a memorial to patients who, because they could not fight for the
Fatherland, were systematically machine gunned in their beds! So not only Jews but in this region of Germany the
majority certainly being Roman Catholics!

The German Newspaper of Harry with the Swastika I wanted posted by this precis speaking about his paying homage to
the Jews murdered in the Final Solution in Death Camps like Auschwitz II-Birkenau created in 1941 as it determines
clearly how forgiving the German people are not being proud of this " dark page in German history which must never
happen again " as told to Christian by his great companion there Alexander. In this alliance peace, harmony,
acceptance and understanding made as seen with an Englishman and a German man uniting in non - judgemental

Auschwitz II-Birkenau II Extermination Camp was a part of the Auschwitz complex and was designated by Heinrich
Himmler, who was the Reichsführer and Germany's Minister of the Interior, as the place of the "Final Solution of the
Jewish Question in Europe".  From spring 1942 until the fall of 1944, transport trains delivered Jews to the camp's gas
chambers from all over Nazi-occupied Europe. The camp's first commandant, Rudolf Höss, testified after the war at
the Nuremberg Trials that up to 1.1 million, around 90 percent of them Jews, were murdered there. Others deported to
Auschwitz included 150,000 Poles 23,000 gypsies, 15,000 Soviet prisoners of war and tens of thousands of people of
diverse nationalities including the elderly, infirm, ( Physically and mentally handicapped ) and homosexuals and
lesbians. Those not killed in the gas chambers died of starvation, forced labor, lack of disease control, individual
executions, and medical experiments in Poland as opposed to those suffering in the numerous other 3rd Reich
concentration camps like Buchenwald, Germany. Here prisoners died in their 1000's, an estimated 56,000 lost their
lives in this camp alone by being starved and worked to death.

Christian's friend Irina, who is a school teacher, so someone who takes German school children to the camps like
Dachau in Eastern Germany.  Why in comparison to atrocities committed by the Japanese, the Vietnamese, the
Americans with the Atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki as well as the fact the first concentration camps were
created by the British in the Boer War in Africa; is the Nazis Regime still always the most remembered?  Irina very
honestly told Christian, who as I say having lived there knows this to be true, that the German people are very
thorough, precise, concise, methodical, organised even clinically so. Nothing is ever left to chance, trains rarely
cancelled, buses always on time, aircraft rarely grounded and so it was with the Nazi party themselves. In order to
victimise a family that perhaps wasn't immediately obviously Jewish, papers and documents were keenly examined
searching for any Semitic connection even ancestors way back and this was enough to round up the family even living
as Nationalised Germans for years and sentence them to ultimate death! Irina explaining as horrific as the other
examples are, they are a result of war between nations when atrocities will be committed both sides but the horror of
the Nazis Regime was the systematic and professional organisation of everything!

I felt it very important that these points be drawn to people's attention as they are facts so often missed out  leading to
the ignorance which consequently is often illustrated so blatantly in today's society and with really no excuse if people
bothered to do their homework about certain issues!"
                                                Thank you for listening to  me,


Prince Harry gave his ex Chelsy Davy a £1,000 diamond bracelet for Christmas.

                                           Harry, 26, also phoned her on Christmas morning.

                                           Last night a source close to Chelsy, 25, said she was "surprised and delighted" at  the            
                                           white gold gift - and wondering if there was a future for their six-year romance, which  
                                            finally ended last September.

The source said: "Harry's kindness made her think about whether they made the right decision in calling it a day.

"They're both finding it especially difficult being apart at Christmas. In previous years they spent time together."

Chelsy is on holiday in Mauritius but will join pals in her Zimbabwe homeland for New Year. In the past, Harry spent
Christmas with the Royals, then flew on Boxing Day to see her. The source said: "Harry and Chelsy are still trying to
work out whether or not they have a future. They will always care for one another. They don't talk as often as they used
to - I think he's giving her space to decide whether she wants a future with him."

Prince Harry is apparently planning a trip to Africa – including a New Year reunion with his ex-girlfriend Chelsy Davy.
The 26-year-old will have a three-week break from his Apache helicopter training over the Christmas period.
He is hoping to visit Victoria Falls with Chelsy, 25, who moved back to South Africa in June, calling off the couple’s six-
year relationship. Harry is missing Chelsy, he’s hoping to accompany her on a New Year trip to Victoria Falls,’ says a
‘Chelsy is getting on with her own life over in Africa which frustrates him. His heart lies in Africa but duty prescribes
that he in the UK to finish his training’. Harry will transfer to the army base at Wattisham Airfield, Suffolk, for further
training in the New Year and hopes to graduate by 2011.

A Royal spokeswoman declined to comment.

  " Hello
              This is such heartening news for me to read, I wanted to share it with everyone as similarly so as regarding
Catherine, on my site I have always made clear that I personally strongly favour Chelsy as being the prefect partner for
my younger and more openly rebellious son Harry. Traits inherited from his Mother so within reasons naturally,
personally encouraged by me provided of course they are not detrimental to either himself and his reputation or
indeed to others and theirs.
               Harry is still young and is taking his Military training very seriously and I think this has been a very prominent
reason as to the estrangement between Chelsy and Harry but clearly there is still a great deal of love and affection
between them both and it is also said that absence makes the heart grow fonder. I would say that this gesture by Harry
indicates there existing still certainly on his side anyway a feeling of togetherness in separation and it would be
wonderful if this were to result in togetherness in togetherness for them both. I am sure both Catherine and William
would likewise join me in celebrating this happening since Catherine and Chelsy are clearly very fond of each other and
would be supportive of one another in a non competitive manner; my boys themselves making it no secret to anyone
that they are quite literally the best of brothers! "
                        With love from,
                                         Diana xx

Chelsy Davy, Prince Harry Reunited
February 8, 2011

Chelsy Davy and Prince Harry were seen together again leading to speculation they are rekindling romance.
The couple split up in the Autumn of 2010 after being a couple for five years. The couple spotted together in a plush
London restaurant before dancing the night away into the early hours at a private club in the capital city and later
returning to Harry's rooms in his father's London residence of Clarence House. The previous home of Harry's paternal
great grandmother "H.M. The Queen Mother " and where his own mother, " Diana, Princess of Wales " whilst then still "
Lady Diana Spencer " slept the eve of her marriage to H.R.H. The Prince of Wales on July 29th 1981.

"Harry loves Chelsy," a source has said of the 26-year-old royal. "No matter what happens, he'll always go back to
Chelsy. Harry says his time with Chelsy is always the happiest."

Chelsy Davy, 25, flew into the United Kingdom recently from South Africa.

Royal watcher Katie Nicholl is reported saying "They still care about each other deeply...Since Chelsy left for South
Africa, Harry has been deeply missing her. They've been calling each other, emailing and Facebooking. Chelsy is the
most important person in his life. There was talk about other girls, but everyone around Harry knows that he only has
eyes for Chelsy."

Date posted:  March 6, 2011   (Rose's note:  Note the dates this and the last message were posted. Appears Diana is
right again!)

It's official, Prince Harry is back together with old flame Chelsy Davy after they were snapped leaving a London
nightclub together over this last weekend. The couple have been meeting up in secret over recent weeks since
Chelsy’s return to London last month. The couple were snapped leaving London’s swish The Brompton and later
heading for Chelsy's apartment in London's Belgravia. Earlier in the day, Harry joined his cousin Zara Phillips to
cheer on her partner Mike Tindall in the rugby. Meanwhile, trainee lawyer and Zimbabwean billionaire’s daughter,
Chelsy  already having been welcomed back into the Royal fold by spending the day at a society wedding with
Catherine Middleton’s sister Pippa. A friend of the reunited couple telling how in time spent apart, they had really
missed each other and now were catching up!

In January 2011 William, when asked about how his brother Harry was faring following his split from Zimbabwean law
student Chelsy Davy, shook his head and replied: "Harry is still missing Chelsy. They were together for such a long
time, so it's only natural, I guess. He's coping, but, yeah, he does miss her a lot"!

Earlier this month Chelsy and Harry had enjoyed welcome back drinks at the Beaufort House private member’s club in
Chelsea before slipping out a side entrance at 4am. The pair then scrambled into the boot of a Jaguar car together,
to avoid being pictured, and sources claim that it was to prevent a premature revelation of their relationship. However,
no such precautions were taken at the weekend. Chelsy is due to attend the Royal Wedding of Prince William, Harry's
elder brother to Catherine Middleton on April 29th with Harry being his best man. Chelsy has spent the past six
months travelling around Africa and that she will take up her postponed place with Allen & Overy solicitors in
September 2011. Harry is scheduled to appear in Dubai on March 19th for the Sentebale polo cup with now more
than likely his lady by his side.

                  " Hello Everyone,
                                               Rose has already remarked " Momma knows best " and I have always said that just as
Catherine is perfect for Wills, Chelsy perfectly compliments Harry in every way and I stand by this so I am overjoyed
to see not one but both of my boys emotionally happy with partners who truly understand the enormous pressures
upon them both and are not daunted by them. Catherine clearly showing recently in her whistle stop trips with William
to Wales, Scotland and England that she can stand the pace and is warmly welcomed by everyone she meets similarly to
how I was; which can only serve to boost her own self - confidence and as seen clearly delights William naturally. I
wonder if after their wedding in April, another official engagement does not follow and one I would personally equally
encourage and welcome happening as their Mummy would only ever wish the best for them both; right boys! "

                                                             With love from a delighted Diana and Mummy xx

4th March 2011

Prince Harry will no longer be making his planned visit to Dubai on 19th March. As a consequence, the Sentebale
Polo Cup – scheduled to coincide with Prince Harry’s visit – has been cancelled.

Prince Harry was very much looking forward to the visit, but feels that it would be insensitive for him to participate in a
sporting event at a time when there are matters of greater priority to focus on in the region. Prince Harry looks
forward to other opportunities to visit Dubai in the future.

4th September 2011

             Hello Everyone,

             "The  men involved made clear that for them Harry was " "Just one of the lads!" so was very popular with them
just being himself and he saying how proud he felt to join with the men who all suffered loss of limbs and internal
injuries whilst involved in Military service. He was amazingly impressed by their bravery and determination to reach
the North Pole which they did successfully and there was an emotionally touching farewell when Harry or "H" as
known by them had to leave having military training commitments in the U.K. He thoroughly enjoyed the experience
saying that he was gutted that he had to leave and how he wished William had been there to share the experience with
him knowing how he would have enjoyed the adventure too! Making clear once again how close they are as brothers
which is lovely for me to know naturally.

                  The achievement made though by all those brave men involved in the expedition amazing and Harry being
enormously proud of them. Their achievement proving one thing and this being that no matter what life might throw at
you, with inspiration, ambition and determination anything can and will indeed be achieved and that is something truly
worthwhile to realise, to know and to believe! "

                                      With love from,
                                                             Diana xx

JUNE 21st 2011

                    "Chelsy and Harry have not split up -- News of the World ... the Sunday Tabloid in the U.K. now ceased
publishing has jumped the gun," a source tells Us. Harry knew for some while that Chelsy would be moving back to
Zambia, Africa. There is no getting around that right now. What the newspaper failed to point out is that Harry's
"Apache Attack Helicopter Conversion course" begins next month. That continues for eight months and there is a
further eight months at the RAF Wattisham base in Suffolk, England. They would not have been together much even if
Chelsy was staying in the UK!

                     Though their time apart could cause some strain on their relationship, "They'll try to make it work because
they are committed to each other still," the sources tells Us. Both have careers to think about, and it would be crazy for
either to make sacrifices at this age."

                      A Clarence House spokesperson tells Us: "We do not comment on Prince Harry's private life."

" Hello Everyone    
                  I personally said as much myself so hopefully this is the truth as I still do see Chelsy as very much being the
perfect compliment to my younger son as Catherine is for Wills of course but both Chelsy and Harry are concentrating
on their careers which are important to them and often absence makes the heart grow fonder if the love is true.
Christian has himself found this to be so being geographically apart at the moment from the one he loves ! If a bond is
"Unbreakable", this being the acid test of that !

                  Serving in the Military will also mean I would imagine there being at times unavoidable lengthy periods apart
from each other for Chelsy and Harry as it does for people who have partners actively involved in the Military Services
who are accepting of this fact naturally as being part of the deal as there really is no escaping it's happening ! "

                                                    With love from,
                                                                             Diana xx
(Rose's note: Less than 2 months after Diana's words above it seems that again hope may bloom eternal for
the ongoing union of Harry and Chelsy. I know that this hope is blooming in Diana's heart!)