Date posted: 05/01/11

April 29th, 2011
The wedding day of William and Catherine, now officially HRH Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Both Diana’s boys years ago promising to think of their mother every single day and to honour her memory until the
day they die and it is very apparent that on this the wedding day of this her eldest son William the spirit of Diana looms
large. The last time William was in Westminster Abbey before today was the state occasion of his mother’s funeral of
Sept 6th l997. He then aged l5. The engagement ring of a Ceylon sapphire worn by the bride, which was Diana’s
engagement ring before her, is now united with a gold wedding band fashioned by the jeweller who fashioned Diana’s
wedding ring. Royal warrant holders Wartski using a nugget of Welsh gold given to William as an engagement present
from the Queen. On the official wedding programme featured is a specially released photograph of the couple by
Mario Testino and a famous photo of Diana taken by him in l997--  just weeks before her death that same year, from a
selection of photos the boys consider being most like the mother they remember. The bride’s mother Carole Middleton
dressed in style in an outfit designed by Sahid who has been responsible for the Catherine Walker fashion house
continuing in spite of the designer, who created to a large extent Diana’s wardrobe and was a personal friend of hers,
dying of cancer. A fine tribute to both Diana and Catherine Walker from the mother-in-law to William, the groom, to the
mother-in-law to Catherine, the bride.

The bridal procession march to the altar, with Catherine on the arm of her father Michael, being ‘I was glad’ by Sir
Hubert Parry. This the same anthem played at the wedding of Charles and Diana in l981. The opening hymn for the
marriage ceremony being ‘Guide me O thou Great Redeemer’ which was the final one sung at Diana’s funeral in l997
and was also played at the Guards Chapel in the official service to mark the l0th anniversary of her death in 2007.
Once married the couple travelling back to Buckingham Palace for the reception in the same horse drawn l902 state
landau carriage used by Charles and Diana on their wedding day for their return to the Palace from St. Paul’s
Cathedral London where they married on July 29th l981.

Catherine, the bride, looking wonderful in a stunning gown designed by Sarah Burton for the Alexander McQueen
fashion house of ivory coloured satin, white silk and French chantilly lace, and to complement this gown was the "halo
tiara" created in l936 by Cartier. William who has retained his commission as a household cavalry officer not choosing
a uniform of this regiment but instead wearing that of Colonel in the Irish Guards his most honorary position in the
military and worn in tribute to a battalion recently returned from service in Afghanistan, adding a ceremonial gold and
crimson sash worn in the presence of the Royal family. Harry his younger brother and best man, as William wanted him
not to be known as "royal supporter", was wearing the uniform of a captain in the household cavalry adding wings of
the army corps and golden jubilee and Afghanistan medals. Amongst the music featured in the ceremony the hymn
Love Divine All Loves Excelling which was played at the HRH Prince of Wales and HRH Duchess of Cornwall’s blessing
at St. Georges Chapel Windsor in 2005 in recognition of their personal support to the couple. On leaving the abbey
the anthem Crown Imperial played as it was at the coronation of King George VI the Queen’s father, Williams great
great grandfather in memory of his great great grandmother Queen Elizabeth the Queen mother.

In a sea of hues in the Westmintesr Abbey congregation the Queen wore primrose yellow, HRH Duchess of Cornwall
wore a champagne coloured dress and coat by Anna Valentine who created her wedding outfit, but the Catherine
Walker creation in blue worn by the bride’s mother one of the most chic to be seen.

The wedding televised to 180 countries attracted the crowds with many visitors from all over the globe. The USA and
Australia amongst the tourists who travelled for the occasion and over 21,000 letters and cards of congratulations
received by the couple who themselves released a personal statement of thanks from St. James’s Palace reading ‘we
are both delighted that you are able to join us in celebrating what we hope will be one of the happiest days of our lives.
The affection shown to us by so many people during our engagement has been incredibly moving and touched us
both deeply. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone most sincerely for their kindness’. It was
personally signed William and Catherine. In keeping with his wanting to dispense as much as possible with Royal
protocol, tradition, pomp and ceremony the eve before the wedding William, joined by Harry, went on an impromptu
walk about in the mall greeting the thousands of well wishers camped out for the night in preparation for the following
day. On the wedding day itself William seen driving his wife Catherine from Buckingham Palace to Clarence House for
a private reception in his father’s most prized Aston Martin car with a ‘Just Wed’ number-plate and L plates (learner

William, having already engaged in two kisses
with his bride on Buckingham Palace balcony
to the delight of the crowds, was escorted by
colleagues from RAF Valley where he serves
as a member of the air sea and rescue team in
a helicopter overhead, similar to that which he
pilots in Anglesey North Wales as a flight
lieutenant. The Archbishop of York has given
his full backing to William and Catherine’s
decision to live together before marriage saying
that many modern couples want to ‘test the milk
before they buy the cow’.

Royalty Then till Now

The Hanovarians (House of Hanover) from Germany in the l8th century ruling ensured that for the following 300 years
the British Royal family would actually be Germanic. Royalty could only marry royalty and invariably German royalty.
Queen Victoria was married to Albert who was German and the language they both conversed in. In private her
daughter Victoria married German Kaiser Frederick III. In l917 King George V modernised the monarchy as of the time
being the first World War the UK were fighting the Germans and Queen Victoria’s grandson was Britain’s Principle
enemy Kaiser Wilhelm II. The Royal Family’s name was changed from Saxe-Coburg und Gotha to Windsor and royalty
being able to marry into any nationality. Diana when advised to return her Mercedes Benz coupe which had been
gifted to her by Mercedes, and told she ought to drive a British car promoting the British car industry and not a foreign
one, at the time joking that nobody seem to have minded her marrying a German husband. Catherine and William in
uniting in matrimony will modernise the monarchical system even more as Catherine, the Prince’s choice of wife, is a
commoner....though not common. A well educated woman so therefore there is a class distinction which is being
ignored by them both. William disliking titles has no time for snobbery. Catherine and William both attending exclusive
education, he at Eton College and Catherine at Marlborough College, the two share in cultural experiences, shared
intellectual tastes and mixing in the same social set. William, unlike his father, has not been placed under family
pressure to marry quickly but to personally choose his partner with care. The last thing William would want to entertain
doing is repeating his parent’s history so he has taken his time to decide. But Catherine is someone he trusts and
confides in, which for William is so important as he is by nature extremely wary of people generally. Diana joking once
with a friend ‘most children were told not to speak to strangers. I have to tell my boys that it is their duty to speak to
them’.  Diana used her status and influence to campaign on issues that needed noticing and gaining public support
had genuine involvement in them which was recognised and respected. Diana met and touched countless people’s
lives provoking a global and listing reaction and her legacy lives on now in her boys William and Harry who are both
seen to continue in promoting their mother’s charity work. Catherine and William are certain to becoming hugely
prominent and highly successful ambassadors in the UK and worldwide for the UK.

After the wedding to make life easier for Catherine it is being rumoured that she will have a stand in for certain events
when spectators are not too close at hand and it is reported that the look-alikes debut will be on an engagement
planned in Northern Ireland later this year. The Queen Mother was often replaced by a look-alike who was the wife of a
racehorse trainer.

Messages from Christian

I’ve watched the new film ‘William and Kate’ – a ‘made for TV’ movie and one criticised - Catherine and William
themselves reported to have found it hilarious! I was expecting it to be disappointing but watched it out of curiosity and
was pleasantly surprised. Here is a synopsis:

Something made very clear early on in the film being that William had to resign himself to a ‘destiny’ mapped out for
him, to eventually inherit the throne from his father HRH the Prince of Wales, who will do so after the death of his
mother HM the Queen. Made obvious in the film being that the prospect of being ‘king’ isn’t something William relishes
happening. Diana has channelled this information and hopes that it does not happen, wanting both her boys to live
free lives, escaping the regimented lifestyle this will mean for them both.

The formality of ‘Royal Life’ sensed in the film when William takes friends from St. Andrew’s University, including
Catherine, home with him to ‘Highgrove’ where they meet his father. Domestic staff present throughout, conversation
stilted and awkward, polite but formal and not relaxed, likewise this illustrated in a meal scene of Charles with his sons.

The film clearly illustrates the marked difference between William’s public role and his private one. This shown at his
birthday party celebrations held at ‘Buckingham Palace’ which he invites Catherine to attend. William is seen ignoring
her the entire evening while he gives his attention to other women present. Catherine personally offended having been
insulted by a female guest drawing attention to her non-titled background, telling her that these might be someone
William chooses to spend time with but not someone he’d introduce to his grandmother! Catherine leaves the party
and gives William the cold shoulder even upon their both returning to the University in Scotland.

William pursues her and explains to Catherine about the manner in which he is expected to behave at formal functions
but these being no reflection of how he privately feels and how determined he is to keeping his relationship with her as
secret as possible for as long as possible.

As the media attention to them increases something seems to need to be publicly announced. It even suggested a
palace confirmation of their dating being due to William’s personal intervention as a means of assuring Catherine of
her being the one to whom he’s devoted.

The Middleton family seem to being in awe of their royal guest wisely invited by Catherine he stays with them, perhaps
a little OTT but it would be something unexpected happening initially. William urges them all to relax and to treat him
‘normally’ and he is relieved when they do. Nevertheless Catherine’s parents clearly thrilled that their eldest daughter
is emotionally involved with William.

In another scene William confides to Catherine about his disappointment with the archaic ways held onto by his
grandmother and other un-named royal members, speaking of how he’d love things to change. This an interesting
point for HM the Queen. In the movie William tells Catherine how his mother wanted to welcome and implement radical
changes within the system, indeed within ‘the firm;’ able to relate to ‘the people’ being a ‘people person’ but also
remembering how, as a consequence she was treated within the family who were opposed to them. Catherine urging
William to keep believing in the changes like his late mother would like to see happening.

The media attention further increasing is seen to upset Catherine, heavily besieged and hounded she’s given a taste
of life lived in a goldfish bowl as experienced by Diana. Magazines and tabloids delighting in ridiculing and insulting the
Middleton family and Catherine herself. Carole Middleton, her mother, seen advising her that perhaps its too much for
her eldest daughter to handle but Catherine determined to challenge events happening. William tells Catherine he
wants her to be in his life but that she must learn what this will mean and Catherine seen being privately introduced to
Royal etiquette including lessons in how to walk. Catherine on being advised she must walk ten paces behind William,
at all times allowing him to lead remembering ‘this is the 21st century’ and being told by her pompous teacher ‘In your
world perhaps but not in his!’ A remark giving a very good idea of just what being an outsider entering into the family
experiences, so that it is much easier to believe in the tales channelled by Diana and to be heard spoken by her on
this site in her book and in the interviews with Rose Campbell, so without needing to go into greater detail.

If William really behaved towards Catherine in the manner the film portrays him doing, he not truly appreciating or
comprehending the enormous personal pressures faced by Catherine, cameras intrusive lenses and headlines making
her life a misery when the couple were apart, it not being surprising that she dumped him. He seen partying with other
women while she being called ‘Waitie Kaitie’ so being opening and cruelly mocked in her devotion and loyalty to him.

The rejected William seen watching TV alone and hearing the result of the official inquest into his mother’s death. He
shown that nobody was accountable for the death of ‘Diana, Princess of Wales’ speaks to his father about it. He is
even asking Charles why he didn’t just marry Camilla in the first place. HRH Prince Charles telling his eldest son that in
the era he’d had to marry someone acceptable to his mother which Diana, then Lady Diana Spencer was, he then
admitting to William that he’d made mistakes. William responding to his father that they’d be mistakes he’d not be seen
making and then the film’s final scene following with William presenting Catherine with his late mother’s engagement
ring proving actions speak louder than words!

2) ‘O wouldn’t it be lovely’ a favourite song of Diana’s from the musical ‘My Fair Lady’ which tells the story of a London
market girl selling flowers named ‘Eliza Doolittle’. Eliza gains the attention of well to do ‘Professor Higgins’. He educates
her which results in her elevation from humble beginnings to her acceptance within high society. The tale proving love
overcomes all boundaries of class and stigmas of birth. Aged eleven in l992 a role played by Catherine in a school
play opposite her first schoolgirl crush and now a member of the vocal group ‘Teatro’ with the stage name ‘Andrew

Catherine, the daughter of a former air stewardess and air pilot (now heading the family business, a mail order
company ‘party-pieces’) and the great great granddaughter of a coal miner, is to join the ranks of the British Royal
family marrying William, Eldest son of HRH the Prince of Wales and his former wife Diana Princess of Wales as she
was known after their official divorce and she losing her HRH title and who subsequently died in l997. William or his
younger brother rarely use their HRH titles.

William is due to inherit the throne after his father who at 62 years old is the longest serving living heir apparent in
British history, waiting 59 years to date to be king, which is something he views as his birthright and duty. Upon his
coronation his current wife HRH Duchess of Cornwall will then become queen consort as Catherine will upon William’s
ascension to the throne and as his great grandmother did when as Lady Elizabeth Bowes Lyon she married the Duke
of York who was later King George VI. The current monarch being their eldest daughter Elizabeth, being Queen
Regnant’--a queen in her own right. The Queen Mother choosing her title HM Queen Elizabeth, the Queen mother.

As seen in another school play on ‘You Tube’ Catherine in a scene consulting a fortune-teller and being told that she’ll
soon meet a handsome man, a rich gentleman, who will fall in love with her and become her husband. At the finale of
the play on bended knee he proposes to her and Catherine responds ‘Its as I’ve ever longed for, yes, oh yes dear
William'– ironically this character's name! Even stranger yet aged l9 years old Catherine was a team member of a
Raleigh International expedition to Chile lasting 10 weeks and something her true life beau William undertook in the
Autumn before!

Catherine seriously gaining William’s attention at a charity fashion event in aid of ‘Oxfam’ in March, 2002 held at the
‘Fairmont St. Andrews Bay Hotel’. Catherine modelling a transparent dress showing her black undergarments on the
catwalk and William having paid £200.00 for a front seat. First becoming close friends, a relationship between them
developed while they were both students at St. Andrew’s University in Scotland.

In 2006 both having graduated and William knowing he’d not be seeing his girlfriend for a few months whilst serving his
military services training at Sandhurst took Catherine to Northern Kenya, Africa and to a remote location north of
Nairobi. The couple having enjoyed a wonderful tropical sunshine holiday there vowed to return. In the December chill
of the same year Catherine stood out amongst the invited guests including HM Queen as his ‘Lady in Red!’. Catherine
wearing a chic red dress coat, wide brimmed black hat and black leather gloves looked smart and sophisticated at
William’s passing out parade at Sandhurst. As spoken about freely and openly by the couple, three months later they
parted company but in the same year of 2007 Catherine attended the musical extravaganza inspired and organised by
William and his brother to celebrate their mother’s birthday ten years after her tragic death in Paris, France on August
31s l997. ‘Concert for Diana’ proved a catalyst for the romance which re-kindled and Catherine and William reunited!
In April 2008 Catherine present when William was awarded his RAF wings by his father at RAF Cranwell and in June in
Windsor with him when he became a ‘Knight of the Garter’.

In the Autumn of 2010 Catherine and William returning to Kenya and to the same spot beside Lake Rutundu
overlooking the Mukogodo Hills, staying in the same ‘Il Ngwesi’ log cabin warmed by a log fire and lit by paraffin lamps
and candles. It was in this private and romantic setting that on October 20th, 2010. William secretly proposed to
Catherine. The couple not officially announcing their engagement until November 16th, 2010. Catherine proudly
displaying the dazzling engagement ring, formerly William’s mother’s engagement ring, of white gold with l4 diamonds
surrounding a large l8ct. oval shaped sapphire stone and created by Royal jeweller Garrard of London. The ring itself
evidential proof of the fact this groom-to-be knows what ‘in love’ means and illustrating clearly the love and devotion
William feels for his mother and the enormous role Diana still plays in the everyday lives of both her boys, as brother
Harry also confirms.

In an emotionally touching personal tribute of his mother, a week prior to his wedding, William visited the Spencer
family seat since the l6th century of ‘Althorp’ taking with him his future bride. The couple held hands as they lay flowers
on the island on the ornamental lake called ‘the Oval’ and only accessible by rowing boat where in the extensive
grounds of ‘Althorp’, the people’s princess was buried l4 years ago. In l997 her funeral on September 6th being held at
Westminster Abbey where William and Catherine will take their wedding vows on April 29th, 2011. A poignant choice of
venue and following Diana’s example in her wedding to William’s father; Catherine will be vowing to ‘love, comfort,
honour and keep’ William. The promise ‘to obey’ him discarded. This in keeping with a couple who have studied
together, lived together and share the same circle of friends.

William is likely to spend his wedding eve at St. James’ Palace, London or Clarence House, London with his brother
and best man Harry and more than likely with their father who in his groom’s speech, and reported being his most
emotional ever, praising him for being a lone parent helping them both to come to terms and coping with the trauma of
growing up without their mother’s presence. William telling of the close bond he shares with his father, he being the
first person William turns to for advice about his life. William apparently will also talk about his mother saying ‘my dear
mother is here in spirit and would be so proud of Catherine today". He will tell of how not a day passes without his
thinking about his mother whose greatest wish for him would have been for him to find happiness with the woman he
truly loves and how he believes the spirit of his mother is watching over him. Harry is set to lighten the mood in his
speech which he promises will contain lots of jokes about he and William’s camaraderie growing up and sibling rivalry
extending even now when both are members of the armed forces but are truly the best of brothers.

Catherine on the eve of the big day staying with her mother Carole and younger sister Pippa in the appropriately
named ‘Royal Suite’ comprising of five luxurious rooms at the prestigious privately family owned ‘Goring Hotel’ close to
Buckingham Palace where Catherine was offered a suite but declined this wanting to be in a ‘neutral environment’.
Diana had a suite of rooms there before her wedding day, though she spent her wedding eve in Clarence House,
home now to HRH Prince Charles and his current wife who during his marriage to Diana was his mistress. It has been
noted that former close friends of Diana, part of her post-Charles life have not been invited to the Royal Wedding,
most notably Rosa Monckton and Lady Annabel Goldsmith both believing that they have been excluded by Charles’
current wife because of their hostility to her at the time of the marital break-up of Charles and Diana. It also being
suggested that if this is so, that William allows his stepmother to have such a heavy influence on such an important
day in his life that he must have forgiven her for events happening in the past, a course he, like Harry, might be
diplomatic when needs must!

After the wedding and honeymoon, which might be a cruise as Diana and Charles chose for theirs in July l981, it is
thought with two or three more years to serve at RAF Valley as an air search and rescue pilot that the couple will
continue living in the cottage they’ve called home on the Island of Anglesey with it stunning views of Mount Snowdonia
in the distance in the north Welsh skyline.

Later moving to London and perhaps to live in St. James’s Palace where HRH Prince of Wales lived in London initially
when he and Diana separated and later divorced or alternatively in Kensington palace which was the family Wales’s
home so apartments 8 and 9 being where William and Harry grew up with Mummy and Papa. Diana retaining them as
her London home until her death. Subsequently completely gutted they are non-existent but newly renovated and re-
designed. How proud Diana would be were William and Catherine to decide upon making them home with their family.

Already headlines in the glossy magazine now, and no doubt something set to continue, this glamorous couple will
eclipse HRH Prince Charles and HRH Duchess of Cornwall and the latter no doubt welcoming being knocked off the
public radar screen but her husband jealous of his first wife Diana upstaging him, is anyone’s guess what this reaction
will be privately should it be happening the second time around!”

3) Having watched a revealing documentary about the romance of William and Catherine here are some interesting
points that have come to light this documentary featuring interviews with friends of the couple at St. Andrews
University, Scotland, Friends of Diana, Princess of Wales and various respected royal reporters.

Catherine attended prestigious Marlborough College as boarder and in her dormitory was a poster of both William and
Harry, William’s being the larger. It was upon her leaving that she attended St. Andrew’s University unaware William
would also be a student there.

There happen to be quite a few ‘quinky-dinks’, as Rose Campbell would term them, regarding the couple both born in
l982. Catherine in the January, William in the June of that year. Both the eldest in their family and both having a
younger brother. Catherine in a school play aged 11 years marrying a suitor called ‘William’ and whilst attending
Marlborough College, a keen sportswoman as William is known for his love of sports, in the college magazine
Catherine pictured in the girl’s hockey team opposite William pictured on horseback playing polo! It also noted
Catherine being allergic to horses, Diana for a different reason having an aversion to them, hers due to failing form
one as a child, a fear later conquered though Diana never enjoying horse-riding, unlike HRH Prince Charles and his
boys. Diana’s boys only too happy in the saddle!

At St Andrew’s initially attending the same lectures in‘The History of Art’ a subject proving to being of little interest to
William, he switched to studying Geography being a keen traveller and adventurer and much like his brother Harry,
greatly loving the continent of Africa. In their gap years and six months apart both he and Catherine were members of
expeditions to Patagonia in Chile and experiences thoroughly enjoyed by both. Students cannot choose which house
of residence they will live in but Catherine and William were placed in the same on St. Salvators.

William became part of a clique of fellow Eton boys where he had been educated like his grandfather, Diana’s further
Earl Spencer. It was in the university canteen that he invited Catherine to join him with his friends and fellow students
began to notice the romance beginning.

William and Catherine visiting uptown clubs in St. Andrews like ‘Ma-Bells’. Being young students so inclined to be wild,
Catherine and he victims of one drink too many and Catherine sometimes needing to be carried to bed while William at
one time said to have fallen into some bushes and needing to be retrieved by his bodyguards who they searched the
university grounds for any hidden lens that might have captured an incriminating photograph.

William and Catherine moving from halls of residences to an upmarket ‘Hope Street’ in St. Andrews and a top flat which
they shared with friends before ultimately living alone together in a farmhouse. At the time of William’s attendance at
University a gentlemen’s agreement had been made with the media to ‘leave him alone’ and one which was abided by
which gave William a much welcome sense and privacy. The media first capturing the couple together in their lens i.e.
Klosters in the Swiss Alps and headlines like ‘William gets his Girl’ being news. In fact William had been involved l8
months before but now this meant goodbye to the privacy both had enjoyed. The rules abandoned by the media’s
eyes Catherine, like Diana before her, became public property and this never made more apparent than on the
morning of her 25th birthday when Catherine leaving her London flat for work was greeted, besieged and hounded by
waiting photographers and pressmen as it had been rumoured an official engagement announcement was due to be

This didn’t happen but Catherine was given the short sharp shock of what life in the media spotlight is like, a baptism
of fire into how tough a role she’d have to play being involved with a future king. So intense was the pressure upon her
that Catherine who had worked for the Fashion House ‘Jigsaw’ left her job and instead worked for the Middleton Family
Business ‘Party pieces’. William has joined the ranks of ‘The Household Cavalry’ – the blues and royals and off duty
was quite literally letting his hair down which meant drinking and flirting with other women. He was not willing to give
Catherine the emotional commitment that she wanted and consequently they parted company but soon were reunited
in the same year of 2007.

That year the concert for Diana being held at Wembley and Catherine there a row behind William who stood next to
Harry who was with his girlfriend Chelsy Davy. Its interesting that on this site in an after-life interview Diana saying to
Rose Campbell that she’d like to see the band ‘Take That’ performing the song ‘Back for Good’, which they did, and
Catherine and William seen miming the lyrics. It being strongly rumoured that Catherine had stayed the night with
William at Clarence House before the concert but that both agreed to keep the fact they were back together low key so
as not to detract from the publicity of the event inspired and organised by Diana’s boys to celebrate and remember her
life with love on what would have been her 46th birthday.

After the concert William was soon taking Catherine to the Seychelle Islands and this would be where they’d decide if
they had a future together. A secret pact made there that William would marry her once he’d completed his military
service, this knowledge known by Catherine as she continued to be criticised in the media, personally slated by people
for not working, not having her own identity but waiting on a Prince who seemingly wasn’t interested in making her his
Princess and now its known how wrong, how misguided these assumptions were as Catherine was already embracing
very secretive lessons of what being William’s wife would mean, unlike Diana, William’s mother, who was pretty much
abandoned and only once having joined the ranks did she find out. William clearly determined history does not repeat

Precis about the Media

The media are often known as being tongue in cheek in their comments and observations.

In my article about the Middleton family house-hunting for a property commensurate with the new status as parents-in-
law to a future king this made clear.

Last December Carole and Michael Middleton viewed a 14th Century house on sale for £5 million. The house
‘Bolehyde Manor, in Allington Mere, Chippenham, Wiltshire was not bought by them – mores the pity as Catherine’s
father-in’law to be would have felt very much at home there, once the marital home of Andrew and Camilla Parker
Bowles and he having been one of its most frequent nocturnal visitors.

The press are often criticised for printing wild allegations about the Royal Family members because they cannot
defend themselves? False! They can and they do, utilising too many strategies which wanting to correct something,
quosh a rumour or deny a story.

1. They may authorise any official spokesman in the Buckingham Palace/Clarence House/St James palaces press
office to issue a denial. This approach often proving counter-productive drawing closer focus of attention to the story.

2. A response may be ‘leaned’ by a royal and trusted source to give the authorised version so by example – ‘a top
palace aid revealed … today, yesterday, last night eve’ This strategy usually more successful and is most often printed
in the newspapers and broadcast on the news programmes.

Spoof video about "the wedding"!

Wedding Photo Gallery:  April 29, 2011

Date Posted:  06/14/2011

London Lodgings

It has been confirmed that in June or July this year the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will be moving into their
London home which they have chosen as being an apartment in Kensington Palace where Diana Princess of Wales
had her Apartments 8 and 9 until her death in l997 and where, when not at school, her boys lived with her.  
Apartments 8 and 9, completely gutted after her death, have since been renovated and now serve as offices for HRH
The Prince of Wales.  Therefore these apartments are not available for William and Catherine but the apartment
chosen by them, once occupied by staff, not therefore large enough for family life.  Perhaps then William's father might
transfer his offices to the smaller apartment making Apartments 8 and 9 available for this to become their family home
in London.  The couple intend to retain the private cottage that is their home in Anglesey, North Wales.

Diana's comment on this news:-

"Hello everyone,

The first thing I have say is that I am quite amazed at my ex-husband having chosen my old home to be his current office
block, but hopefully as I was always the more organised of us that some of this will have rubbed off on him and his staff!  
As to the news about Wills and Catherine I am not totally surprised because after all, if people will look back at a
previous channeled message from me as so many indeed have proved being, that I knew it was going to happen and
therefore spoke about it happening albeit under a guise of a suggestion that it might happen.  I fully appreciate that in the
current economical climate that there would be no justification for two people without children to inhabit a larger space
so meaning Apartments 8 and 9 but this could all change of course when they do.  Wills hopefully remembering how
some of the happiest times he and Harry spent with mummy were there.  As a palace it is of course in a perfect area and
with its private courtyards and beautiful gardens will afford the couple privacy which is so important to them both.  I
wish them love and happiness in their new home. "
                                            With love, from Diana.
May they live long, laugh often and
love much in their lives together!