I have been doing my homework and the 2nd of these two poignant precis might well determine why Diana was never
close to or trusted the Queen Mother. I felt as Diana's site is one where the truth is told that this exposure must be
one highlighted as it is extremely significant in illustrating even within the royal ranks she had married into deception
against Diana was extremely powerful and damaging.

                                              Andrew Russell - Davis

The Mystery Blonde

On 16th November 1980 the Sunday Mirror reported that ten days earlier Lady Diana Spencer had joined her
boyfriend H.R.H. Prince of Wales on the royal train while it was in a siding at Staverton in Wiltshire, alleged to have
been with him for several hours and the implication of this liaison being an obvious one and the couple not officially
announcing their engagement until the following February; the story caused a scandal!

Until then Diana's image had been squeaky clean, virginal, pure and innocent, admired for her natural sense of fun
and someone who charmed everyone and was the nations perfect future Queen. The idea of she spending an
inclandestine night with Prince Charles and under the full scrutiny of the S.A.S. and police minders seemed ludicrous
but would be really powerful in destroying her credibility with a trusting and adoring public.

The Prince of Wales and Her Majesty were furious at the assignation and the Monarch's press secretary Michael
Shea  on instruction wrote to the editor of the newspaper protesting about the innuendos the article illustrated and
that it was totally false, a complete fabrication and ordered that the newspaper print an apology for its false story. The
editor Bob Edwards believed the story and instead he printed a series of letters exchanged between himself and
Mr.Shea inviting him to send an official denial of the story.

Diana had been personally upset by the story as her personal reputation was being ruined publicly and her denial of
having been anywhere near the royal train was backed up by her three flat mates at her Colherne Court apartment
but the rumours continued. For those involved in cover - up of the secret nocturnal meeting knew, as Charles himself
did, that the blonde woman reported seen entering the royal train was in fact Mrs. Camilla Parker Bowles and later a
telephone log showed that a call made earlier that evening from the train was made to Bolehyde Manor, the nearby
home of Camilla and Andrew Parker Bowles.

There was never an official royal apology to the editor and his newspaper much less to Diana herself with instead
being adopted the palace's customary 'Never-apologise-never-explain' policy and subsequent meetings Bob Edwards
had with Prince Charles, the subject never mentioned by either party. At 11am on February 24th 1981 the official
public announcement of the Royal Engagement of marriage between Lady Diana Spencer and H.R.H. The Prince of

Grandmother's Grand Game

Birkhall the Queen Mother's house on the Balmoral Royal estate was made available for her favourite grandson
Prince Charles to secretly meet his mistress the then Mrs. Camilla Parker Bowles as she was a personal friend of
Derek Parker Bowles, the father of Andrew Parker Bowles. The Queen Mother knew he and Camilla had an open
marriage  and while his wife was being adulterous, likewise her husband Andrew could be! The Queen Mother knew
that the royal marriage between Diana and Charles was failing and she and Diana never ever having had much of a
relationship secretly enjoyed her role in the deception and was always ferociously loyal to her favourite grandson and
took his side always against Diana as he was in fact in many respects the son the Queen Mother never had.

It documented that the Queen Mother and Diana's maternal grandmother Lady Ruth Fermoy, who was a personal
friend of the Queen Mother as well as working for her as her Chief lady in waiting,  were both at first initially in favour
of the marriage of Lady Diana Spencer and H.R.H. The Prince of Wales but later Diana's grandmother who never had
a close relationship with her granddaughter it is said had second thoughts about the match but being a socially
ambitious woman, never voiced these to the Queen Mother who saw that the union of the Spencer family with the
royals would be extremely beneficial to herself as well as the Spencer family. One of the leading Aristocratic families in
England and perfectly suited to being royal in-laws.

The Spencer Family related to royal blood themselves traced back to the various illegitimate offspring of both King
Charles II and King James II. Diana's father himself having been equerry to both King George IV and Queen Elizabeth
II. Lady Fermoy's own granddaughter becoming Queen of England the icing on the cake! It ought to be remembered
that in court Lady Fermoy testified against her own daughter Frances advising that the children Sarah,Jane, Diana
and Charles following their parents divorce ought to remain in the custody of their father the 8th Earl Spencer, which
they did!