Diana was a hands-on mother with both her boys and was openly demonstrative of
her devotion to them. Some unkindly saying this often being something done by
her publicly to assure another headliner, a ridiculous suggestion as anything Diana
did got an immediate headline as interest in her globally was so great and even
now, almost sixteen years after her death in Paris in 1997, interest still often
apparent as headlines prove her status remains iconic.

I am so sad that Diana is unable to be the hands-on grandma she'd have been to
newly born H.R.H. Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge, the son born to her
eldest son H.R.H. Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, and his adoring wife,
Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge. George has missed out on a treat as Diana
would have made sure time spent with her was filled with love and laughter all the
way. Diana was a natural with children, having a deep infinity with them and they
with her. He'd have been hugged to death, but she and Catherine would have got on
tremendously well so there'd have been no jealousy or awkwardness of feeling due
to an interfering grandmother.

I'm sure the photographs of Diana with Catherine, William and George would have
been memorable, pictorial portraits to treasure. As Diana understood children, little
adults as she called them, her first born grandson would have found someone who
he could confide in and share secrets with and even engage in a naughty sense of
humour too.

I believe personally Diana would have married Dodi, and possibly after their
marriage become a mummy herself again, but certainly sense that rules would have
become relaxed, even if having to upon William's insistence, for baby George to
spend time with Diana who, I would imagine, would be living abroad. I can envisage
William, Catherine and their son joining Diana and Dodi, and possibly their child, for
family holidays in the sunshine with Diana paddling in a pool with baby George.

Catherine and William, having left the hospital, spent the first night with their son at
Kensington Palace, and are currently now staying with him at Catherine's parents'
recently bought new Georgian manor in Bucklebury, rural Berkshire. I think that this
move made by them shows the fact that this couple call the shots, and
old-fashioned, outdated rules and regulations of royal traditions and protocol are
becoming relaxed. Hardly likely Diana would have been allowed to take newly-born
William back home to Althorp, although of course she was insistent that he travel
with his parents on their Australasian tour of 1983, so these rules being relaxed
certainly something Diana would have encouraged happening. From a practical
point of view far better Catherine receives hands-on help with her new baby from
her own mother than from an unrelated nanny.

I also feel, though friends before she died, grandson George would have been a
very powerful catalyst in forging an even stronger bond of new-found unity
between Prince Charles and Diana, they being one half of the baby's grandparents.

As for Diana's relationship with the other grandparents, for the Royal Wedding of
Catherine and William, the mother of the bride, Carole, chose to wear a creation by
Diana's favourite designer, Catherine Walker, as no doubt Diana herself would have
done, and Carole and Michael's devotion to their children, Catherine, Pippa and
James, would have equally impressed her, so I am certain between them all would
have been seen a very healthy, happy camaraderie.

Andrew Russell-Davis, 25/7/13