Diana & I

    Introduction ..

    As some people trust and believe I am the Chosen Voice Channel for "Diana, Princess of Wales" and here is

    the story behind this unexpected connection, fusion of energies happening which I hope gives people food for

    thought as Diana has channeled to me ..  "Fact is often stranger than Fiction!"

                                                                                                                         Andrew Russell - Davis

    Chapter 1

    July 29th 1981 saw Lady Diana Frances Spencer marry H.R.H. The Prince of Wales at St. Paul's

    Cathedral, London. That same year I married Senorita Bertha Sanchez Novo from Caracas,

    Venezuela, South America on April 4th 1981.

    I was so busy emotionally preparing myself for the event as well as making the practical

    arrangements for the wedding taking place at Greenwich Registry office, London on the

    same day Bucks Fizz the pop group representing the U.K. in the Eurovision Song Contest

    were to win it with the song " Making Your Mind Up ". I thought a pretty apt title

    at the time knowing I was making a dramatic switch from living one lifestyle to

    it's opposite and following the marriage my wife and I were leaving the U.K. to live in

    Caracas, Venezuela thinking that a Gay guy can go straight, nothing to it!

    Bertha knowing my history was determined to emotionally support me. I wanted to be a father

    and coming from a broken home, I was determined neither Paul -James or Kelly - Ann

    would have been children suffering this way but Bertha and I never had children. In

    Caracas I subsequently worked as an English teacher and learnt Spanish. On January

    23rd 1982 my having converted to Roman Catholicism marrying Bertha again in the very

    pretty town of Queretaro, Mexico in Queretaro Cathedral. April 9th 1982 though and it was time to

    stop hiding and pretending and to be true to myself and my orientation and having "Come

    Out" to my parents in law, this day the marriage was over and time for me to return to

    the U.K.

    Reflecting back to 1981 while I was aware of all the excitement building already as it had been since the

    Official Royal Engagement  announcement in the February of the year, unlike the rest of the nation

    I was otherwise occupied to give it too much thought and attention though I did purchase the Robert Lacey

    book "Princess" all about the future H.R.H. Princess of Wales. I like many people thought she was stunning!

    I saw the Royal Wedding on television by satellite in Caracas and was amazed by all the

    pomp and ceremony and my Mother - in - Law kept remarking how beautiful the royal bride

    was and I remember wishing for that one day I was back in London. My friends know and

    I make no secret of the fact it is not somewhere I am or have been ever greatly drawn

    to even as a child.

    Aged 2yrs until 5 yrs growing up in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia where my father as a member

    of the British Establishment and based at Horse Guards Parade, Whitehall, had been assigned

    to working at the Attorney Generals offices in the Secretariat building in the South -

    East Asian capital city. Materially a privileged background but my parent's marriage

    not a happy one but having to keep up appearances socially, one where much like Diana I

    felt emotionally neglected spending the majority of my time with Ah Tai the family Amah

    or Nanny who also cleaned for Mama the lady of the house. My growing up in South - East

    Asia and travelling with them to Thailand, India, Sri Lanka, The Himalayas, Singapore

    and Hong Kong; ( Entry into China off limits to my Father and my Mother warned venturing

    there with me in the early 1960's might risk a kidnapping, so was an invitation refused )

    I am convinced a formative time of my life spent in south -east Asia being largely responsible for my

    never finding and securing my roots in the country and city in which I was born on December 20th 1959.

    I was never a Royalist, it was my parents who attended the customary

    Royal Garden Parties, I was too young and by the time they'd have seen Diana in

    attendance at them both long since separated, Dad having lived with and separated

    from his Mistress throughout the latter part of my parent's marriage then working

    for the Australian Government in Darwin, in the Northern Territories. I never

    consequently followed Royal stories, not the slightest bit interested in any of them.

    In 1995 my father died of Cancer and my Mother treated me to a holiday in the

    sub-tropical sunshine of the island of Gran Canaria and with Paul my best friend went

    for a week to Maspalomas, Playa del Ingles and fell in love with the island and knew even

    in the week there that I wanted to return there to live,  speaking Spanish I was confident I

    would secure myself a job there and so be able to support myself and returning to the U.K

    briefly, a week later returned to the island and worked there until 1996.

    Financially though things were not easy and I met Thomas Schneider from Lohr am Main,

    Unter Franken, Germany and he on the island for a holiday suggested since we were together

    that I return to Germany with him where he had his own business and life would be very much easier.

    I was so against leaving the island but Thomas a very practical and logical thinker, a successful

    business man he talked sense and so I left the island I adored to begin life in Germany.

    I was not in the right frame of mind to accept the new country as home and the relationship with

    Thomas soon ended there and in 1996 having very briefly again returned to the U.K. when in

    one week during November of that year, I had channeled to me " Cheng's Book",

    one of Spiritual Wisdom and insight entitled "One Voice". I again returned to Gran Canaria

    but it was different, I sensed it had changed, or perhaps I had, but the feeling just wasn't

    the same for me. Never the less it was preferable for me than to live in the U.K. so I made

    the best of it and that is easy with the climate, the beaches and the sea but work was very

    scarce and more so out of season. Winter was coming but it was not to be a winter I saw there

    because something pretty amazing happened on that island in the sun which changed my life


    At this point of this story I better tell people that for years now since 1985 I have

    known I am a Psychic Medium and my primary Guide has been "Cheng". A Guide of great

    wisdom and an example being when channeling "Cheng" and posed that question of all

    questions " What is the meaning of life ? " "Cheng's" answer being "Life is the Lesson,

    Experience the Teacher". Anyone without exception to date who has been given a "Cheng"

    reading have been amazed by the reading given. In Gran Canaria I would often be asked

    by friends to consult "Cheng" about things for them.

    Soon after the channeling of "Cheng" began so did my interest in Spiritualism begin and

    I attended as a congregation member "Ealing Spiritual Church" and found it fascinating

    and received messages from the invited speakers regularly and two I remember very

    distinctly. The first was "Simon is here and wants me to assure you that you were not

    responsible for his death". I knew immediately this must be Simon from school. I left

    Kelsey Park Comprehensive school, Beckenham, Kent in 1976 and he had consistently

    bullied and threatened me and was the owner of a Suzuki 50 which at the time was the

    in thing, a moped disguised  to resemble a motorcycle. Anyway during one incident I, who

    never physically fought back,told him that he better be careful on his Suzuki 50.

    A couple of weeks later Simon was killed riding it. In 1985 any guilt or remorse I'd had was taken

    from me by his powerful message given to me. The second message was one the invited Medium

    told me they did not understand but had to give it as they received it so hoped I did and it was

    "Keep looking after us here in Spirit and we will keep looking after you on the "earth plane".

    The Medium pleased that I accepted it and understood it.

    I do not expect people to believe this but I have always felt somewhat of an alien on

    earth, never quite fitting in somehow, almost like a tourist travelling through is

    how I best explain it but never felt rooted here explaining I suppose my being a

    wanderer and a "Free Spirit", perhaps necessitating my having no emotional ties to

    anyone to the extent of clipping my wings, to date anyway.

    I was then invited to join Ealing's private circle run by someone called Geoff and was

    so happy to do so as I wanted to explore my interest and this provided me with the

    perfect opportunity to do so. One evening meeting the group members sat in a room lit

    only by candles had to choose a fellow member to focus on by staring at them and then

    closing eyes tell what vision might be seen, energy might be felt. I honestly cannot

    remember who I chose or who selected me but I do recall the messages vividly.

    I described having seen an Ancient Grecian scene depicted in a garden with I presumed

    handmaidens in their flowing gowns and describing the surrounding architecture.

    The person who I do recall being male told everyone that I had described where his

    personal Spiritual Guide resided. My message was that I was surrounded by a Golden

    light and that Geoff ought to change seats with me as I was the Teacher of the Circle.

    Imagine how awkward I felt being the newest member of it ! Well a week later I was

    requested by Geoff to leave the circle as he sensed grey energy with me, rather as

    he put it like a raincloud within the selected group so reluctantly and very sadly

    I left feeling so rejected and disappointed. One night a female member called me and

    asked me if I had seen the article in the Independent Newspaper in which Geoff had

    admitted being a practicing Warlock for the past twenty years. I hadn't but asked by

    her what a Warlock was, I told her the High Priest of Black Mass or Satanic Worship.

    We were both shocked but she told me that the Ealing Spiritual Circle had been disbanded

    which wasn't such a surprise! I knew exactly why I had been requested to leave, he knew

    I was too strong to be influenced by his evil manipulation, this made complete sense to

    me. I now rarely attend Spiritual Churches even amongst a public congregation.  

    I was living in Gran Canaria on August 31st 1997 and it has always fascinated me as

    to why I would be living in Venezuela, a Spanish speaking nation when Diana married and

    on a Spanish speaking island 16 years later when she died? Anyway on August 30th having

    finished work I went as I always did clubbing in the night but that night instead of partying

    until 5am, as usual, I left the "XL Club" early and returned to the apartment I shared with

    Antonio and Frank. Arriving alone there at 1am August 31st I found myself drawn to stand on

    the balcony and just stare at the stars in the tropical night sky thinking of people freezing in the U.K.

    as I stood there overlooking the floodlit pool in tee shirt and shorts. It was around 5am that the

    others arrived back and thought it odd to find me standing on the balcony, even more weird when I told

    them I had been there since getting home 4 hours earlier. It is important to realise here that Gran Canaria

    time is the same as the U.K.-- unlike the rest of Europe an hour ahead. Thinking me odder than usual

    the two guys then went to bed leaving me on the balcony which I left eventually at 8am. Remembering

    that I am not smitten with the U.K. it can be imagined I never read an English newspaper and actually

    never ever listened much to the news, I lived in my own self contented bubble on the sub-tropical island

    in ignorant bliss of anything happening in the rest of the world which included mainland Spain. I was not

    interested. Living there even working was like an extended vacation, surrounded by tourists

    a lively night life in a safe environment all hours, spending days when not working lazing

    on the beach overlooking the Atlantic Ocean or swimming in the apartment pool, or even

    chatting with friends on the apartment balcony drinking cuba libre / rum and cola.

    In my ignorance the early afternoon of August 31st 1997 I went and bought chilled water

    from the local store and it was not until 3pm that I heard Antonio and Frank both in the

    lounge of the apartment burst into tears whilst watching the news and from the kitchen

    caught site of an aircraft on an airport tarmac and said "Otra hijack si", "Another

    hijack yes" and Antonio broke the news " No Andy  La Princessa Diana, ahora ella esta muerta

    en un coche accidente en Paris, Francia!" I like everyone globally couldn't believe it,

    Princess Diana dead in a car crash in Paris, France. What I saw then was the aircraft on

    the tarmac was the one in which together with her ex husband H.R.H. Prince Charles and

    her two elder sisters; her body would be transported back home to the U.K.in.

    As I say never having been a royalist and much less a traditionalist I felt compelled to

    immediately change into black tee shirt, black trousers, black shoes and socks and

    washing the apparel daily, this became my daily uniform until the day of her funeral

    September 6th 1997. Though dark haired, dark eyed and easily tanning, so often imagined

    to being Spanish myself, there was no disguising what my nationality was now. I was

    almost as if subconsciously where as normally pleased people didn't do so, I wanted

    people to know I was English. What a surreal day it was seeing people dressed in their

    bikinis and swimming trunks coming from the beach in floods of tears and on every

    television channel programmes all about La Princessa Diana and every newscaster dressed

    in black, the women black dresses and the men with black ties. It was incredibly moving

    and made me realise just how very much loved and respected Diana was and had been.

    I cannot recall seeing one cheerful face on any nationality. The Germans holiday

    in Gran Canaria much as the British tend to prefer the Canarian Island of Tenerife

    and Germans by nature are conservative and reluctant to show emotion openly but

    Diana's death saw women and men cry with no shame at all.

    I ventured to the bars and clubs that night to gauge the atmosphere which was very

    subdued and in the bars guys were coming to me all the time saying the same thing

    "You're English aren't you!" and when I told them I was hugging me tight and sobbing

    their hearts out, Diana remember was somewhat of a respected Gay Iconic figure within

    the Gay Community because of her work in dispelling the stigma of A.I.D.S.and H.I.V.

    and her subsequent avid interest in supporting places like the London Lighthouse and

    Gay Charity concerns amongst her other work for worthy causes the lady promoted and

    gained publicity for. It is undisputed fact that the majority of people even now will

    remember exactly what they were doing when Diana died or when they heard of her death!

    As I say I was in the kitchen of the apartment making coffee for us all and had been

    though I hadn't known it on the balcony staring up into the starlit sky of the tropical

    August night when Diana had been pronounced dead at 4am French time, 3am in Gran Canaria.