Factual Precis Concerning Diana, Princess of Wales

Even though the life and death of Diana, Princess of Wales, received much coverage in the media we have here
on these pages factual precis concerning Diana. It is a distillation of many pages of media coverage and if the
vast amount of all of that coverage could be read at once a clear picture of many things regarding Diana might
come clear. As well these precis take in the knowledge that Andrew has gleaned concerning Diana by his close
association with her. These precis found in this section represent but a slice of the ones that went onto the
original dianaspeaks.com site but we feel we have added here the most poignant  ones and those that tell a very
precise story. The ones on the original site were compiled by Andrew from both newspaper and Internet news
stories and added by hand by him to document the story for both historical and validation purposes.  The amount
of precis  on the original site was a very large volume. We have all of the original precis safe in our vaults for
preservation but wanted here to add the best of the lot for you to read.

These have been selected by Diana herself, working through Andrew, for inclusion in this site and we ask that the
readers take their time and consider in depth the facts listed here and use your own sense of truth and judgement
to discern the truth of what may or may not have been told by the media. Today we in society know that media
bias exists and depending upon the allegiances of the owners of media outlets that the "slant" to a story can
deflect the truth if it is desired by the "powers that be". It is why it is imperative, like Andrew did in the formation of
the original sets of these precis, to peruse all  manner of media to get an overview of what the story actually was
and then determine what you believe to be the truth.  
We offer this to you for your own discernment.

Snippets of the life of Diana...