(These following words were channeled to Andrew back in 2005 and they are added here to flesh out the picture of
what Diana felt about the Queen, what she thought the relationship might be like with the Queen's new
daughter-in-law. Below that is a bit of a factual precis about the Royal reaction to Diana's death.)

1)  What do you feel relations are like between H.R.H. The Duchess of Cornwall and The Queen ?

Her Majesty's primary role is all about abiding with protocol and honouring and respecting tradition; representing her
kingdom in the best way possible non - politically as she cannot be seen to be bias and in this she is dedicated and
accepting of its demands for conformity. I personally always admired her for this, she does a good job of the top job
and personalities I would imagine don't much come into it. Whether she personally likes or admires the character or
not isn't given the same consideration as the fact that in her association with Charles, her eldest son and her
immediate heir; the Monarchy itself has suffered. It has come into dis-repute and worse ridicule.

As an example of this in being Monarch, this means being recognised as Head of the Church of England, a church
which does not officially recognise divorce. The future King and I divorced and his wife now so future Queen; as he
has said he wishes her to become, herself a divorcee!

I would imagine therefore in her eyes their behaviour is in many respects  unforgivable because it undermines so
powerfully everything in her capacity as reigning Monarch; Her Majesty upholds in this formidable position.

My own personal behaviour resulted in relations between us becoming difficult and ultimately non - exsistant. In her
eyes I'd let the Monarchy down in not accepting my husband Charles had a mistress and entertaining infidelity myself
with various suitors having needs and desires of my own! Likewise let down in a similar manner by the ex Duchess of
York and so too as I say her eldest son. The fact remains though she is his Mother so this consequently places her
in a very awkward position but I would imagine that contact between herself and his new wife will at best only ever be
one of polite toleration.

My knowing Camilla loved the man but not the baggage that came with him; I would also think that following my death
in order to lessen the monarchy losing greater popularity; that they were advised to marry as the other choices
would have been to retain her as his Mistress or abandon her completely. The latter option non - viable as Charles
said openly and publicly said that his friendship with the then Mrs. Camilla Parker - Bowles was nonnegotiable and to
retain her as his mistress with the mother of his sons; the eldest being his own future heir; being dead; quite
unacceptable ! Marriage the only possible answer to retain any dignity to the Monarchy at all.

2) What do you personally think about Her Majesty's role ?

I feel that it has conditioned her life in a great many respects albeit unfairly in many respects and  herself powerless
to alter this. Strongly disliking confrontation in any form doing her utmost to avoid it and particularly of course when
her own family are involved; they after all having personally proven themselves to being somewhat dysfunctional
which must upset her. Only Prince Edward remains married to his original marital partner by example; divorce no
stranger to the House of Windsor.

I personally found her to be expert at deliberately blinding herself to the obvious as in the case of Charles and I who
had emotionally and mentally damaged each other for years by the time she strongly suggested we divorce and this
step taken by her following my Panorama Interview in which it was seen I questioned my husbands ability to rule ?

I said that I wasn't sure the demands and pressures of the position as King would be ones he could cope with as
then not knowing I would die two years later; I'd wondered naturally how as King he'd retain his mistress as the
pressures upon him to give her up would be tremendous and knowing the character knew it would not be something
he'd do so precipitating an abdication for love made by him therefore repeating the history of  Edward for Wallis
Simpson which still haunts them to this day!

At her coronation Her Majesty vowed first allegiance to her kingdom; not her husband or children who though of
importance to her naturally are not in the same league of all that she rules. The consequential result of this has
been a distant relationship with her children and an odd one with her husband. He himself a proud man dislikes
intensely that protocol demands he must always walk slightly behind her and it is known has himself entertained a
string of mistresses to compensate the lack of love available to him from her. Indeed it was he who suggested to my
then future husband to marry me and if after five years with an heir born the marriage wasn't working to then take a
mistress. One occasion when father  and son who can't ordinarily stand one another agreed on something, Charles
acting accordingly and being blessed with two sons.

Her Majesty cannot be criticised in her role as Monarch, this I believe is something beyond reproach. In life in this
she gained complete respect from me knowing full well that I would not have been able to conduct myself in such a
regimented, uniformed conservative style at all. I'm not sure actually if many people could but it has been her
personal indoctrination whether welcomed or not and something, a responsibility she adapted to shouldering at a
very young age.

I would imagine at one level or another at times a pretty lonely existence; certainly an isolating one. The tragedy
being that in direct consequence of this adherence to duty; sacrificed has been the emotional closeness and rapport
of a happy family life and this has duly been something that has affected them all in one way or another and all
powerless to prevent this from happening.

It is quite literally something out of their control which is why upon reflection I have made it very clear that ideally I do
not wish either of my boys to follow in this mapped out destiny themselves; seeing it as being archaic; a system so
removed from todays society and somewhat suffocating for those most keenly affected by its formalities ! It is after all
the government in power that rules and the establishment that dictates these puppets on their strings !


Royal Reaction to the death of "Diana, Princess of Wales"

                     In losing the official H.R.H. title following the Royal Divorce; according to protocol Diana was not
entitled to a "State Funeral". There was no inclination to bend the rules to permit this but problems ran deep with the
alternative to this being a private funeral organised by the Spencer family. There was opposition to Diana's body
lying in state in any of the Royal Palaces including her own "Kensington Palace" ( Diana's London home being
Apartments 8 & 9 which no longer exist being completely gutted after her death ) and those against this included her
own brother-in-law; married to her sister Jane; Sir Robert Fellowes who was at that time the Queen's Private
Secretary. The same man as reported by some as being seen in Paris the weekend of the incident; something
strongly denied as would only be expected.

                      It seems that the Prince of Wales received no assistance in his determination to administer dignity to
Diana, his ex wife and the Mother of  Princes William ( 15 yrs ) and Harry ( 13 yrs ). Charles had to organise the flight
out to Paris, France and travelling with Diana's sisters Sarah and Jane. During the sad home - coming even having
to ensure there was a wreath on the coffin for the flight back to the U.K. After speaking with the Prime Minister, who
at the time was Tony Blair, the decision was made that Diana would lie in the Royal Chapel at St. James Palace. ( At
that time the London residence of Charles.)

                        According to reports the Queen and her husband along with traditionalists so amongst them Sir
Robert Fellowes were directly opposing to the wishes being expressed by the Prince of Wales and the P.M. It is said
that Prince Charles actually invited Sir Robert to " Impale himself on his own flagstaff ! "

                         The Queen retreating with the young princes in Balmoral, Scotland and not being in London with her
people overcome with grief, a mourning which proved itself being global; international and which resulted in an anti -
monarchist surge of feeling growing daily throughout her own kingdom. IT was noted that  the only flags not flying at
half- mast being those above her palaces and most notably of all " Buckingham Palace" in the capital city which
personally offended many of her people.

                           Speaking in his Sedgefield constituency the morning of August 31st 1997 upon Diana's death
Tony Blair said ...

                            "She touched the lives of so many others in Britain and throughout the world with joy and comfort.
How difficult things were for her from time to time, I'm sure we can only guess at; but people everywhere, not just
here in Britain kept faith with Princess Diana. They liked her, they loved her, they regarded her as one of the people.
She was the People's Princess and that is how she will stay, how she will remain in all our hearts and memories

                           The Queen remained silent until the P.M. himself intervened and convinced her to return to
London earlier than she had anticipated doing and on the eve of the funeral which had been decided would be a "
Unique one for a unique person "  the Queen finally addressed the people.

                           The subsequent funeral for " Diana, Princess of Wales " was the largest public funeral the country
had experienced since the death of Sir. Winston Churchill. Diana had rattled many cages amongst the royals both as
an official and unofficial royal but ironically she has succeeded in strengthening them as seen with her two boys who
now are publicly promoted as being the face of tomorrows British Royalty; both having inherited their mother's charm
and warmth keenly adopt a style with the public similar to hers and one that evidently shows them to be " The
People's Princes ! "

                                                                                       An artists impression of Diana's body lying in state in
                                                                                       the Royal Chapel in St. James Palace, London
                                                                                       prior to the funeral of September 6th 1997 .

The Queen of England and The Queen of Hearts.

The Oueen and Prince Phillip facing the love and respect
that the world held for Diana as they see the mounds of
tribute left in Diana's name.