Posted: Nov.11th 2010

People might be wondering why I have changed my name to " Christian " for the Diana Work and the
answer is basically that my name is too long winded and I was inspired to choose an alternative I.D. -
one easier to remember! The name "Christian" has a ring to it, sounding less staccato than Andrew, a
softer edge.

For those of you conversant with numerology; you will know that it carries the energy of the Number
11 which happens also to be my life - path number; so this name change will consequently prove
being advantageous to the progression of the job that I have been chosen to play my part in.

There is information on the net about Life - Path numbers and it is a number of great personal
significance to everyone and is found by simply adding your birth date numbers and  so by example
mine is 20th December 1959 which therefore simplifies to 2+0+1+2+1+9+5+9 = 29 = 11.

The name " Christian" inspired to me on 11 / 11 / 2010.


Rose's note: Having been informed of Andrew's inspiration to be known as Christian I was at first some what
resistant. We had, after all, been trying to promote ANDREW as Diana's channel and I felt the name change
might be too confusing for people.  However, in checking with my own source of Infinite Wisdom via my own
channeling abilities I was given to know that the name change was indeed inspired...and I do mean

I was given the information that since all things resonate energetically that there was a need of a change of tonal
value so that an energetic alteration for the work could be had. I was asked to accept the change and to 'go with
the flow'.  I was told it had to do with harmonics and was a needed shift. In light of all of the energy shifts we have
been having on old planet Earth for 2010 I realized that it made sense that an energy shift might be needed for
this work. Thus it seems that there is a new energy to be had with this work and I now must learn a new name for
an old friend.

P.S.  There is a new pod cast found on the Current Messages home page near the bottom entitled
"Christian-Diana-Tony" that offers the announcement of this name change from Andrew to Christian for purposes
related to the Diana work and some comments from Diana herself on various questions and happenings, not to
mention an eye-witness account from someone who has been living with Christian and Diana for more than