05th September 2009

Prince Harry has rekindled his five-year romance with Chelsy Davy, eight months after she dumped him on
Facebook.  The Mail on Sunday can reveal that the couple have had a string of clandestine meetings, with Chelsy
visiting Harry at both his London residence, Clarence House, and at the property he shares with his brother
Prince William while training with the Army Air Corps at RAF Shawbury in Shropshire.

The Prince is understood to have instigated the meetings, and the pair have been in regular contact by phone
since Chelsy stayed over at Clarence House at the end of July.

Sources close to both Harry and Chelsy said last night that the couple want to give their relationship ‘another
shot’, but they have agreed to keep a low profile in order to give it a better chance of working out.

A source told The Mail on Sunday: ‘Harry and Chelsy are back on, but they are keeping things very low key.
They want to take it very slowly and are determined to keep things quiet.

‘Chelsy in particular finds the media attention when she’s with Harry very hard to bear. They don’t want any
pressure and have decided to keep the news very much between themselves.

‘You certainly won’t see them out clubbing together, but they have been meeting up in secret over the past few
weeks to talk about their future and whether they actually have one. Harry has missed Chelsy hugely and is
desperate for things to work.’

In June the Prince was briefly linked with Sky Sports presenter Caroline Flack, but a friend  insisted: ‘Harry has
had a few flings, but they have not been serious. He still holds a flame for Chelsy, but they both have to work out
whether the relationship can work.’

Zimbabwe-born Chelsy, who is due to start work with City legal firm Allen & Overy this month, has been linked to
several men over the summer, including property developer Dan Philipson and nightclub promoter Dominic

She was photographed with Dominic on a group holiday in Portugal in July – but sources insist the fling is not

Shortly after that holiday, Chelsy, 23, and Harry, 24, met up again. A source said: ‘Harry suggested it. She stayed
over at Clarence House. They are both very cautious about getting back together and probably a little bit scared,
but they have definitely been seeing each other.

‘There is still a big physical attraction between them and Harry has told Chelsy he hasn’t met anyone he really
cares about since they split.’

The Prince was said to be deeply hurt when Chelsy changed her status on the social networking website Facebook
from ‘in a relationship’ to ‘single’ after the couple had a huge row in January.

Another pal added: ‘Chelsy is looking forward to her new job. She would love things to work out with Harry but
she has told him he has to prove his love and commitment before it’s serious.’

A spokesman for the Palace last night declined to comment

                    "Hello Everyone,
                                             Here is news that brings a smile to my face as I know that Chelsy is as suitable for Harry as
Catharine is for Wills and I have always said so. On my site is a precis to the effect of this and directed quite
openly towards my youngest and somewhat wayward, rebellious son, traits inherited from his Mother I hasten to
add !

                                             Chelsy is African, from Zimbabwe and everyone knows Harry's personal affinity with this
continent, he has even said publicly were he not a prince, he'd like to be a safari guide. I have said he will find
himself being an action man, where the action is; so I do see him eventually settling in Africa actually.

                                                I intend neither of my boys to live a mapped out destiny denying them a private life due
to protocol, rules and regulations bound to a system which killed one parent and has somewhat broken the other;
and who better as his wife than a native of this vast continent and someone who clearly understands him as
Chelsy does. Chelsy is perfect for him !

                                                I believe my boys look at my site periodically as other younger Royal members do so and
when he reads this, Harry take note ... Mummy approves of Chelsy wholeheartedly !

                                               Now of course as with Wills and his lovely lady, you may not have ever really parted,
absence makes the heart grow fonder and certainly it seems emotionally you didn't but I am so happy that
officially and openly you are seen to be together as quite frankly both of you will find it very difficult to replace
one another, if possible to do at all!

                                                I know of course you are both still young and the course of true love is never a smooth
one, I learnt that but it is the greatest learning curve afforded the majority of people a chance at experiencing at
one point in their lives; for some sooner than later, some like I discovered  found they had to wait for it but when
found it is a bond which needs no words, it just is, but when found is something to hold on to as it is precious and
therefore  to be respected and above all cherished !

                                                Harry, Mummy will be watching ... every continued happiness in togetherness wished
you both and likewise, of course, for you and your lady, Wills!  

With lots and lots of love from Mummy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

Thank you for listening to me and sharing in my delight,
                                                                                     Diana xx

Another comment from Diana regarding the news of Harry and Chelsea reuniting.

Date Posted: 07-13-09

" Hello,
      Here is my latest current message, not yet posted on my site. I know about the latest romance for Chelsy
but she still apparently holds the torch for her Prince Charming and I have always said I feel she is perfect for
Harry, so fingers crossed they do get back together.  However, we must wait and see !

      He, I have always said, is much more Spencer than Windsor which given my brother Charles's antics
regarding relationships perhaps is an explanation for this behaviour of his regarding his relationship but I
would ask him to think carefully about seeing he maintains it as much as he can personally as girls like Chelsy
do not come along everyday.

                 " Hello Everyone,
                                         Please do look at what I said in one of my most current messages regarding Chelsy and Harry
who apparently have reunited 5th September 2009.  News I am thrilled to hear naturally but also it seems Harry
has been the one to do the chasing which is something I also suggested he needed to do so I am therefore pretty
convinced by this example and others (" Take That " performing "Back for good" by example at "Concert for
Diana") that my boys read my site and listen to Mummy or at least take serious note of what she says knowing full
well I will only ever have their best interests at heart...either this or both are amazingly psychic !

                                           I would hope therefore I will be proven equally correct when neither of them are seen to
continue an outdated, archaic system which will prove detrimental to their personal lives...they are "Free Spirits"
and I am determined that they will remain so knowing a mapped out destiny of such conformity of rules,
regulation and protocol will be so personally restricting for them and especially when in actual fact it is for the
sake of maintenance of something that nowadays is more than anything else a costly tourist attraction!

                                               Her Majesty will I have always said be the last of the regal royals and does a tremendous
job she cannot be faulted for; knowing nothing else the majority of her life, so consequently fully trained but in
keeping with another era and one when pomp and circumstance held a greater respect by people who these days
recognise the expense it costs to maintain and particularly in the current economic climate directly affecting
them in a multitude of ways! People's priorities have indeed changed, personal attitudes altered in keeping with
the transforming times the world is experiencing now ! "

                               With love from,
                                                  Diana xx