At the time of her death  Diana, Princess of Wales and her companion Dodi Fayed were being
monitored by no less than five intelligence agencies which included the following: MI6, NSA, CIA,
Mossad and the DGSE! Why such intense interest by so many intelligence groups?

It is alleged that Mossad, the much vaunted Israeli intelligence agency, was responsible for snatching the
Mercedes Benz S280 that was involved in the crash, for the sole purpose of rigging it up for the crash. There
are also whispers that Henri Paul was an asset of theirs, allegations that Mossad have never bothered to
refute. (Note though that silence in this business does not necessarily symbolize guilt because quite often it's
a case of damned if you do…damned if you don't! So in this particular case if Mossad had denied Henri Paul
as being an informant of theirs there was sure to be a chorus of voices claiming such a denial was tacit
admission to the fact!)

Whether it was MI6 or Mossad who snatched the Mercedes a few weeks before the crash is a moot point at
this juncture, however strong circumstantial evidence suggests that the car was tampered with so that it could
be remote controlled when the time was necessary and that a small explosive device was installed which
would be triggered at the right time. (The detonation of that device might be the explosion that several
witnesses claim to have heard immediately after observing a blinding flash (strobe light?) just before the
Mercedes slammed into the 13th pillar.)

Why Would Israel Be Interested In Diana?
Israel had every reason to be concerned about  Diana for the very simple reason she was set to marry Dodi
Fayed who so happened to be an Egyptian and a Muslim no less! Furthermore Diana was increasingly
becoming a voice to be reckoned with in international politics and had in fact been nominated for a Nobel
Prize for her campaign to abolish land mines.

The Israelis naturally harbored fears that  Diana would meddle in Middle Eastern politics in much the same
way that she did with the land mines campaign. (Which by the way angered certain factions in "democratic"
western nations that on the one hand condemn the violence of wars in third world regions like Africa while on
the other hand doing their best to stoke such conflicts so they can sell their arms! America is the biggest
arms producer in the world! Those arms are produced for profit, not altruistic reasons, so they need wars to
fuel the sale of those arms! There's an interesting film about that subject starring Nicholas Cage entitled
"Lord of War.")

It is very likely that  Diana, egged on by Dodi Fayed, could have brought a shift in perspective and focus on
the plight of the Palestinians, spotlighting a harsh, cruel existence ironically reminiscent of the Nazi camps; a
reality that is little reported by the much of the mainstream western media and something that Israel very
much did not want the world to know! (Which may explain why they so often "accidentally" shoot reporters
and fire on U.N. troops.)

The General Directorate of External Security is France's foreign intelligence service and superseded the
SDECE. It is nigh on impossible that the logistics of this plot could have been achieved without French
intelligence cooperation from the highest levels.

Such cooperation may explain why a few minutes prior to the Diana crash all police channels in Paris went
inexplicably silent. This would also explain why the Paris Chief of Police was perplexed at why the ambulance
transporting Princess Diana from the crash was taking so long to get to the hospital but even more so at the
reason why nobody could inform him of the ambulance's progress and whereabouts! (Looks like the normal
French police were largely left out of the loop and only informed on a need-to-know basis.)

But perhaps the strongest factor suggesting French Intelligence involvement was their silence in the face of
the avalanche of accusations emanating from Britain in the aftermath of Princess Diana's death. France and
Britain have been centuries old rivals (France supplied Argentina with the deadly and very effective exocet
missile against Britain in The Falklands War) and it is more than likely that French authorities (DGSE in this
case) would have gone well out of their way to discredit MI6 had they not been part of the plot...or at the very
least they would have made a super-concerted effort to bring those responsible to justice if for nothing else
than to absolve the French authorities for any perceived mismanagement of the investigation!

The NSA (National Security Agency) of America has in its possession over 1050 secret electronic transcripts
covering eavesdropped intercepts of Princess Diana's phone calls and conversations retained from other
electronic bugging devices! ( Interestingly, no mobile 'phones reported being found on either Diana, Dodi,
Henri - Paul or Trevor Rees Jones on August 31st 1997 )

It is not unusual for friendly secret service agencies to share intelligence on subjects of interest and in fact
routinely MI6 makes requests of its bigger and more powerful cousins to keep an eye on British Royalty
traveling abroad ostensibly for the royal partie's own safety. However, the extent of international intelligence
surveillance of Princess Diana in the final months of her life far exceeded the norm. Certainly the amount of
data that the NSA and CIA had on her was way beyond routine.

It is speculated that one of the motives behind  Diana's assassination was her campaign to ban land mines
which have had a truly devastating toll on children in Africa (maimed limbs). Though most of the responsible
conflicts are long over, thousands of unexploded mines still kill, injure and maim people everyday in those

When  Diana approached and got a firm assurance from President Clinton to enact a bill that would abolish
the United States involvement in the trade of land mines, that move was likely the final nail in the coffin that
sealed her death. She now had very powerful enemies across both sides of the Atlantic! By getting Bill
Clinton to publicly state that he was going to take action against America's involvement in the trade of land
mines she had angered the very powerful American arms cartel that includes very prominent right wing
political families in America.

In fact, immediately following her death, President Clinton did an about turn on his promise to see a bill
through that would abolish the trade of land mines. But the damage was already done and President Clinton
was not going to be allowed to get off so easily either.

As the rest of world watched on in sheer incredulity at the absurdness of the spectacle, the events to
impeach the most popular and successful American president of the last 40 years dramatically unfolded!
What should have been nothing more than a domestic issue was quickly turned into a national issue of
gigantic proportions.

What most of the American public didn't know was the impeachment move was being spearheaded by a right
wing faction to remove a meddlesome democratic President from interfering with their new world order
agenda! (That right wing faction included some of the same people who helped propagate the lie about
WMDs (weapons of mass destruction) in Iraq to justify the war)

So you can bet that if those individuals went after President Clinton in the manner they did, they certainly had
no qualms aiding and abetting in the assassination of  Diana, Princess of Wales.

Diana's anti-land mine campaign, for which she had been nominated a Nobel Peace Prize, was in direct
conflict with the huge trans-global arms business (America as the biggest arms producer in the world is its
center) and its consequential manufacture of wars in regions where they can test and sell their arms at great
human loss but enormous profit! Such regions include Africa, The Middle East and South America!

Diana's murder and its subsequent cover up could and would never have happened had it not been
orchestrated by the British Secret Intelligence Services, in this case MI6! That said, the faction in MI6
responsible for her death would never have taken action had they not been authorized from some one very
high up in the monarchy...and no that does not necessarily mean the Queen!

I have never believed that the Queen was involved in Diana's death and in fact, contrary to public belief in
the wake of Princess Diana's death, the Queen's actions were the strongest indication that she was not privy
or part of the plot! People complained that the lack of any public display of anguish or sympathy for Diana's
death from the monarchy was tantamount to an admission of guilt or complicity in her death.

I think it was the exact opposite! If the Queen had been involved she'd have gone out of her way to show how
saddened she felt by the princess' death and thus dispel any whispers of involvement. Besides she also
warned Princess Diana's former butler (in a protective manner for his own good as opposed to a threatening
manner) with the words "There are powers at work in this country about which we have no knowledge."

But the fact of the matter is the Queen played it the way she saw fit and in the manner in which she was
brought up, which with hindsight proved to be far removed from the expectations of the England of the day!
Let's not forget that the Queen grew up in an era not known or long forgotten to many of us!

Anonymous ... July 29th 2009