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                                 Diana's Pod Casts:      

Woman to Woman Pod Casts  #1-#12 and 2007 Christmas Message

Summation of pod casts to be added later.

Original Pod Casts  #1-#12 and Rose and Andrew Speak

Summation of pod casts to be added later.

Diana Says Pod Casts    #1-#8     

#1...  Interview with Andrew/Christian, Diana's voice channel, about the scrambling of the original
Diana Speaks site, what direction the Diana Says pod cast series will take. Power of the spoken
word and utilizing a voice channel. How does Diana feel about the "spies" in Paris. An informant
in the Diana camp. Paparazzi members as "plants". Warning phone calls about land mine work.
Establishment as enemies. Where is Monarchy heading? Behavior of younger Royals.
Anti-Monarchy rumors- the boys not taking the throne. Embalming/pregnancy claims. People of
note not believing Diana is still around.

#2...  The assassination of Benazir Bhutto and Diana's comments upon it. Prophecy in Diana's
Christmas message of 2007 and other messages delivered elsewhere.

#3...  Changes noted with Andrew. Behavioral patterns and energies changing. Why choice of
male channel versus female channel? The fusion of 2 energies into 1 body. Speaking to Andrew
about Diana. Diana's frustrations.

#4... Questioning the testimony of Paul Burrell at Inquest. Diana speaks of Paul Burrell as an
employee. Burrell's trial for stealing Diana's possessions. Suspension of Diana's police
protection. Letters to and from Prince Phillip. Diana not accepting a mistress. New generation of
women's ideologies. Conflict in e threport of Diana's visit to the villa in Paris. Mohamed Al fayed's
memories concerning Dodi. Phantom pregnancy.

#5...  Speaking to Andrew. Patrick Jephson's comments about Diana, Fergie and psychics. Names
of people contacted about Diana channeling via Andrew. Knowledge that the younger Royals visit
the Diana site. Diana speaks about lessons with Peter Settelen. The difference between the
person Diana and the persona Princess of Wales. Not being a saint and becoming egocentric.
Making enemies in her own camp. Battling a system trying to destroy you.

#6... Announcement of Diana videos on YouTube. Andrew's news about attention to Diana's site.
Karmic situations. Again talk of Diana's prophetic words coming true. Thank you to Sarah and
Penny for being catalysts in Diana's life. Where is Diana's famous giggle? What difficulties in this
fusion with Andrew? What of Diana's memory while in Andrew? The human aspect of Diana in

Then and Now Pod Casts   #1-#10

#1...   Diana speaks of her involvement with land mine issue and of her intention to expose other
global corruptions. Also speaks of the archaic nature of the Monarchy.

#2...   Diana speaks about Harry, her youngest son and his military involvement in Afghanistan.
Diana confronts the issue of a Youth Culture of violence and the threat of civil war within the
Muslim communities.

#3...  Diana and Christian speaking. Diana speaking about the Andrew Morton book "Diana, Her
True Story " and of her Panorama Interview in 1995.

#4... Diana speaks about the film " The Queen " and of Royal protocol.

#5...  Diana speaks pulling no punches over controversial issues including the Royals finding her
more of a problem dead than alive.

#6...  Diana speaks of her seeing no future for the British Monarchy.

#7...  Diana speaks of her disappointment but also it being the expected result of the inquest into
events happening in Paris in 1997 adding the real truth will not become known until after the death
of the Queen.

#8...  Diana speaks of problems within the current marriage of " H.R.H. The Prince of Wales ".
Diana gives advice to her boys and speaks of the assassinations of those who stand up against
systems in power.

#9...  A Live Experiment conducted with Rose Campbell channeling the Higher Diana...her Spiritual
Essence... and Christain channeling the Lower Diana...The Lady's Earthbound Essence.

#10... Diana speaks about Catherine Middleton being perfect for her eldest son William. Also
warns that some of the critics of the " Diana Work " and the channeling of her through Christian
might well being plants deliberately trying to sabotage the success of it happening.

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