A Few Side Notes:

When Princess Diana died her boys were asked which of her possessions they would individually like to remember
their Mother by. Harry chose her diamond and sapphire engagement ring and William selected her watch. Harry gave
William the engagement ring for Catherine Middleton to wear, apparently saying this ring should be worn by the next
Queen. Not an easy thing for him to do but illustrating the very real closeness of the brother's unbreakable bond.

A subtlety involved here showing the trait inherited by him from his Mother, clearly showing whether his father makes
her his Queen if he becomes King Camilla, in Harry's eyes, will never be seen in this status which then fuels rumours
that unofficially he has never personally taken to her knowing of her powerful role in the destruction of his parents
marriage and not forgiving her for this.

Kate Middleton, the fiancée' of William eldest son of Charles, Prince of Wales and the late Diana, Princess of Wales
will be officially known by her christened name of Catherine and the name which apparently she personally prefers
being known as though even William and Harry have been seen to call her Kate as the Media have chosen to name
her ignoring her preference but one respected by Diana who has always used her Christian name when writing or
speaking to or about Catherine; her future daughter - in - law.

Catherine Middleton will become Queen when Prince William is King.
Queen Catherine, as she may one day choose to be styled, will inherit a host of titles during her life as a royal.

Tradition dictates the royal men receive a title following their wedding. Prince Andrew became the Duke of York, while
Edward was made the Earl of Wessex

For William, a Dukedom is expected.

Possible titles suggested as most likely include the Duke of Clarence, Duke of Cambridge, Duke of Connaught or the
Duke of Sussex, meaning Catherine becoming a Duchess.

Other options include Kendal, Avondale, Strathearn and Teviotdale.

All titles are in the gift of Her Majesty the Queen and it is up to her to decide on the one William would use following
his marriage.

If the Prince surprises all and turns down a title, Catherine would become HRH Princess William of Wales or Princess
Catherine or Kate of Wales.

When Charles accedes the throne, it is expected he will make William the Prince of Wales.

The title is intended for the male heir apparent to the throne, but there is no automatic succession. It would only be
renewed if Charles wished it to be.

If that happened, Catherine would become Princess of Wales, the title used by William's late mother.

It now technically belongs to the Duchess of Cornwall, but she has never used it because of its association with
Diana, Princess of Wales ( The outcry of public protest were she to do so unimaginable globally and of further
damage still to the British Monarchy which has lost a lot of the publics interest and support since August 31st 1997
when Diana died ! )

When his father becomes King, William, as heir apparent, would also become the Duke of Cornwall.

He will receive the annual net revenues from the Duchy of Cornwall to meet his costs as heir to the throne.

This would mean Catherine taking over Camilla's current title.

Clarence House says that when Charles becomes King, Camilla intends to be known as Princess Consort, rather than

Catherine will become Queen when William is made King.

As a Queen Consort, Catherine would be crowned and anointed at the coronation ceremony like the late Queen
Mother was.

Having been something mentioned by Diana in her personal message to Catherine (seen in the preceding Current
Written Message) sensibly the Christian initials of the betrothed couple "C & W," are listed alphabetically on the items
for sale as the Official Memorabilia of the Royal Wedding of April 29th 2011 rather than prioritizing the prince, since
"WC" is a well-known abbreviation in the United Kingdom for the toilet ( Water - Closet ) or rest room. It reported that
the couple, H.R.H. Prince William and his fiancée Miss Catherine Middleton, approved the pattern of items which
include a china plate, a tankard and a pill box. The china is made in Stoke-on-Trent in central England, the traditional
center of England's ceramics industry. The white, gold, and pale blue design features the couple's initials intertwined,
the prince's coronet emblem, and the date of the wedding.

The design chosen for the Official Royal Wedding Memorabilia features the couple's entwined initials in gold and
silver, surmounted by the coronet of Prince William and the wedding date. This is finished with a pattern of doves,
white ribbons and hearts in silver, gold and grey.

Once decorated each piece has been embellished with several layers of burnished gold and platinum, before having
a final layer of gilding in 22-carat gold applied.


What to Expect on Prince William and Catherine Middleton's Wedding Day: April 29th 2011

Catherine's bridesmaids (her sister Pippa Middleton among them) and pages will leave clarence House, the official
London residence of William's father H.R.H. Prince of Wales approximately half an hour before the ceremony. The
Queen and Royal Family members will leave Buckingham Palace and make their way to the church, shortly thereafter
William and his supporters -- which will more than likely include his younger brother Harry  will then leave St. James
Palace within which William has a London apartment.

The bride Catherine and her father, Mike Middleton, will leave Buckingham Palace the official London residence of H.
M The Queen shortly thereafter. Breaking with tradition they will travel to Westminster Abbey by car. The bride
usually arrives in a horse-drawn glass carriage as seen on July 29th 1981 when the groom's parents Charles and the
late Diana, Princess of Wales married.
The royal couple will exchange vows at Westminster Abbey as the Royal Family looks on from the right-hand side of
the church with William's guests.

Clarence House indicating that three senior clergymen will conduct the ceremony: the Archbishop of Canterbury will
marry the couple; the Dean of Westminster will conduct the service, and the Bishop of London will give the address.
Following their nuptials, William and his new bride will take a horse-drawn carriage back to Buckingham Palace. The
royal party will follow them. According to Clarence House they will pass The Mall, Horse Guards Parade, Whitehall,
and Parliament Square.

The streets will be packed with British flag-waving well-wishers and tourists hoping to catch a glimpse of the

H.M. Queen Elizabeth II William's paternal grandmother will host a reception for the couple in lieu of a traditional
wedding breakfast once they have arrived at the palace. The couple's official wedding photos will be taken during this

The couple is expected to appear on the balcony where they will kiss for the crowd and cameras at around 1:30 p.m.,
just as William's parents did almost 30 years ago. The Royal Air Force will stage a respectful celebratory fly-by.
Following the reception, the newlyweds will enjoy some time to themselves before attending a private dinner and
dance hosted by William's father Prince Charles.

There has been no word of their honeymoon destination. The royal couple will spend their first night as man and wife
at Buckingham Palace where they have been offered their own private accomodation when staying in the capital city
but it is thought they might prefer to share William's apartment within St. James Palace also in London.


Today it has been reported in the Sun newspaper in an email that was being posted secretly and included a satellite
photograph of the Royal Route to the Wedding of Catherine and William that mobs of anarchists plan to sabotage the
day. The photo showing arrows pointing out the locations where the attacks are planned. Leading anarchist Chris
Knight in a message to activists exposed details of the campaign beginning a month before April 29th. This phase
being known as " Operation Dual Power " when ten anarchist groups intend to take over key buildings including a
barracks, a police station and local government buildings in Westminster. The occupation of these buildings
happening before the wedding day, planned to be at least five weeks prior to it being intentional, making it impossible
to hold the wedding there The next phase being the attack on the wedding celebration itself. The plan being to cause
as much trouble as possible and prohibitively expensive for the police to control even necessitating the wedding to be
                  Activists are being trained as medics so they are able to administer first aid to injured protesters and
rioters and field kitchens planned so the protests can be maintained indefinitely. Ten individual groups in total
identifying one sole objective being using any means necessary to ruining the day even hoping to take over a T.V.
station and a radio channel and boasting they will be armoured with hard hats, big shields and battering rams to
smash the doors of the buildings they mean to invade and control. A spokesperson for them quoting " Bring it on, we
mean business ! " when asked if the groups intended employing force. Around 300 anarchists met at a secret
location in Manchester, England two weeks ago to formulate their plans and the police have been gathering
information on anarchists and a spokesperson for them saying " Any attempt to disrupt the Royal Cortege will be
dealt with robustly ! "

" Hello Everyone,
 As I have said before you cannot believe everything you read or see but there is no smoke without fire and this article
seems to be pretty well informed so cannot simply be discarded. I would hope it is somewhat exaggerated to ensure a
headline making news but if it has real substance then the lives of my eldest son and his wife to be as well as my
youngest and others in attendance of greater priority to me including the public crowds there to support it and
especially as knife crime here in this capital city is becoming so prominent; than an event which might necessitate in
being postponed as though this would be deplorable if indeed it happens, preferable to people in crowds being stabbed
at random in a frenzy of senseless violence by those individuals set to maim or kill and seeing this being a perfect
opportunity to attack.
It is though another prime example of the state of the world today and the thoughts and attitudes of people which
clearly has greatly changed and is very sad to witness happening but very real and not something that can be ignored;
as I have said in a message recently I cannot rule out revolution happening within the United Kingdom from as
shocking and destructive as this will prove itself in being naturally but for numerous reasons, people are angry which is
spilling over into aggression and violence within the population.
I personally think it bizarre that the Olympic Games are being planned to be staged here as clearly this will be the
perfect target for a terrorist attack or in the light of this news story breaking perhaps one initiated happening by people
closer to home which would prove even more shocking but certainly not an impossibility ! Millions of pounds being
spent on modernising escalators in London's Victoria station to accommodate the increased volume of public traffic
being anticipated but this kind of expense being spent when the economic situation here is such that continuous
employment cuts through companies closure are resulting in the figures of the unemployed rising, currently reported
as being greater than they have ever been. I said in a message some years ago; Her Majesty will witness problems in her
kingdom escalating out of control and still people doubt or question if Diana Speaks ! "
                                                Thank you for listening to me,


Further information regarding coup planned for wedding of April 29th:

Organised groups who will plant members disguised as well wishers amongst the crowds who plan on throwing smoke
bombs are likely to be joined by the loose gangs of masked teenagers who were responsible for much of the violence
and vandalism in Parliament Square.

The threats raise the spectre of a vicious circle of increasingly hardened rioters forcing the police into tougher action,
which is used as a pretext for further violence.

Websites linked to a range of groups have posted obscene messages about the couple while trying to combine a demo
against the Royals with a May Day protest against big business.

Security experts say the capital will be a favoured venue for yobs bent on violence due to continuing protests over
tuition fees and cuts in public services.

An un-named website quoting: “Royal Wedding marks the beginning of the end of capitalism. Monarchies are dead and
the English one is merely just a Euro Disney re-creation.”

A senior police source has said how as proven by the Royal Car attack, people are capable of carrying out sickening
levels of violence. They also use the internet and social networking sites to mobilise their supporters and the threat to
disrupt the Royal Wedding is being taken seriously.”



Prince William and his new wife Catherine Middleton will make their first official overseas trip as a married couple to
Canada, a country always having good relations with the United Kingdom. In the 1980's before divorcing in the 1990's
Prince William's parents, their royal highnesses the Prince and Princess of Wales, toured there themselves. Diana's
birthday being July 1st and also Canada Day so one which with the couple there saw added greater public excitement
and enjoyment with celebrations dedicated in her honour!  A statement from St James Palace said the prince and his
new bride will tour Canada for nine days from June 30 to July 8, at the invitation of the Canadian Prime Minister
Stephen Harper . For Prince William, second-in-line to the throne, and Catherine Middleton, a potential future Queen
of Canada, a most welcomed invitation delighting them.


Catherine Middleton, accompanied by her fiancée' a proud Prince William, was radiant at her first Official Engagement
25 February 2011 to launch a new lifeboat with champagne. Crowds lining the streets were shouting " Kate, Kate " ( As
the Media have christened her ) as the couple arrived at Trearddur Bay Lifeboat Station in Anglesey, North Wales
where the couple have a home together. As the R.N.L.I. life boat called " Hereford Endeavour " was launched, William -
a Search and Rescue helicopter pilot-- said " I realise, as we all do at R.A.F. Valley, what a vital part this lifeboat plays in
our combined effort to save people from the sea!"

Catherine wore a secret tribute to Diana, Princess of Wales as an appendage to her
selected outfit of a beige herringbone tweed coat with brown trim, chocolate
coloured pashima and mid - heel ankle boots. Added being a stylish fascinator
designed by Vivien Sheriff featuring military badges and a cameo brooch which
bore a striking resemblance in silhouette form to Catherine's mother - in - law.
Something no doubt fully encouraged for her to do by William. Their second
engagement together appropriately being to return to St. Andrew's University,
Scotland where they both met as students to attend its 600th Anniversary Charity
Appeal and then flying to London to sign a New Zealand Condolences book
following the traumatic earthquake happening in Christ Church.

Catherine has been meeting with various royal advisers helping her to learn the
ropes of Royal Protocol and duties and meeting with people closely associated
with the charities William is in support of by his patronage and is being encouraged
to participate herself in becoming directly involved in charities and causes she
feels drawn to supporting.


Date Posted:  February 25th 2011

Prince William and his fiancée Catherine Middleton were out and about on royal duties and at an event of particular joy
for them both, The newly engaged couple returning to St. Andrews University in Scotland where they met as students
and the royal romance began. The visit was William's first in his role as patron of the 600th Anniversary Appeal.
Catherine and William attended a reception inside the Principal’s residence, a building where both attended classes
and. William announced ... “This is a very special moment for Catherine and me, it feels like coming home.”

William raised a laugh when he pronounced St. Andrew’s to be “far and away the best university in the world !”  In
addition to unveiling a plaque to mark the anniversary, the university also offered the couple, as a wedding present, a
scholarship fund which will be awarded to students who would not otherwise be able to afford attendance there.  
Founded in the 15th century, St Andrews is the third oldest university in the English-speaking world.

" Hello Everyone,
            In my Panorama interview I said and meant that Charles and I were a good team which my eldest son and his
fiancée are proving themselves in being with one poignant difference and this being with no acting involved on their
part for the sake of public appearances, equally matched in every way, this couple are already openly and honestly
demonstrative of their happiness in togetherness which is so wonderful for me to see and all I could possibly wish for ! "

                                                                    With love from,
                                                                                          Diana xx


Date posted:   February 28th 2011

Catherine Middleton has given her local shopkeepers and business people the thrill of a lifetime: An invitation to her
royal wedding at Westminster Abbey on April 29th 2011..

The local grocers, postman and the local tavern owner near her native town of Bucklebury are among those who have
received the coveted white card through the mail.

Hash Shingadia, who runs the "Peaches Spar" store in Upper Bucklebury with his wife Chan, was "over the moon! " .
"When my wife saw the envelope with the EIIR sign on the front, she screamed. It's tremendous news, a total surprise.
We were overjoyed."

Shingadia and his wife have been in the village for 12 years and have known Catherine for "about four," he says.
Catherine pops in for groceries, canned drinks, magazines and candy – especially Haribo sweets and she has been there
with Prince William a few times as well.

"He's very nice," says Shingadia. "Just an ordinary guy." and together, the newlyweds have "good chemistry," he
reports. "You can see they are a young couple in love."

The shopkeeper adds that he had been teasing Catherine about her upcoming nuptials – joking that if she was to get
married he wanted plenty of notice in order to get his suit dry-cleaned. Now, he will have to do just that.

Another happy guest? John Haley, landlord of the "Old Boot Inn" where the couple have visited for a drink.

"It was fabulous and to actually receive it!" he says of the invite, adding that he'll be on double revelry duty April 29.
"We're having a massive celebration here in the evening so I'll be back for that."

Locals also say that Ryan Naylor, the Middleton's mailman has received an invitation. "The family is very close knit
with the people in the area," a palace source told. "Hopefully a lot of people will be nicely surprised to be invited."

While members of Royalty from other nations and Prime Ministers and World Leaders from around the world have
received the gilded invitation the event is shaping up to include VIPs of all different sorts.

"It's not a completely star-studded event," says the source. "Not many people are there simply because of the office
they hold."
" Hello Everyone !

                                    When I heard this wonderful news on the television news today " February 28th " I smiled as it really
shows to me that William's lady even before becoming Officially Royal is determined to retain her naturalness and as I
have also remarked upon her nurturing, caring side being openly exhibited in such a personally touching way; how
could Wills not be captivated by someone so sincere and openly caring.

                                      One simple action taken by her bringing so much instant happiness into these people's lives and
proving to them that their kindness to her not something having been taken for granted or forgotten. Catherine has
done herself proud and I am sure will equally soon be seen to be following in my footsteps in supporting charitable
causes meaningful to her in pretty powerful ways that will make a profound difference to a world so in need of genuine
humanitarian ambassadors and representatives."

                                                             With love from,
                                                                                  Diana xx  
Great live video of their visit: