Date Posted: 05/07/12

Semper - Occultus/Always Secret

It was suggested and most of this information revealed by intelligence officers whose names and identities were kept
secret that Gareth Williams looked at bondage sites on the net and often browsed London stores to purchase
women's clothing. It reported in his bedroom there being found £20,000 of women's clothes and shoes with wigs and a
range of cosmetics.

An analysis of 17 suspicious deaths involving suspected British agents over the past 50 years showing almost a third
have involved damning allegations about their sexual proclivities adding to the confusion and mystery surrounding
their unexplained deaths. The coroner Dr. Wilcox admitting it would be unlikely that Mr. William's death will ever be
satisfactorily explained.

In his room in the Hotel Carerra in Santiago, Chile, Jonathan Moyle a 28 year old former R.A.F. pilot - turned journalist
died whilst investigating a huge arms deal for the British Intelligence service and was found in 1990 hanging naked
inside a wardrobe with a pillow case over his head by hotel cleaners. It was reported that he had died whist involved in
auto-erotic sex which involved asphyxiation to the point of black out. His family refused to accept this and after a
lengthy legal battle, finally in 1998 it was ruled that he had probably been killed "Unlawfully"  probably drugged,
suffocated and injected with a lethal substance from the syringe discovered at the scene then strung up in the
wardrobe. All allegations of a sordid nature against him apologised for.

Stephen Milligan a Conservative M.P. and former television presenter was found dead in his flat in Chiswick, London
in 1994. It has not been proven but he is believed he was once a Sunday Times foreign correspondent and had close
connections with the intelligence community. His body discovered by Vera Taggart his personal secretary and
dressed only in suspenders and women's stockings tied to a chair with an electric cord around his neck and a plastic
bag over his head. Similar accusations were made and yet former girlfriends and his family denied there being any
way he would die this way by his own hand.

Just three weeks prior to his death an M.I.6. agent James Rusbridger who had worked as a journalist before becoming
a British agent was found hanging from a beam in his house wearing a chemical weapons suit, black plastic
mackintosh and rubber gloves, his face covered by a gas mask and surrounded by photos of black women in
bondage. It was said he died from hanging, in keeping with a form of sexual strangulation.

Deaths from G.C.H.Q. also include computer expert Nicholas Husband found dead wearing a woman's negligee and
bra in 1996 and Kevin Allen a linguist found dead in his home with a plastic bag over his head.

Nicholas Anderson now living at a secret location overseas and who having worked as an undercover spy for British
Intelligence believes spy's deaths are often made to look self - inflicted in order to cover up any involvement with their
undercover work. He believes "Cleaners" --Espionage experts trained in removing clues from a crime scene-- (Think
of the forensic evidence washed away when the tunnel in Paris was industrially cleansed immediately after the victims
of the incident and the Mercedes Benz car involved were removed from it ) had undoubtedly been into Mr. William's
Pimlico flat before the police were alerted. The presentation of his death as looking like Kinky - Sex is the normal
practice. It's something Intelligence always does! Why? "It is because there is a sense of the absurd and something
about it that throws most people off in disgust! I am on record that if anything happened to me - a straight man and a
positive thinker - it would be likely to be made to look like suicide or that I died dressed as a woman. More and more
intelligence uses sexual matters to discredit people and muddy the trail of what really happened."

"We couldn't help but notice some of the latest tabloid stories about the late Princess Diana! In fact, here is one by
the Globe that we noticed at a news stand earlier today which supposedly reveals more information on Diana's
accident (which in the magazine says she was actually murdered by the Queen) and shows Kate looking quite
concerned. Do you think Kate really wants to know more about the accident?

We think that stories like this add to the curiosity and more gossip about the royals and their personal lives, however,
it has been nearly 15 years since Diana's death and conspiracy theorists continue to either make up stories or make
us think that there was some kind of insider event that led to her 'supposed' accident. What do you think, should we
continue to try and dig up the dirt and details of what actually happened - do you think some of the royal family
members were involved in a cover-up? We thought everything was investigated by the British and French police to the
fullest at the time, as the driver made a lapse in judgement whether by his own error or by drinking and was trying to
outrun the paparazzi! Are we missing something or are they just trying to sell magazines?"

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 "Hello Everyone,

        In doing my homework I discovered the article here on the site indicated above. I fully realise that the Globe relies
upon sensationalism to sell copies but clearly this story is having an impact and therefore I have decided to feature it on
my site. I sincerely appreciate the viewpoints expressed in the precis but at the same time I am appreciative that the
final sentence raises a ?

        As regarding the reported story itself my feeling is this: I do not believe either of my boys would now as adult men
be inclined to personally believe Mummy would be driven by a drunk driver anywhere and failing, in spite of Dodi and I
speaking to him as seen in the video footage inside the staff entrance at the back of the Ritz Hotel just prior to our
leaving, to realise he was drunk. ( In the event that he might have been... which he wasn't)  Apparently neither did
bodyguard Trevor Rees Jones see anything amiss seated in the car next to him! Equally as absurd is the fact that none
of us seemingly had mobile/cell  phones on us so were all incommunicado completely, at least officially no mobile/cell '
phones were reported found!

          Catherine, who wears my engagement ring, clearly knows how much Wills and Harry love me and miss me
desperately even now and I would imagine would be interested to know more about me and particularly about my
sudden death which has affected my boys emotionally so much and shocked the world happening unexpectedly as it
did. Unexpectedly to the majority of people all over the world anyway, though of course I personally was not unaware
of the fact that for all sorts of reasons I was treading on powerful and indeed influential toes and consequently making
myself extremely unpopular in certain circles. I was perhaps even feared by some people who ordinarily would not fear
anyone but then I wasn't just anyone was I?!   I was Diana and with or without a royal title  commanded  global attention
and popularity in ways they could not compete with so a source of embarrassment, a liability and threat, to them seen

             I therefore would not think it improbable that a native Capricorn as Catherine is would not explore and examine
things diligently and in detail in keeping with people born under her star - sign who are known for being thorough and
industrious and are intent on achieving successful results as a result of their input. It would also be far easier as well as
diplomatic for her to indulge in doing so than for either William and Harry to be seen becoming directly involved in it

             I never involved myself personally  in work that didn't ultimately benefit from my having done so and therefore
would not channel through Andrew for no purpose at all and my boys having been made aware of the fact that I do,
would not have been were it not the absolute truth as both William and Harry would know"

                                 Thank you for listening to me,


August 11th 2011 Daily Expess by Mark Reynolds

PRINCESS Diana and Dodi Fayed were already secretly engaged when she was killed, according to explosive new ­

A German journalist has come forward to tell of a visit to Monte Carlo by Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed– just seven
days before the fatal Paris car crash in August 1997.

Trixi Chall, who wrote for Germany’s popular Bild ­newspaper for two decades, claims she saw Diana pointing at and
picking out a diamond-encrusted ring from an exclusive ­jeweller as they strolled through the resort.

Dodi later arranged for the £11,500 ring – from Repossi the jeweller’s Tell Me Yes range – to be sent to the shop’s
sister outlet in Paris. It was then delivered to his suite at the Paris Ritz hotel just hours before the couple died.

The remarkable evidence adds weight to the claims made by former Harrods owner Mohamed Al Fayed that Diana
and Dodi were murdered in an Establishment plot to stop the Princess marrying a Muslim.

Ms Chall has now come forward to speak for the first time about the dramatic event she witnessed during an ordinary
morning shopping excursion in the swish casino resort of Monte Carlo on Saturday August 23 1997.

Ms Chall had retired and was living in Monte Carlo at the time. On that morning she went to an electrical store by the
port. She said that on leaving she glanced across the road and was surprised to see Diana hand-in-hand with a man
she had never seen before.

She said: “It was amazing because there were no bodyguards. I was stunned as they looked like a very normal young
couple in love, rather like naughty teenagers. I just remained on the other side of the road and they walked on a bit
ahead of me.

“She was so beautiful and so happy and at one point he put his arm around her shoulder and I felt I could cry. I
thought to myself, ‘Thank God she’s found a man.’

“They were dressed very casually and no one paid any attention to them. I was fascinated and he looked kind, which
was nice to see. I felt that love was in the air.”

Ms Chall followed them. She said: “Nobody else was aware of them and they were aware of nobody, as if they were
the only ones in the world. They were not in any hurry, were chatting happily and strolling casually.”

Ms Chall, who has detailed her account in a signed statutory declaration, added: “They went to the shop on the left of
the Hermitage hotel. They looked in the window and Diana was pointing with her finger at something. I saw them
entering the shop.”

There has been much speculation that Diana had an engagement ring when she died after secretly ­becoming
engaged to Mr Fayed.

During the 2007 inquest into the couple’s death, evidence was heard from the shop owner Albert Repossi that Diana
had tried the ring on.

And Ritz hotel executive Claude Roulet said he brought Dodi the love token to give to Diana, hours before the crash
on August 30 1997.

When she arrived back home, Ms Chall called her friends and relatives.

Her niece, Janet Sayers, speaking last week from her home in Croydon, south London, recalled the phone call. She
said: “It was no ‘Hello ­darling’ as usual, but ‘Guess who I have seen in Monaco today’. She told me they looked so
much in love. She also said she saw them looking in a ­jewellery shop at rings.”

Ms Chall said she has never given her account to the various investigations because she felt strongly from very early
on there was a huge “cover-up of the truth coming from the top”. She said: “I did write an article for Bild but they
rejected it and told me it was ‘too hot to handle’.”

She added: “Going to the police would have been a waste of time and I didn’t want any problems. They would
probably say I was inventing it.”

But John Morgan, an investigative author who has written several books about Diana’s death, said Ms Chall has
provided a very credible account that fits with the evidence of other witnesses at the London inquests.

He said that Dodi’s holistic healer Myriah Daniels, who was there, had told how Diana and Dodi had taken off at one
point without the bodyguards in Monte Carlo.

In an inquest statement, Claude Roulet, vice-president of the Paris Ritz Hotel, said how Dodi had told him Diana liked
a ring she had seen. Mr Roulet was asked to ensure the ring was available for them in Paris.

A week later in Paris, Dodi bought the engagement ring from Repossi’s Dis-Moi-Oui – Tell Me Yes – range.

In his summing up to the inquest jury Lord Justice Scott Baker stated “there is no evidence Diana participated in
choosing” the ring.

But Mr Morgan said: “The truth may be quite different. This new account from Trixi Chall should be viewed in the light
of the inquest ­evidence of both Myriah Daniels and Claude Roulet.”

He added: “In a bizarre twist to this story, the staff inside the Monte Carlo Repossi store on August 23 1997 were not
heard from during Scott Baker’s “thorough” inquest and have never been interviewed by police.”

November 3rd 1992

The Glums for all to see!

On the first day of the Royal Tour of Korea instead of the "Fairytale Princess" next to her husband H.R.H. The
Princess of Wales stood a grim faced wife and mother forced to endure a marriage for appearances sake and sick of
pretending to the world that it was the perfect love match. H.R.H. The Prince of Wales stood inches apart from his wife
but their body language spoke volumes, no affection displayed to one another at all at the wreath laying ceremony
taking place in South Korea on the 1st day of their 4 day visit.

The reasons for Diana's inner torment apparently being due to her husband's father H.R.H.Duke of Edinburgh telling
her to "Fit in or get out!" but leaving her children behind her if choosing this option. The Andrew Morton book, the
biography "Diana, Her True Story" tells of a bitter exchange of correspondence between them both. Her father- in -law
being furious about Diana's approval of the book allowing family and friends to be interviewed for it. His letter ordering
her to "Help maintain the dignity of the crown" devastated Diana.

Prime Minister John Major endeavoured to involve himself in the royal dispute. He reported to have warned Diana that
he could organise a reasonable departure from public life for her if she persisted in "Milking the Media". Diana ignored
him and wrote to her father- in- law stressing the imprtance and significance of her role as mother to an eventual heir
of the throne and his younger brother. The tone of her letter making it clear that she was on the brink of leaving

Diana's self confidence resulted in H.R.H. Prince Philip backing down and she earning respect from him. Diana quoted
as telling a friend "I wish I'd put my foot down years ago!" Andrew Morton has also been told that her father-in- law at
one time shouted at her that the royals would be better off without her. It is said that he gave her an ultimatum; to fit in
with the rest of the Royal Family and behave or diappear in exile. Exile would mean release for Diana from the public
sham of her marriage to the heir to the throne but meaning leaving her beloved boys and this means that for better or
worse Diana will remain at her husbands side officially.

July 3rd 1993

The Royal Rivals

The marriage between H.R.H. The Prince and Princess of Wales is one long since over in all but name before the
official anniversary on the 29th of this month

Yesterday for the first time a palace aide broke cover who has requested that they remain anonymous but is a senior
member of their personal staff and has admitted that the primary problem is their personal rivalry which is something
that has steadily increased over the years. They no longer work together as a team but alternatively in direct
competition with each other.

This breach of palace secrecy exposed the day after Diana spent her 30th birthday apart from her husband. He
having offered her a celebration party, one declined by her choosing instead to spend it quietly with her youngest son
Prince Harry aged six years old and who Diana described as being " the only man in my life tonight". Elder son and
Harry's brother William being away at boarding school.

July 13th 1996

Revenge of the Ice Queen

Diana has received a divorce settlement of over £17m. Diana was officially stripped of the H.R.H. title and from now
can barely do anything without the Monarch's permission. The Queen apparently being appalled when Diana
appeared to have leaked details of the divorce talks. From now Diana will be known as Diana, Princess of Wales.
Though to still be regarded as a member of the Royal Family, Diana will need to seek approval from the Monarch to
travel abroad when undertaking her charity work meaning more humiliatingly that she will have to seek the same
permission from her former husband and father of their children H.R.H. Prince Charles, The Prince of Wales when he
inherits the throne.

Last night Royal Expert Harold Brooks - Baker stunned by the news saying that this was the first time the mother of a
future King had lost their title. What it means is that Diana will suffer the humiliation of being considered less important
than other members of the Royal Family including her own adored boys. Diana had first advised the Queen that she
was willing to give up her royal title, Diana fought to reverse this decision but failed because the Queen or her
husband Prince Phillip were "Unimpressed" that initially she had been happy to surrender a title personally awarded to
her by the Monarch.

The degree nisi ending the 15 year marriage of Diana and Charles will become absolute on August 28th 1996.