By Peter Michalski  10.05.2008

" Well ," said Princess Diana in the famous Panorama interview, " well there were three of us in this marriage , so it
was a bit crowded. "13 years after that sentence , Prince Charles (59 ) is threatening to stand quite alone there.
After all, Camilla ( 60) plans to divorce!

According to the U.S. magazine Globe several palace insiders have confirmed : "Since the end of March 2008 , the
couple secretly live separately. Public appointments they shall come together in order to disguise the sad state of
their marriage. "

" Currently there is a trial separation , "said an employee of the Royals, "but I am convinced there is no way back for
them . "

      " Hello Everyone,

                       I would like to draw your attention to the article above so please note the date of it's having been
written. Admittedly in a reputable German magazine and not a British one but it seems to compliment perfectly the
article recently exposed in the Daily Mail. So the real state of the Royal Marriage has therefore been no secret here
in Europe and something of little consequence to the German people of course, so no need to exercise discretion
for the sake of the personal protection of the couple. Why I am happy to see this being revealed publicly though is
not because of the marriage being in problems itself which hardly surprises me at all having been married to Charles
myself and so connected to the family...the Firm but because it is something I spoke about years ago in a precis and
commented upon in one of the After - Life interviews with Rose so therefore serves to illustrate the authenticity of
Andrew's channeling me.

                           It does seem that Camilla and Charles spend a great deal of time apart showing a united front on
selected public duties which of course follows the same pattern as we did as a couple. Camilla is reported to hate
royal tours especially to tropical climes, not coping with hot climates at all well and  cannot stand performing as
protocol and duty dictate she does so consequently is therefore totally unsuitable  to being the wife of a future King
which will only serve to increase these official obligations upon her.

                              Although making it an historic decision; enough reason therefore for Her Majesty to decide to
abdicate in favour of "H.R.H. The Prince William of Wales", using his official title in this context, to becoming King as
opposed to his father, though personally I do hope not ! Never the less as I say having perfectly justifiable
reasonings for doing so as it has been publicly now made apparent that both Charles and Camilla lead separate
lives and perhaps therefore knowing the Media is a controlled body, deliberately having been so in preparation for
such an announcement? "Raymill House" Camilla's personal home having had installed a new security system for
her protection as wife of the official future King and she spending the majority of her time there   enjoying doting on
her grandchildren as opposed to spending time with and supporting her husband at "Highgrove House" which he
prefers to his official London residence of "Clarence House".

                                I am not at all surprised circumstances have altered so drastically for them both. Being  
mistress and being  wife I would imagine anyway being totally different. A man by example shows his best sides to his
mistress to maintain her interest in him, the wife is alternatively aware of the complete character but alternatively of
course a mistress will likewise play charades in a similar fashion.  I remember even engaged to him I saying how
much I loved Balmoral; Her Majesty's favourite royal retreat, truth being I couldn't stand the place as later I admitted,
so I myself do know how the game is played!

                                When recently neither Charles or Camilla attended the Swedish Royal Wedding of Crown
Princess Victoria I told Andrew because they are not a united couple and this was before the Daily Mail article was
printed! Alternatively the official reason; so excuse being given being that Charles had a cold, so being a pretty lame
one! I personally would not imagine there being another official divorce as the article I include here intimates at least
certainly not whilst Her Majesty is alive but I do believe that they married upon her instruction as we were similarly
instructed to divorce !"

                With love from,

                                       Diana xx

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"Camilla, of course, had met Diana several times and pretended to be her friend. But Brown quotes Camilla?s former
brother-in-law Richard Parker Bowles as saying that she "initially encouraged the relationship between Charles and
Diana because she thought Diana was gormless. She never saw Diana as a threat . . . she thought that Diana was
someone she could manipulate".
"Camilla never wanted to marry Charles. She wanted to continue to be his paramour but stay married to Andrew," he

Above is a precis taken directly from the report seen at the link given but this inspired me to do some more
homework on the situation and in keeping with this Diana site being an on - line encyclopedia of her life, the following
information must therefore be recorded. So officially this was given as being the story when the Royal Marriage
resulted in initial official separation.

       "It is announced from Buckingham Palace that with regret, the Prince and Princess of Wales have decided to
separate. Their Royal Highnesses have no plans to divorce and their constitutional positions are unaffected.
         This decision has been reached amicably .... The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh, though saddened,
understand and sympathise with the difficulties which have led to this decision ..."

The words of this statement delivered by the then Prime Minister John Major having been carefully crafted by
the Queen's lawyers and not the truth. The couple planned to divorce, the decision was not amicable and their
constitutional positions were affected! The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh were incensed not saddened and
sympathetic believing that the marriage however dysfunctional and miserable ought to have continued for the sake
of the preservation of the Monarchy still haunted by the Wallis - Simpson scandal resulting in Edward's abdication as
King resulting in his immediate exile to Paris, France. Something it was likened to being by Queen Elizabeth, the
Queen Mother who never forgave her brother - in - law for putting love before country and official obligation and
              Following the announcement the press descended on the Wiltshire home of the now "H.R.H. Duchess of
Cornwall but then Mrs. Camilla Parker - Bowles for her comment.
" Obviously if something has gone wrong, I'm very
sorry for them but I know nothing more than the average person in the street. I only know what I see on television."
Her husband living fifty miles away in London, married nineteen years, they lived apart quietly, seeing each other on
rare weekends said
"One feels sad about this" but scolded a reporter who insinuated his wife might have played a
role in it's happening saying that this was all a matter of conjecture and pure fiction. Once separated, as Diana said
during her Panorama Interview which provoked the Queen to insist on their subsequent divorce; agendas changed
over - night ..
"I was now the separated wife of the Prince of Wales, I was a problem; what do we do with her ?"
Throughout the separation period both Prince and Princess competed against each other to gain the publics
attention, a game - play Diana invariably won hands down able to draw greater crowds than her estranged husband
who had lost a significant amount of popularity and though having regained some; still to this day not all! On the face
of things the Palace appeared to support Diana's Charity work but behind the scenes sabotaged her. Denied
becoming President of the British Red Cross, would not recommend her as head of U.N.I.C.E.F. They were indignant
when she made speeches on issues of concern like H.I.V. and A.I.D.S. Charles himself insisting she be forbidden
access to the Queen's Flight, the Royal Train, the Royal Yacht; he wanted her robbed of all royal trappings. No more
high - level courtiers or Official ladies - in - waiting and airline  tickets downgraded from Ist Class to Business Class.
Even Diana's critics felt the treatment of her being petty and spiteful.
                    After it became publicly known that Camilla and Charles were an unofficial item and Andrew Parker -
Bowles, a devout Roman Catholic, nationally exposed by Charles as being a cuckold and subsequently seeing
himself derided in the press as "The man who laid down his wife for his country"  sought and was granted a
necessary divorce from Camilla in Janauary 1995. He had personally held back on seeking this for two years
honouring a personal reques from Charles not to do so because of his fearing after his own separation, the
Monarchy having to sustain another marital scandal. As a personal friend and former aide of Charles; Andrew
having agreed to not begin legal proceedings that might embarrass the Royal Family. He himself whislt married to
Camilla having engaged in a love affair with H.R.H. The Princess Royal, Charles's sister in 1970 and after it's ending
remaining close to the royals and most particularly the Queen Mother! Interesting to note that old fashioned English
men and particularly within the British gentry consider it an honour to share their wives with their Monarch, having
your wife bonked by the future King lends cachet in some circles ... this originating from the French "Droit du
seigneur" which refers to the Master of the house sleeping with the servants.

Andrew Russell-Davis

( A note from Diana concerning Charles.)

" Hello Everyone,

  I feel that these things ought to be drawn attention to as to gain a greater understanding of "H.R.H. The Prince of
Wales". Charles was emotionally neglected as a child, his parents leaving him at 5 years old for 6 months and often
not being with him on his birthdays and was treated with appalling cruelty by his father who delighted in mocking him
and bringing him to tears! This his way of instilling in his son as he saw it anyway mettle to mould the Prince to
become a King. I have often wondered if there might not exist jealousy that in spite of his being married to Her
Majesty, their eldest son being 2nd in line to the throne so holding rank over his father.
    Charles being sent to it seems a centre of sadism " Gordonstoun" for his education, coupled with the spartan
educative methods extending to windows being kept open all night and pupils catching colds forced to sleeping next
to them waking up in rain - soaked blankets, after lights out the young prince bullied horribly ! New boys enduring
tortures like pliers twisted in their arms until the flesh tore open and bled and Charles particularly picked on as a
trophy victim, his torturers bragging of having beaten up their future King! Charles wrote to his parents constantly
telling them the awful truth but they did nothing! He enjoyed a brief enjoyable time during his educational years whilst
in Australia!

       Back in the U.K. his life not his own, he was commandeered to attend a university in Cambridge though his final
grades not good enough to ordinarily gain a place in any one of the prestigious universities there, he attended
"Trinity College". Oxford and Cambridge famous for being the two great university towns in the U.K. He then had to
serve; in keeping with maintaining royal tradition; in one of the military services and in his case the "Royal Navy".

        His whole life has been one determined by acting in the best interests of the preservation of the Monarchy
which in his personal life extended to his marrying me and not the woman he loved who when he proposed to her
refused him on the grounds of loving the man but not the baggage that came with him and whilst he was away
serving in the Royal Navy, Camilla Shand subsequently marrying Andrew Parker - Bowles. Their affair whilst we were
married  being something officially denied by both personal friends of his as well as the Media naturally. ( Charles is
surrounded by sycophants in all areas of his life so extending to his personal friendships, many of his friends
providing safe - houses for he and Camilla's secret liaisons eager to gain favour with their future Monarch )

         I am personally surprised therefore that the truth about the current state of his 2nd marriage has been
exposed and can only suppose from the fact that it has not been officially denied, it's having been so deliberately as
a catalyst for change and we have yet to see exactly what this change might be and how it ultimately personally
affects "H.R.H. The Prince of Wales" as if it determines him not becoming King having been a King - in - waiting so
many years this will be the greatest abuse of all personally inflicted upon him! "
                                                                                                                              Diana .
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