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Thursday June 24, 2010

"Daily Express"

by Richard Palmer

PRINCES William and Harry have told how they miss their mother’s madcap moments and wonder every day what she
would be doing and thinking.

In an interview on TV tonight, the brothers say how constantly thinking about Princess Diana keeps them going.

William, 28, and Harry, 25, were interviewed by ITV’s Julie Etchingham for a special programme about their recent trip
to Africa.

Harry, who was only 12 when Diana died in 1997 in a car crash in Paris, said: “Every day – I know I do and I’m sure
William does – whatever we do, wherever we are and whoever we’re with, I particularly always wonder what she’d
think, what she’d be doing if she was with us now.

“If she’d be sitting here having a laugh, whether she’d be in the background sticking her tongue out, or whether she’d
be playing football with the children. That’s what keeps us going every day – that thought of what would she be like if
she was around today.

“We both have our own opinion of what she’d be like and ‘mad’ would be one word to describe her.”

William, who was 15 when Diana died, said: “We’d like to think she’s proud of us, and I hope that’s the case.”

He said of his brother: “We get on very well, we have a lot of banter. We keep each other grounded. Both of us
agree that you’ve got to be grounded and understand things from the bottom up.”

Asked what he admires in Harry, he said: “He’s got a big heart and he wants to make a difference.”

" Hello Boys

              In response to this interview firstly clearly it intonates that perhaps you are not aware of my site which I find
incredible to believe since "Clarence House " so your official London residence has been informed about it or that you
are playing a diplomatic role in keeping with respecting your official positions as Princes of the Realm.

                  I would imagine the latter being the case actually so therefore choose to answer you openly here ...

                    "So I am extremely proud of you both and so happy that you have such a close relationship with one
another, this is so important for me to know and I am sure something of great personal comfort to Papa too. I think
you cope marvellously well under the spot - light and have grown tremendously through all the trials and tribulations
you have faced assisted greatly I have no doubt from the love and support of your respective girlfriends who if you
wonder Mummy approves of as I have said before.  

                          To answer you both as to what we might be doing together were I still physically around? Well; whatever
it might be, we'd be having fun, enjoying indulging in madness as we always did and together being the operative word !

                            As this, my personal site makes clear though, I am still very much around and so look so forward to the
day when you are both ready for this to be something proven  to you both directly through my voice - channel Andrew.
Until such a time though you will remain wondering and there is nothing I can do to change this naturally.

 With lots and lots of love and hugs galore,


                                    Mummy xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Documentary about the boys:

Various other notes concerning Diana:

Michael Colborne, now in his late 70's, was like a father figure to Diana when she was aged nineteen and began her
initiation into the "Firm" as the Royals distinguish themselves as so advising her that she was not just marrying the
man, she was marrying the job. He told her " You're never going to be on your own again, you're going to change. In
four to five years you are going to be an absolute bitch! This not through any fault of your own but due to the
circumstances in which you will be living. If you want four boiled eggs for breakfast, you shall have them. If you want
the car brought round to the front door a minute ago, you'll have it ! Your life is going to be organised. You open your
diary now and you can write Trooping The Colour, Cenotaph Service, Cowes Week, Ascot Races. You can write your
diary for five, ten even twenty years ahead."

Michael worked for the Prince and Princess of Wales and for the H.R.H. Prince Charles before his marriage to Lady
Diana Spencer, so in total for several years, and within 2 - 3 months of the Royal Wedding witnessed the union being in
serious trouble. Each partner incapable of giving what the other needed. Diana being needy for consistent reassurance,
attention and love and this from a husband who had a diary full of planned engagements, ceremonial duties to perform,
speeches to deliver and official documents to read. Someone who has no need of a wife as other men do, everything
being done for him by his personal staff who never say "No" to him or do not tell him anything he does not want to
hear. A man who does not need to consider other people's plans or preferences, his staff working all hours to support
him, he is widely known to be selfish.

Michael quoted as saying " Someone should have taken Diana and Charles to one side and told them to hold hands and
smile, take a mistress, take a lover if you want, but for the sake of the Monarchy, their children and the nation; stay
together ! No one seemed to have the long term view. Diana was a huge asset, one of the most interesting women in the
world, the best ambassador for this country ever. Diana could have been U.N,E.S.C.O's Child Ambassador. Wherever
we went people's eyes opened and widened, her mannerisms, her dress sense! What else did he want ? In that position
you have got to work together, someone ought to have said to the Queen ' This is the next generation coming through! '
They should never have let her go."

Now married to Camilla his former mistress and now H.R.H. The Duchess of Cornwall and very down to earth,
someone who listens to him and takes an interest in his work, someone who shares his interests and supports him so in
many respects is his life - line. Diana was in complete contrast and not always through her own doing, someone who as
the outsider appealed to the people more than their future King and so more often than not easily upstaged him which
generated jealousy and resentment from her royal husband who could not compete. Latterly knowing she had the
people on her side Diana embarrassed him, leaked controversial stories to the press and a cat n' mouse game was
played by both of them. This resulted in Michael Colborne handing in his resignation not wanting to be involved in the
war of the Wales's!

It is said Charles regrets that lasting happiness could not be found in his marriage to Diana creating the loving and
secure environment for their sons the Princes William and Harry which both parents had idealised of creating for
them.  Even today Diana will always prove being the more preferable and acceptable to the people as the ex-wife of the
future King, understanding and relating to those he is set to rule better than Camilla, though she understanding and
relating to the future King better.


Two weeks before the Royal Wedding of 1981 Diana opened a parcel on Michael Colborne's desk, he being secretary of
Prince Charles office. The parcel contained the gold chain bracelet with blue enamel disc and the letters G.F. stamped
on it. Initials standing for "Girl Friday" which is what the Prince called Mrs. Camilla Parker Bowles now his wife and H.
R.H. Duchess of Cornwall. In light of the exposed Camillagate Tapes and the expletives and humour both enjoyed,
perhaps even standing for "Good F...k", though this would not be admitted even if true ! The gift convincing Diana that
her husband to be was still seeing Camilla in spite of their engagement and for the second time Diana threatening to pull
out of the marriage but with just days to go before the ceremony at St. Paul's Cathedral and the only Royal Wedding to
date ever being held there; her sisters telling her " Too late Duch, a name given to her by the Spencer clan; your face is
on the tea - towels!


The Royals life being one regulated by schedules of official engagements and varying committments, they are partial
to overlooking each other's birthdays and this made very apparent when Prince Harry the younger son of Diana and
Charles was born on September 15th 1984. The Queen and her husband Prince Philip / Duke of Edinburgh were on
holiday in Scotland as they were when Diana died in Paris, France in 1997 and then like in 1997 stayed there a week
before returning to London. The Queen then visiting her 2nd grandson but her husband immediately attending a
Carriage Driving event ... his hobby as Polo is of his son Charles and both grandsons William and Harry; then he going
on a state visit to Canada with the Queen. When asked about his thoughts on his latest grandson Harry telling the media
" I haven't seen him yet, I've been too busy!"


Quote from James Hewitt:

" I must state once and for all that I am not Harry's father. There really is no possibility whatsoever that I am Harry's
father. Harry was 20 months old when I first exchanged pleasantries with Diana his mother and over 2 years old when
the affair started. When I first met Diana in May 1986, Harry was a toddler and walking by the time our affair began."
James Hewitt adding when questioned on how involved he'd been in their lives spending time with them and their
mother at Highgrove in Charles's absence as Charles did with Camilla when Diana and the boys weren't around ... " I
was never trying to be their father, they had a perfectly good father of their own! "

It ought to be noted that whilst Harry like James has the red hair, which is a Spencer Family trait, he has his father's
ears and eyes-- close - set like his father Prince Charles and grandfather Prince Philip.


Diana and Charles lived virtually separate lives from 1986 onwards but in 1992 were desperately urged by the Queen
for the good of the institution and the personal well - being of their sons as well as keeping up the veneer of
appearances to try to maintain their marriage. So with friends including ex King Constantine of Greece the family
" Wales" took a cruise aboard the private yacht "Alexander" belonging to Greek millionaire John Latsis. However this
failed in success resulting in the fact that on December 9th of the same year John Major, Prime Minister at the time,
announcing that the fairy tale had ended; Diana and Charles officially separating!

In spite of this Diana was invited to spend Christmas with the Royals at Sandringham as is tradition but she refused
continuing the charade of their public image. Diana instead spending that Christmas with her family at the Spencer
Family Seat of Althorp. Diana calling her boys Christmas morning and then, like the people of the nation, seeing them
on television attending St. Mary Magdalene Church, Sandringham. They were smiling while assisting their
grandmother the Queen and the Queen Mother, their great grandmother, to gather the bouquets of flowers given to
them from well wishers gathered to see the royal family.  Many folks remarking that they never thought Diana would
not be with her children at Christmas...having no real conception on how she was made to feel by the royals as the

On the 5th day of Christmas Diana flew with her boys to the Caribbean island of Nevis via Antigua. This holiday
proving to be a great success for them all apart from the ever intrusive camera lens of the Media which consistently
shadowed Diana whether her status was officially royal or not, so every day being a photo - call. Even today, this year
on August 31st 2011 marking 14 years since Diana died in Paris, France the mother of Prince William and Prince Harry
remains the most photographed woman in the world and I personally take a guess in saying a title the lady is most
likely to keep forever and always !