Date Posted: 25/01/2007 2:15 PM)

" Hello... As people are beginning to realise I am back and soon enough to be on the world stage and centre of it
albeit through my personally chosen Voice - Channel Andrew of course and so who is coming back? The real
Diana that's who, so not the persona of "Diana, Princess of Wales" which was to a large extent pure hype and a
media based creation envisaged to appeal to the masses which of course she did.

Can anyone seriously imagine though that this personage was a reality, it served as an escapism for me much of
the time but was on the other end of the scale imprisoning. Glamour is a marvellous camouflage, something to
hide behind to not have personal vulnerabilities so readily exposed and that's of course where we women have
the edge on men, we can hide behind the facade of "Show" and someone in my position more so of course so I am
speaking here of the period of the "Fairy tale Marriage" that those not in the know thought, imagined it to be. It
wasn't ever and that before people think so was not solely my then husbands fault, I played a part in things going
wrong and latterly was extremely emotionally and mentally cruel to him.

We scored points off eachother so by example on a tour when asked by my hosts what I planned to do during the
trip, with visits to orphanages planned and health centres etc , he'd coldly said to them "Shopping isn't it darling ?
" so inferring I was some kind of bimbo I suppose but a comment
making himself look bad actually but I on the other hand would invariably use the children against him. He'd
have arranged to take them off somewhere to find I'd stepped in to take them somewhere else or he'd be home at
a certain time to see them, eat with them etc and hear about their day as he was a doting Father not the absent
one, something I likewise at the time encouraged him to be seen as inviting him a negative discover, be
told by staff as we invariably were not speaking to eachother unless absolutely necessary...on tours by example
... he and I being a marvellous double - act, that they'd eaten earlier with me and so he might not see them at all,
tucked up in bed and asleep!

Let me illustrate this in saying that for Daddy's funeral which he needed to be seen supporting me at, he'd arrived
in one helicopter and I in another from separate parts of the country, we'd shared a car to the church but after it
shared the car to a designated spot where we separated once more, helicopters waiting, it was all quite surreal
actually! Even publicly we'd compete against one another, he by example giving a speech on the poor educational
standards in the country, people being illiterate greatly disturbed him whilst I on the same day even, elsewhere
and speaking out about the plight of A.I.D.S. and H.I.V. sufferers and the developments and progress made with
regards to helping them in whatever way.

So as I say I could use my natural glamour as a perfect mask to disguise who was wearing the designer gown, had
the latest hairstyle etc and smiled like a cheshire cat for the cameras, having perhaps only moments, well an hour
or so before torn someone off a strip and not least of all my staff. I had a wicked temper and vile tongue! It is
documented of course few stayed around long and had I truly been this holier than thou figure many people seem
intent to see me as being, they would have done of course.

I was going through a hellish marriage behind closed doors and equally those same staff were employed by me
behind those very same doors, so consequently privy to what was going on and what they didn't witness, no
doubt made up amongst themselves but likewise they were aware of the real "Diana", the petulant, moody and
cruel one who was hidden from a cameras lens or a newsman's microphone!

Such was my hype around me and given to me, they also knew to tell tales about me would invariably result in the
people turning against them and making their life misery which is why I suppose not many wrote derogatory
things about me ever, except in books which were banned from publication in the U.K.  I held power and who
actually would be believed?  Sugary sweet Diana or the staff member recently fired from their position in my
house - hold?

My position afforded me the ability to cut people dead which I did often brutally and coldly which even extended
to my own mother because she'd disagreed with me in my choice of men, that was enough for me to blow her out
quite literally? I could also likewise lie very easily as people believed in everything I said, meaning people who'm
as I say did not know me so primarily of course you the people for whom I could do no wrong and this in itself my
naturally having been very much made aware of and consequently used, proving itself to being powerful
ammunition for me to volley against my adversaries which of course I did continuously, not finding myself short
of company and support having done so and being appealing to the eye and knowing the value of a smile made
this kind of behaviour all the easier for me to do.

I was greatly underestimated in life but had I not been made of stronger mettle, let's face it, I'd not have survived
the course and I did initially anyway until I trod on more powerful toes than even I had stopped to realise ....... ! I
had cause to feel wretched on the one hand but equally so there was not the necessity to play on it in quite the
way I did but something I could do knowing full well that I was the one who courted public popularity and
therefore with such a strong support system in place could afford to behave in certain ways that without it I'd not
have been so confident to do.

By example my husband had his mistress but I initially was seriously involved with Major James Hewitt, both
being an open - secret between us, to suggest his not knowing about James and I is quite ridiculous, of course he
did, the real state of our marriage no secret behind royal walls at all! I was after all a Princess not a Nun, I had
plenty of life in me and what was good for the goose, good for the gander as it were, he could hardly say anything
could he! I have previously said that father and son are not close but in this instance my husband and he agreed
on something, he having been advised by his father that if his marriage failed, once the heir was born and the
royal line secured, he could always return to bed - hopping with his mistress and he indeed acted accordingly!
The husband of the mistress apparently boasting to his friends and colleagues about his wife's infidelity and her
royal connection beneath the sheets and he likewise making a regal conquest close to home himself so when
Charles told me he'd not be the first Prince of Wales without a mistress, he was actually only continuing a regal
tradition, something common - place within the gentry particularly even now but something I sincerely hope that
neither of my boys entertain in maintaining!

I always did my best personally to educate them in manners and the value and importance of morals. I'd imagine
anyway both having emotionally suffered from the experience, neither will have any desire to repeat it at all and
inflict this suffering on their children! I would imagine this to be so if you are listening boys! It has been said that
William has told investigators into the incident in Paris that he had no reason to suppose that I had intentions of
engagement to Dodi, indeed even friends saying he was just fun for me and love on the re - bound from Hasnat
Khan. Let us now consider the facts. I have said that I took my charity work seriously as everyone knows, I was
respected for this and loved so consequently had a reputation that I needed to see was upheld, so by example
being seen as"Queen of Hearts" not "Tarts" which would have, had it been true given the enemy ammunition to
use against me and already aware the knives were out for me, not something therefore shrewd and manipulative
Diana would have done. Our frolics in the Med sunshine making front - page news headlines, it would have been
far more accepting for my boys to have seen Mummy was having fun and behaving this way... the "Kiss"
example with her fiancée than with someone she'd met for a brief fling and likewise those out to destroy me and
to ruin my reputation shut - up by its revelation as scandalous as initially no doubt it would have been seen to be
as already headlines like "Diana and her Arab Play - boy" were flying around the world's newsstands.

William and I had quarrelled about this as he was young, impressionable his opinions consequently being greatly
influenced by the media as well as those around him which is why I needed to be back home in the U.K. to explain
things to both boys. Whilst I'd not have risked becoming pregnant outside of marriage, I was happy to no longer
be alone and with someone who accepted and understood me on many levels meaning Dodi of course. Hasnat and
I had no future as his family are strongly traditionally Muslim and I was therefore seen as unsuitable wife
material for him, not of his caste, a white woman, divorced and a Mother of two, it couldn't have been worse in
their eyes though of course having personally entertained them at " K.P." we were all fond of eachother naturally
and my feelings for him were strong and I had indeed learnt what becoming Muslim entailed had it become
necessary just to emphasise that point. Dodi divorced himself from a North American model, Suzanne had not
changed her faith to marry him.

I do have to say though as I have in regards to William and Catherine, engagements are easier to break than
marriages and less of a casualty so... needless to say I'd not have made a binding decision like this without my
boys approval of it first but as they have accepted their father's choice of wife aware of the history of everything,
they themselves being a part of that history of course, I'd imagine they'd have likewise encouraged Mummy's
personal happiness naturally and something that as their father's new marriage has done would have ultimately
afforded them an emotional stability which had been found lacking in their lives. As can be seen publicly anyway
they have adjusted to the situation of his re - marrying marvellously and I am sure are genuinely happy for their
Father's securing for himself lasting emotional companionship and she has proved lasting, her loyalty and
devotion to him unquestionable in spite of all the animosity aimed at her, few I'd imagine displaying such
qualities in quite the same way. It takes guts and determination to do so but she's proved she's got that which is
something I personally applaud her for, having personally found these qualities lacking in my choice of suitors
up until Dodi anyway, early days for us and of course Paris meant they remaining something undiscovered by
me !"  I applaud Camilla for her loyalty and devotion to Charles!

So to conclude as I have said the Diana back will be the real "Diana" not the persona "Diana, Princess of Wales"
represented and people grew accustomed to and that is indeed the primary reason for my return, to put the
record straight about a number of things as well as of course to prove as I said life after death is real and the work
continues .......!  Thank you for listening to me,


Fairy Tale Wedding to a Prince