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(While this below message was posted on her original site speaking about her pod casts that were housed on her
second site I thought it fitting here in this space on her third site explaining why she does pod casts. Do feel free to
compare the voice of Diana in 2009 to the voice of Diana in earlier pod casts found on
Diana Speaks Out  recorded in
2007 and 2008. It will show that the spirit of Diana is even more firmly lodged into and willing to work through Andrew.  

(Date Posted:15/02/2007 18:44:36)

" Hello, Whilst I fully realise that some people might not like what I have to say about me on the interviews, I likewise
appreciate that some people will and be rather shocked and amazed at their candour so meaning actually people who
knew me personally ! It is most important for me to now be honest about things which for reasons explained during the
interviews I was not able always to be in life having as I say among other things a reputation albeit one created and
fuelled by the media machine to protect at all costs !

I am not saying that the persona that was on public display was totally false, of course not there were indeed aspects
of it which rang very true naturally so by example from a young girl I had always had an affinity with the elderly, the
infirm and of course children or young adults as I saw them and why perhaps they recognised this in me and
consequently related to me. It can be seen as by example in speaking to a child I'd personally crouch down so as to be
on their level for eye to eye contact and communication as opposed to towering above them which would have been
particularly the case given my height and been somewhat intimidating, Wills I notice has adopted the same technique

I was of course taller than my ex - husband which is why often I would cower behind him in photographs or tilt my head
so as to give the impression he was the taller but earning the nick - name "Shy Di ! " which is something I wasn't ever
!A shy person is not someone intent on getting their own way as I was and invariably did, so the false assumption of
this being part of my character is one that needs to be corrected ! There was nothing shy about me which is why in
later years I deliberately shortened my skirts, wore high heels and red nail polish and of course on the last holiday
paraded myself for the paparazzi in a bikini knowing I had a figure that I'd worked hard to maintain and looked good
especially for a mother of two !

So the point of these interviews is to speak out honestly about things which as I say is something I am very happy to do
knowing of course that no harm can come to me personally in my doing so and that Andrew is protected as has been
demonstrated by example in his latest health crisis in Sweden, he also as has been written about; has had a colt 45
gun at his chest, been pinched by a knife blade, escaped death in a coach crash and missed being on the train in one
of the worst rail disasters in the U.K., the Clapham train crash; among other instances  for him to realise the protection
he has!

It is marvellous for me now to literally get things off my chest and of course to be doing so publicly soon person to
person which will prove even more powerful a platform for the work ! There are other avenues in the pipe - line equally
I am willing and ready to explore which will prove themselves being equally successful, my personal site being proof
enough of this. Andrew getting wind of the fact quite recently that the younger royals have indeed seen it though
naturally have had to remain incognito about that which I fully appreciate but none the less so happy that it has
reached them as was the intention of it to do naturally. Andrew as he has said is not told everything by me in advance
as this would not be fair on him or indeed anyone but never the less he has been given a tremendous responsibility by
me but one I have full confidence in his being able to carry out which already he is proving to do of course.

There will be the cynics around and that's nothing new, goodness knows they insinuated all kinds of things about me in
life; that I was paranoid when I made public suspecting my ex husbands infidelity, that I was an attention seeker
involving myself in the land mine and A.I.D.S.issues ... um .. I got publicity even changing my hairstyle so hardly the
case of my needing or being desperate for publicity and of course Charles married his mistress so as I say cynics I
personally am cynical of and therefore not daunted by at all !

Equally though personally frustrated by it, I am understanding and so accepting of the fact that the media themselves
will be hesitant to get involved at least now initially as editors, publicists and journalists value their jobs and therefore
will be wary on treading on powerful toes which could easily jeopardize their positions. However not for one moment do
I personally believe that Andrew's channelling me isn't believed in by them or at least something being given serious
consideration by them; as by example all calls made to newspapers of a serious nature, so meaning warnings about
bomb scares etc are taped for security reasons which is why I got Andrew to ring the newspaper whom I warned of the
London bombings happening twice ensuring there is existing a record of those calls and of course I channelled the
messages to them; so I spoke through Andrew as well as he personally speaking to the journalist and editor concerned
and we know they subsequently happened with a substantial loss of life so something very real !

Likewise the palace will have kept the letter Andrew wrote to William in 2000 telling of his personally channeling me,
actually my writing to him albeit through Andrew in response to William's defending me in regards to the book"
Shadows of a Princess",so a deliberate and necessary action taken in contacting William and not something Andrew or
indeed any humane person would joke about but everything in life as I say happening for a reason so it's important
that there is existing an awareness of it by way of a correspondence and therefore  so too evidential proof!

"29th September 2000 Prince William today criticised a new book which brands his mother a "scheming liar".The    
Prince said: "Of course, Harry and I are both quite upset about it - that our mother's trust has been betrayed and even
now she is still being exploited."He was referring to a book by Patrick Jephson, the former private secretary of Diana,
Princess of Wales, in which he criticises the princess. Prince William's remarks came at the end of his first face-to-face
interview with journalists at Highgrove, the Prince of Wales's Gloucestershire home. Standing alongside his father, he
said that he plans to spend the next stage of his gap year in Chile with Raleigh International, a youth development

This then being the main point of the interviews being given on my personal site, to coin an Americanism if I may,
" Keeping things real"!  My great grandmother on my  mother's side being from New York, so my having personal family
links with North America and why no doubt I always so enjoyed my time there and was welcomed by the people of that
nation. They understood and related to me even more than people of my own country and particularly those involved
in the media and for that I will always remain tremendously grateful to them.
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