"For those who believe, no proof is necessary.
                                    For those who do not believe, no proof is possible."

                                                Dichotomies of Diana

Date Posted: 14/06/2005 9:21 PM

"For anyone who knows Andrew the moderator of this site what I am about to say will be of no surprise but for
those who don't, I feel an explanation might be due. Andrew has been psychic for many years, he actually was
born with the "Gift "and with his guide "Cheng" has inspired and guided people for many years and continues to
do so for those open to listening to the wisdom offered. Anyone who has witnessed a "Cheng" reading will
verify this and then I came along.
In life Andrew and I never actually met to speak to but we had a run in outside K.P in London, I nearly
knocked him down in my car of all things. Our connection instant though something neither of us had realised
at the time, it was only after my death that our connection became all the more real. Andrew has not had media
exposure about this as the appropriate time for this has not come yet but he has written and told my son
William about it which is necessary for the future and something he did many years ago so will not be seen as
jumping on the band wagon so to speak which is important in the light of future events.
When I died, Andrew was living in Gran Canaria having left his native U.K. for a new life and had not been
following my story at all so it was odd for him to find that on September 7th 1997 when endeavouring to
channel "Cheng" through for a friend of his there, he got me instead! On my death as everyone knows the press
had a field day, when had I not sold well in life? Andrew had been aware of the press coverage but living on the
island, speaking Spanish had not collected the papers for the week of the accident! In fact, on the night I died,
he had been oblivious to it on a conscious level anyway, standing on the balcony of his apartment staring at the
moon-lit tropical sky thanking his lucky stars to not be freezing in the night air of London. The next day it had
been a friend who had made him aware of my death and this is when things took a dramatic turn. He wore black
until the day of the funeral, 6 September 1997 and found people consistently coming to him for comfort .As
everyone knows, my death affected people strangely! One of these people a German man had collected all the
"Sun" newspapers and lent them to Andrew to read, to be returned to him on September 7 1997! Andrew went
to the safe cafe as they'd met in to do so and was told that since that day they had met, the man had not been
seen there again, so Andrew has the full collection that he had not collected!
On that same day as I have said, I made my presence known to him. I have been channeling through him ever
since for two main reasons, Andrew shows me something I personally valued in life greatly, looked for in
people and didn't often find, even in those I had extremely close ties to....... Loyalty and he has blind faith
which is the strongest of all as there is no tangible evidence to support it, just a natural knowing and trust that I
am with him. Our bond is a strong one which is why he now is not daunted to expose it publicly knowing full
well of course there will be those who label him a nut or worse which he has actually found has happened
elsewhere on the net and was a baptism of fire for us both but served it's purpose and led to this site being
I always had a lot to say in life which of course was part of the problem but I have equally as much if not more
to say in death and which I intend on doing and this site is the perfect platform for me to speak from."

Andrew Russell-Davis -- Diana's
Voice Channel
How Diana was dressed when she
met Andrew in 1991. Here with Steffi
The spot where Diana almost ran Andrew down, had to stop and
made eye contact. This is a road leading away from Kensington
Palace and ends next to Kensington Palace hotel.