Date Posted: 24/01/09          Thoughts On The Events Of Paris, Aug. 1997
 (c) Andrew Russell-Davis

I recently watched a controversial Diana documentary**, one of many, but this one particularly has detailed
some points which might or might not have been previously detailed, but irrelevant to this, they are being now in
this precis which I feel is important to record to the site.

On the night of the incident in Paris the ambulance taking its high profile passenger to the hospital in central Paris
from the tunnel apparently took 1 hour 15 mins. or 1 hour 40 mins. (dependent on which version people read) to
arrive there. The investigator of this documentary deliberately followed the same route although this is
something questionable as the route itself is not known; the ambulance driver has stated he doesn't remember the
route he took!  ( Remind me to never employ him as a chauffeur to drive me anywhere! ) Thus this investigator
took the fastest route from the tunnel to the hospital, as this seems the most probable one to have been taken on
August 31st 1997.  In bad weather conditions and in the Parisian rush hour, travelling at the stated speed the
ambulance drove at between 20 - 30 mph, the journey in heavy rain took the investigator 11 minutes! It must
therefore be logically estimated that the ambulance to take the time it is reported to have done to arrive there
drove at a speed of between 2 - 3 mph! ( Remind me again that if I am critically injured in a road accident(?) to
seek an alternative means of reaching hospital to be attended to! ) Can you imagine an ambulance carrying a
V.I.P. patient, and no less than this being "Diana, Princess of Wales" mother of a future King, from an incident
already costing two lives at such a speed with a seven motorcycle French Police Escort! Amazingly nobody has
come forward to say they witnessed the ambulance and escort en route. The ambulance driver however has
stated that he was instructed to drive this slowly by the doctor on duty in the ambulance because of the
seriousness of the patient's condition!

So there is the situation then of great care being taken regarding speed of travel which might be deemed
acceptable until it is then known that the ambulance itself stopped for 5 minutes outside the Natural History
Museum in Paris and just 2 minutes walk across the street from the hospitals' main entrance so the ambulance
could be clearly seen stationary from that main entrance yet nobody from the hospital was sent to assist or even
enquire as to why it had stopped there and for this amount of time? The documentary suggests that it stopped
perhaps to allow Diana to die and the lady has channeled to me that she was D.O.A,  suffering a major cardiac
arrest on entry to the hospital. I find it bizarre that those in the ambulance as well as those waiting at the hospital
to attend to her condition were not able to liaise with each other much more professionally, so by example those
in the hospital to be advised that the ambulance was just outside or likewise for the hospital staff to not radio the
ambulance crew to find out why within sight of them the ambulance had stopped. After all it might have been
engine failure, in which case their assistance would have been imperative!

The documentary continues revealing many things that I feel are worthy of documentation here as once read will
not easily be forgotten which is the intention of doing so! Within 24 hours of the incident happening in Paris,
Diana's body whilst still warm was embalmed, a totally illegal practice under French law and making an official
autopsy all the more difficult a procedure to perform and the tunnel itself within 2 hours of the incident
happening there professionally industrially cleansed with chemicals making it possible to be opened  for the
regular early morning rush hour traffic in the capital city that following day. Conveniently also destroying any
useful forensic evidence imperative to the subsequent investigation process...that all washed down the drain
quite literally it seems.

Now though let us back up to events happening leading up to the incident and there are of course other detailed
precis covering this elsewhere on this site.

Diana and Dodi were a hot news items and their liaison controversial and they both very aware of this themselves
and perhaps even delighting in the fact. Having spent a summer cruise together they decided to visit Paris.
During the cruise they had made themselves available to be photographed openly by Paparazzi and even
entertained on board the "Jonikal"  
James Andanson  who took photos of the couple to include in a book of
their romance he intended on publishing later that year.

was in Paris the fateful night and though himself the owner of a white Fiat Uno ( The significance of
this model of car being explored later ) that night was at the tunnel on his motorcycle. He later bragged to friends
/people he trusted that he'd seen all that had happened and got it all on camera... he later found dead in his burnt
out B.M.W. locked from the outside and with a bullet through his head in a forest outside Paris about 400 kms.
from where he should have been that day, an apparent suicide!

Likewise the S.I.P.A. photographic agency he worked for and where his photo images were stored was robbed, an
armed robbery in which a security guard was shot, though not killed, and James Andanson's photographic
collection stolen and to date never been recovered.

So to continue, this documentary has proved to be extremely revealing about a number of issues and makes a
point of saying that
much evidence regarding the incident has been ignored or dis - credited
under the convenient title in the public domain anyway of being "Conspiracy Theory" whilst those
upholding such information being considered to be "Conspiracy Theorists" and illustrating this point in saying it
took about 10 years after it's happening for it to be realised that President J.F.K.'s murder was political and an
inside job with the C.I.A. being responsible, but that is another story! Let's consider fact and fiction regarding the
Paris event ....

Henri - Paul reported to be on prescribed medication for depression, drunk and driving recklessly. The same
week he lost his own life in the incident, being the chauffeur, he had passed a full medical examination deeming
him fit to receive his private pilot's licence. ( Heaven help French airspace granting kamikaze pilots freedom to
fly! ) In the medical report
no mention of alcohol related problems and his liver, as his later autopsy
being quite healthy.

In the Ritz that night whilst waiting to drive Diana and Dodi back to Dodi's Parisian apartment in the Rue Arsene-
Houssaye  Henri - Paul was in the company of both bodyguards Trevor Rees Jones ( The only survivor ! ) and
Kes Wingfield. Both testifying that Henri - Paul was not drunk in their company and Trevor saying as a
professional bodyguard and employed by Dodi's father Mohamed al - Fayed, in his charge that night being his
employer's eldest son as well as Diana, that had Henri - Paul been speeding he'd have requested him to slow down
and certainly he'd have been alert to the behaviour patterns of a drunken chauffeur being displayed and he'd not
have driven anyone, anywhere! Trevor Rees Jones was an ex-paratrooper, so professionally trained in an  
Military body very similar to the more elite S.A.S.

It can be seen on video footage from the Ritz Hotel videos taken that night Henri - Paul stooping down to tie his
own shoe lace in the hotel foyer and later at the back of the hotel prior to leaving he and his charges speaking
together within the vicinity of Trevor Rees Jones seen checking security at that back door and later seen
accompanying Diana to the Mercedes 280 S.L.

The Ritz Hotel itself a hotel centrally located in the capital and close to the Palais de Justice so a very security
conscious area with video cameras everywhere. A drunken chauffeur's conduct would have been seen,
monitored and noted and his behaviour reported to Ritz security, it being a hotel favoured by V.I.P.'s, prominent
financiers, industrialists and politicians as well as celebrities. A viable reason for Henri - Paul to be, as known
now, a mole for both the French Secret Service D.S.L. and its U.K. equivalent M.I.6. ! Henri - Paul himself being
Deputy  Head of that Security therefore being in this position personally aware of sensitive information
regarding all the hotel guests!

Would he honestly have really risked his position of that responsibility being taken from him and the scandal of
his double life being publicly exposed? Likewise would his secret service employers have employed someone
posing such a formidable security risk to them?

The car itself being one that earlier that year had been stolen at gunpoint in Paris and days later
recovered by French police fully intact except for
it's brain missing ... the electronic chip which it is
dependent upon to control its break systems, its steering mechanism, its internal locking
systems, etc.
Interestingly enough for £ 140.00 a chip that can be purchased via the internet on E- Bay, as the
investigator in this documentary did. He likewise purchasing the same model of car, same year of manufacture,
etc... for himself, the difference only being his is right hand drive for use in the U.K. as opposed to left hand drive
necessary on the continent. So a car stolen at gunpoint for a microchip easily obtainable over the net to anyone. (
Perhaps a masked armed gang were bored that day and in need of excitement or their computer malfunctioned so
they couldn't purchase the chip they needed the easy way! ).

Interestingly enough though the same Mercedes Benz 280 S.L. series car used that night to transport Diana and
Dodi was in service with "Etoile Limousines" which provided cars for the use of V.I.P.  guests staying at the hotel.
Diana was the 1st passenger since it's having been stolen to use this car and it being the only one
available that night. It is suggested that the microchip taken from it after the robbery was then replaced with a
bogus one which meant
that the car could be remote controlled by someone else other than it's driver,
who would be rendered out of control of his vehicle in the event of this happening!

As everyone knows the party of four left from the back of the Ritz Hotel on the fateful journey to Dodi's
apartment via the longer route, travelling in the opposite direction to the apartment and leading to the Pont de
L'Alma tunnel and much has been documented so is already in the public domain regarding the events happening
leading up to and after the incident but after seeing this documentary I sense that some points need mentioning.

Henri - Paul having spent the previous day with the couple had been relieved of his duty as chaperon for them at
7pm and we know returned to work at 10pm in preparation to drive Diana and Dodi to the apartment. What is not
known is what Henri - Paul was doing between the hours of 7pm and 10pm, when he was back in the Ritz. There is
speculation that he met with his handlers whether it be the French or British secret services. This would account
perhaps for the vast amount of cash found in his pockets after the incident itself, seemingly a pay - off of some
description. It has also been noted Dodi had a cocaine issue so might it perhaps have been payment to dealers
who were going to supply their client prior to his leaving Paris, it already having been documented in another
precis that though hushed up by the media for obvious reasons, cocaine having been found in the car itself. I
personally would doubt Diana being party to meeting French drug suppliers so the money might well have been a
pay - off for Henri - Paul to play his role in the event happening in Paris which resulted in three people losing
their lives, including himself!

It has been said that Dodi altered the original plans for the couple to spend the night at the Ritz much against both
Diana and his own father's advice. So Dodi called Henri - Paul back into work to drive them. How odd is this?
Were Henri - Paul  and or his handlers psychic to know that Dodi would be changing his mind and calling Henri -
Paul, having been given the night off, back into work to drive them the longer route back to his apartment? How
very convenient Henri - Paul should, in those unaccountable hours, meet with the handlers
just by chance that
same night and possibly receive instructions which had he had the night off have proved pretty useless ... unless
it was
Henri - Paul who was instructed as part of the deal to call Dodi and advise him to leave the
and spend the last night at the apartment. His opinion being Deputy Head of Security at the Ritz would
have been one listened to by Dodi and more than probably acted upon which Henri-Paul's handlers would count
on its being. Dodi would not have told Diana of this as it would instill fear in her as to why Henri - Paul might
consider it safer for them to not stay at the hotel that night, so much so in fact that he feels obligated to warn Dodi
against doing so. Also Dodi would want to be seen by his lady as the man and not someone following the advice of
someone else!

So now we have a new scenario,
that it has been Henri - Paul who has decided the arrangements for
that night, having been instructed himself to implement them by his handlers.
This would also
explain the reason that though his charges might have been nervous as they appear to have been waiting at the
back of the hotel that Henri - Paul seems relatively calm and in control. A reason also why he would definitely not
have been drunk, he'd have needed to be completely sober to have obeyed his instructions with a clear head on
his shoulders so as not to make mistakes! Henri - Paul not knowing that he himself would be stool pigeon and
have to die in order that awkward questions would not be asked. After all we now know about his double - life and
if he had survived and this information had come to light, by example his employer Mohamed al F ayed would
have had something to say about it, leading to a blood red faced secret service. Admittedly this might be
sounding very James Bond 007 but we are dealing with the established Secret Services and Ian Fleming's
fictional character being an MI6 agent!

The party leave the Ritz.  At Place de La Concorde finding the direct route up the Champs Elysee blocked and
having to take the Cours la Reine and Cours Albert 1er  beside the River Seine or perhaps the route Henri - Paul
had been instructed to take but in either case the blocking of the alternative route proving necessary to appease
the car's other occupants. Imagine arriving at the junction and just on a whim the chauffeur taking a route going
in directly the opposite direction when the whole point for the journey being taken at all was to whisk the
passengers quickly and anonymously from the hotel to the safety of the apartment. The bodyguard would have
been immediately aware and alerted to this being done and strongly insisted against it, as I am sure so would both
Dodi and his lady, but if the alternative way was the only option because the Champs Elysee route had been
blocked by the strategic positioning of a paparazzi motorcyclist it would be somewhat easier for them all to
accept it happening. At night in helmet and goggles
who is to identify the motorcyclist as an agent
posing as paparazzi
? This would account for the agent then to give an accurate E.T.A. for the car to be in sight
of the tunnel, able to gauge the speed it was travelling and the distance covered. This done he could then speed
off anonymously into the Parisian night. It must be also remembered that the slip road near the tunnel which
Henri - Paul could have taken to double back to Dodi's apartment was also blocked by a motorcyclist forcing him
to continue to the tunnel.

An off duty French policeman David Laurent remembers something very strange happening. He was himself
heading to the tunnel when a white Fiat Uno heading at great speed overtook him and so was very surprised to
later see the same car, he checked the licence plate, moving at a snails pace to the entrance of the tunnel, so that
he himself overtook it and continued his journey. He thought at the time how odd a driver one minute was in such
a desperate hurry to get somewhere and  the next moment appear to have all the time in the world to reach his
** The documentary Lady Die, made by
Chris Everard, may be found at this location: