Diana's Poem .... " It's all in a rhyme! "

The time is drawing very near,
When once again I will appear.
Albeit through a man people will see,
Be aware of the fact it's not him, it's me!
I am so looking forward to having a voice,
Hearing my words, people having no choice.
Things I will say will shock as well as surprise,
From me will come the truth not deception and lies.
So different from in life when this wasn't always in my best interests to be,
Now not the persona "DIANA, PRINCESS OF WALES" , Diana Speaks honestly.
With intentions of proving after death there is indeed new life,
I will speak to those who know me as Mother and to he who knew me as wife.
So important is this for me to do for reasons as yet to them unknown,
Initially seeming too incredible to believe possible, my spirit having flown.
Nothing is impossible and this my intention is to prove to be the case,
I always was, I always will be a way -shower for the human race.
No greater proof of this could be given than for me to with these three once again connect,
Then and only then the fact of life after death being real will be given full credibility and respect !"
Two of Diana's Favorite Uplifting Musical Videos   

                                                                                                           Always the people's Princess.